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Ep 14 + passive income Q&A pt 2

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We’ve been doing digital products for about 4 years now. All your questions that you had about creatives and passive income. Is passive income really passive? How do we create something that’s actually different? We’re answering it all in todays episode!


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Hi, my name is CarliAnna. And you’re listening to another episode of C E over it.

Hello, and welcome back to another episode of C over it. This episode, we’re going to be continuing our conversation from last week, where we are going to be answering all of your passive income questions. I am really pumped for this episode last time, so I recorded this last night like nine to 1030 At night it was it was way too late for me. Now it’s in the morning the next day, and I’m finishing recording answering all of your guys’s questions, because you guys had a lot of really, really good ones who were spending two weeks two episodes on this. So I’m not even gonna get into all of the like book stuff, update stuff, all the little pre show type of thing, and we’re just gonna get right into it because I literally recorded that yesterday. Okay, so let’s start here.

Okay. So your case also, if you missed it last week, if you missed it last week, we also answer some questions about like, what is passive income? What does it really do? Does it really work? Is it truly passive, how to make it different, and we even talked a little bit about like how to make some offers that would fit within your one to one services. If this is something that you ever want more information about join pancake, girl, get join 10k girl gang. Now if you join before August 14, you can get all of this information, we’re teaching passive income right now for the price of 10k Girl game, which is $5,000. And you’re gonna get this entire scale course about how we do it, I’ve spent literally hundreds of 1000s of dollars on passive income, there’s still so much that I was just never ever taught. And that I feel like needs to be taught especially for creative. So if this is something that you want to do in 2022, join the specially before August 14, because on August 14, all of this information that’s going inside passive income and on team and what we’re calling our skill program, it’s going to be made into a brand new program called scale. And it’s going to be a $10,000 program, along with a lot of other things. But that information is solely I believe, going to be locked up inside of that mastermind. So join before August 14. So you can get all of this information for $5,000. So so if you have any questions about it, you can always send me a DM but I’d love to see you guys in there.

Okay, first question that we’re going to talk about is we’re going to be kind of first now getting into creating your passive income, recommended workflows, products, things like that to actually do the creation. Now, whenever it is your very first time creating any sort of digital product, I always recommend getting in scrappy as possible your first time, like, I want you to be using Google Docs, all the free software, literally make it as scrappy, as free as you possibly can do not ever, when it is your first time doing a digital product, pour a whole ton of energy, a whole ton of money, and a whole ton of time into the products. Because even if you pour every resource and throw it at this digital product to make it perfect to make it the coolest, the best everything you could possibly imagine, you are still going to want to change it later. Still, you cannot be the person to slowly create a digital products by yourself.

I am a like very firm believer that if you want a digital product to do really, really well, then you have to go through lots of testing. And you have to work really well my gosh. You have to go really, really, you have to work really closely with the people that you’re trying to sell this to and who are wanting to buy this, you need to be talking to them, you need to be doing checks with them. What do you want to see? What’s going to be helpful for you because you’re just you’re not them? You don’t know what they’re going through? You don’t know what’s going to be helpful for them. And you can guess and you can make all these assumptions. But at the end of the day, you don’t know more than they do. Like they are still them. Do you know what I mean? Like, they still need to have some kind of say into what is going to be the best solution for themselves. And so I always say like when you’re doing this first product, just do it as easy as possible, because it’s going to change. So you might as well make that first time as quickly as possible because I promise you’re going to get to perfect you’re going to get your product to be better, the faster you launch it and the more you launch it because that’s just more times to test it more times to work with more people and you’re gonna get more ideas you’re gonna get better every single time that You sell it every single time that you get a new person trying it, and you get that feedback, it’s gonna get better every single time. So don’t try and take that creation process on yourself. I hope that also like helps people who are feeling overwhelmed with creating digital products, because we feel like, oh my gosh, there’s so many things that I have to do, there’s so many things that go into X, Y, and Z, like there’s 3 million lessons, I’ve got to make so many pieces of this template, you don’t have to be the one to think of every single solution, you can do it with people, which kind of leads me to my next thing is I love to do beta testing and beta creation. So as what we’re doing with scale right now, that’s why we say if you joined 10k, GG, now you get this skill content, because we’re testing it right now we’re in beta right now. You can get it for $5,000 instead of $10,000. Because it’s in a creation process, beta mode, we’re trying new things we’re seeing, you know, what is it going to what’s gonna work, what’s not? How is it landing? How is it not, we’re testing it with a group of girls that we already know, and trust. And we’ve already got this container set up with them. And then August 14, we’re going to be pulling it out of testing mode, and like, actually putting it out and launching it. And it’s so awesome, because I feel like we’re able to bring people into it and have them be a part of the product. And have, I just feel I feel so much more confident in my products, because I’m like, I know, it works. I know, for a fact, like I have gone through the testing. I’ve tried all the initial, you know, things and we’ve changed it and we’ve really, really, really perfected it. But it also just then, like I don’t, I can just like ask my people, I’m like, Okay, would you rather have this this? Or would you rather have this? Or is this even going to be helpful for that? Like, I can ask them those types of questions and just get a really straightforward answer of yes or no, sometimes a lot of times are actually a lot of times my students will even come to me with their with suggestions of like, I’d love to do this, I’d love to see that. Or, instead of this, we do this. Um, I can’t tell you how many things that we’ve changed the site of 10k GG, just because of suggestions that we’ve gotten from the students, and they’ve ended up being really, really amazing suggestions.

And so I really highly suggest doing a beta launch. So what I always tell my students to do is gonna get this idea of what it is that you want to do. I like literally had mine all down on a Google Doc. And I just like wrote out, okay, you know, what is it who’s a for just like the basics of the information that you need in order to sell something, you know, like the cost, XYZ, all the details, whatever. And I have literally sold beta programs from just that Google doc of like, here’s all the information. And then here’s the link to the cart. Or I’ll be like, going on my Instagram stories. And I’ll be like, Hey, I’ve got like, you know, these five spots where I’m testing something new, I’m trying it out, like, if you want one of those five spots, and it’s gonna be at a discounted rate, send me a message, and we can talk about it. Or we can schedule a call. And I’ll literally just talk one to one of these people. And we’ll like, I’ll kind of walk them through like, this is what it’s for. If that sounds like something that’s interesting to you, let me know. And I can send you the information to sign up this is when it starts, whatever. It’s super, super low key, the selling process. And then like with engaging, again, I’m not like having to create all these modules and pre record them and have all the workbooks pre done before selling it, I get a little bit of income, because people are coming in and buying these products before like before it’s ready. So then I have the time and space to create it. Because that money’s come in
oh my gosh, my throws.

And the launch is super, super low key. It’s a win win for everybody. I think some people get nervous about doing your beta launch, because it’s like, oh, you’re buying a bad product, or you’re buying this kind of and that’s not it at all. Like I think that beta, like anytime I see someone doing like a beta or first time I’m like, oh, I want to get in on that because I know I’m gonna get more support. Or at least you should be getting more support you should be getting also a discount you should you there’s so many perks to it where I’m like, Oh, I get to like actually help create this, you know, end solution where they’re promising, like, okay, the end solution is going to be you’re going to have a half a million dollar business or whatever. And this is our first time we’re trying it.

We want your perspective. We want your help, you know, creating this and Am I cool, I get to ask really good questions, and then they’re going to create solutions tailored toward me and to my questions. Do you know what I mean? So I personally love beta. I think that’s actually a huge, a huge win for people. And if you think of it as a huge win, and you just get to see that perspective of it. Like I just I genuinely don’t get how a beta thing could be bad unless you are literally just like throwing crap at people, which I don’t think anyone would ever do. At least none of you guys, I know people do do it. But you guys who are listening, you’re not going to do it. So I love it. I think it’s awesome. It gets you money gets you testing the products, it gets you also really good reviews. So when you are ready to like fully launch it, you’ve already got a list of people who can like, you know, say, hey, yes, this is a really good product, here’s my testimonial on it. And you’ve got people who can like kind of help you launch it. I’ve done Instagram lives with my beta testers, where I’m like testing out the program doing it. So you’re not just like launching from scratch? Do you know what I mean? You have a little bit of data and a little bit of experience to rely on for when you want to do like your first big launch, it makes it so much less scary, so much easier. I love love love doing beta launches.

The next question which kind of leads me into my next question is all the work that it’s going to take? I know, there’s a lot of people out here too, who are nervous about all the work that it takes up front. And here, here are my thoughts on that we just talked about the beta process, which kind of helps ease all that upfront work that you do have to do with digital products, because digital products are great. But yeah, it is a lot of upfront work that usually don’t get paid for. But if you do a little bit of a beta launch, you get at least a little bit of cash in the door, so that you have enough admin incentive to, you know, take time away from your clients or take time away from your work so that you can move forward with this idea that you have validation. Yes, it’s I think it’s gonna work.

And it does get easier along the way. Like every time we do launch something like each launch gets easier. And easier and easier. I know people like. And I’ve had this too before where I’m like, Oh, my gosh, launches are a lot like you hear about like launch hangovers, where you launch a product, and you’re just like, so socially and social media burnt out, selling burnt out, really, I cannot talk about this one more time. And I used to believe in like, if you are not sick of talking about your product by the end of the launch, like I don’t think you’re doing it right. But now that we have a team, and we’ve done this so much, I don’t truly get sick of it. Do you know what I mean? Like, I feel like we have a lot of backend systems, a lot of things that we already have created where we can just like pull it out to do the selling for us. So we’re not having to continuously talk about it continuously sell, which makes it a lot easier. So it does get easier every time you start to sell things creating the offer is work. But hopefully that the bid process helps. And I do feel like one of the hardest things that a lot of people don’t talk about, too, is building up your expertise, especially if it’s your first time launching something. And I will see a lot of people and I’m sure you guys have to who will launch something and you’re like, Where the heck did that come from? Like this, this felt like it came out of your butt. Like, I don’t even know what you’re talking about, like you. You do this, like you’re something this is something you’re good at, like I have never heard you talk about this.

Okay, I guess. And it’s just confusing for everybody. Because you all of a sudden have never talked about this and all was sent here like teaching on it, like red flag red flag, even though a lot of them are intentional red flags. But if this is something that you don’t talk about a lot, and I mean, a lot like if like, Oh, I’ve mentioned it here and there before or like I talk about it maybe once a month, no, that is not enough to become an established expert, you have to be talking on the subject of whatever your digital product is continuously and therefore like that is the thing that people know you for. And that is the thing that people will go to you for you’re getting these questions constantly. People know you as like, the font person, the brand strategy person, the blank person, that this is going to be your thing. And so you’re going to like like, okay, because Okay, anytime you teach something that’s kind of like, okay, I am an expert now, like, I have shown that I can do it for myself, not only just for myself, but now I feel like I understand the concept enough where I can actually help other people understand this concept because in order for you to teach something, or even just create a digital product on something, it’s something that is supposed to go to lots of different people, not just one to one, you have to have a very very, very deep understanding of whatever that course topic is that digital product is like if it’s a show at template, you have to understand, show it really, really well, you have to understand the flow of websites really, really well and website strategy or else it’s not going to convert for different people. Do you know what I mean? Like, I think there is a certain level of expertise that you have to hold in order to sell a product that is meant to go to more mass rather than customization.

And so people are not going to trust you, if you don’t truly show that expertise in all of that comes in the pre launch stuff. So before, like, okay, you can do a beta launch. And then while you’re creating that product, and you’re testing it out with your people be in the expert creation phase, you are then from now on in like two to three months, you need to be just establishing your expertise, like talking about it constantly going on Instagram, live, having chats about it, you need to become that person where people can go to you and ask those questions about like that is the ideal when people come to you and ask those questions about the topic that you are selling on, that’s when you know you’re doing your job, right. And you do need to spend a good two to three months building up that expertise, it takes a while. But that’s why you have the beta phase. And that’s why it’s a creation phase. So that you can build while you you can build your product while you build your expertise is a step that I see. So so many people miss. And I think that’s where honestly all of our successes really, really come from the next thing of like all the work that it takes going into it, tech, oh my gosh, I hate the tech side of launches, it takes so much out of me it’s a lot of work is Oh, the bane of my existence. But luckily now we have Abby, a project manager and Mindy who’s trained to be a project manager and is currently our VA who set up all the tech and systems for me because I cannot be trusted with tech, like literally, I don’t even like try to go in and like fix things when I can like, if there’s a link that’s broken or whatever, and I like to have the time to go fix it, I won’t. And my team has even told me like Carly, just like, just please let me do it. Because I will go in and I will break it. I’m just not very good at the Tech. For me, the tech takes a really really long time. Like you have to set up so I not for your beta launch. Just get scrappy, just keep it simple, but like usually when you’re doing like a more formal launch, like this is your first big launch where you’re selling something at the full price. That’s when it gets a little bit more technical. And oh my gosh, it kills me every single time.

Okay, next question how to price templates and digital products. Okay, so I have this pricing chart ish thing that I go way deeper into into 10 kg, if you want to see more into this. But digital products, this is going to be so unhelpful. They could go anywhere from like $30, I would say is probably the lowest maybe $27, maybe 18, I guess, but like, I probably wouldn’t go any lower than that. All the way to $10,000. And I really do think that digital products have a cap of $10,000. I have personally spent $50,000 on digital products and was not worth it. I’m not saying that. Like I didn’t get a lot out of it. But like, was it worth the 50,000? No, no, it was worth probably 10,000. And, and I just think at a certain point just for products lose their value. Like, I don’t know, I have a hard time saying that because I’m always the type of person who’s like, I’m never going to tell you I think I talked about this in last week’s episode, I’m never going to tell you what it is that you’re worth and what you think you should be charging because like that’s between you and your money and your expertise. I’m not going to like pretend I know more than you. But with digital products, like do we really feel like there’s a digital product out there that is truly 100% worth more than $10,000. Like something that’s not one to one, something that’s really truly just like for the masses or for a group.

I kind of don’t think so. I don’t know I’m prepared to be proven wrong on it. I really am but like, I haven’t seen it yet. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places. And I’m curious what you guys think about that too. So I will kind of go through the different price ranges you could go through like I think like okay, it really depends on what you want you’re in or not what but who you want your product to be for. Because for us our whole goal of our company is to help people have fun and make money. Now that there’s a lot of you have fallen into that category, there’s good are people are just starting their business as people were a little bit more advanced where, you know, we’re they’re starting to book some clients, but maybe they’re not ideal clients. And then there’s people who are more at the advanced level where they are booking dream clients pretty consistently, but they’re burnt out, they’re tired, and they want to become more of a CEO. And so we are promising this overall goal of helping people have more fun and have more money, but we can’t help someone get from A to B, get that whole wide solution. And just one product, especially one digital products, maybe in a one to one service, you could but a digital product, you’re just solving a very small piece of that problem. And so for us, we have like a $37 workshop that is very more much more aimed towards beginners. And then we have Brandon mapping method, which is $1,000, which is aimed more at people who are still beginners, but they’re starting to take their business a little bit more seriously. They want to be established as an expert. And so they take our course that has a very wide solution to a very specific problem. It’s an all encompassing solution to brand strategy, so then they don’t have to worry about it anymore. But it’s still like a pretty niche problem, you know what I mean? And then we’ve got 10k Girl, again, which is a all encompassing solution to a much broader question to a much broader struggle and not like a very nice struggle, like, Oh, I just need to add on the skill of brand strategy. It’s like, new, we intend to grow that and we truly do help you have fun and make more money. And then in scale, which we’re going to be launching in August. That’s our $10,000 program, where we not only help you have fun and make more money, but we help you really step into the CEO role and learn about having a team and learn about passive income, and you get way more one to one stuff, like we actually walk through some of those things with you, and work alongside you of creating that.

Creating that business with you. So um, I think if you are wanting to work more with beginners, if you have a digital product that’s aimed at beginners, I would say anywhere from like $20 to $400 is where you’re going to price that at.
And you are going to not want to include, like, super active.

I’m getting way too deep for a podcast. This is so hard to do podcast like this, because I’m like, I want to just like talk. Okay, now I want to go into you know, like, What things do you put into a $400 program or digital products, because there are certain things that are not appropriate. And there are certain things that are appropriate, because if you like sign up for a $400 program, and they require you to like you, that was the baddest slide I’ve ever seen, just flew right in front of my face.
Yeah, that was so gross. Youwouldn’t even know where it went. That was disgusting.

Okay. So it’s an it’s not a, it’s not appropriate to like require like, Okay, you need to show up every single week for our calls. There’s lots of one to one stuff. And then there’s a 10 hour course, like who in their right mind is going to do all of that when they only paid $400? Do you know what I mean? Like, they’re just not going to take it seriously enough to actually get the transformation possible. So you have to think about like, Okay, with that commitment level of $400, like, what is reasonable to expect out of these people, to get them to that next level, I’m not trying to get them from A to B, I am trying to, or maybe a to z is more appropriate to say, I’m not trying to get them from A to Z, I’m just trying to get them from A to B. And what is going to be the most helpful thing at this level, that I can help them with me, it’s not going to be the full solution, it’s just going to be a very small piece of it. And you’re going to do your absolute best to fit you know, everything you can in that small transformational experience.

So anyways, foreigner dollars is more for beginners, 500 to $3,000. That’s for for people, I feel like who are looking for a very direct but like an all inclusive answer, kind of like what we do with VMM where it’s like, I want to learn brand strategy. It’s a very hyper specific problem. But they want the entire solution. They’re tired of piecing together small little digital products that are like, you know, a couple $100 or $30 Here and there. They just want everything in one place. And then three to $6,000 this is usually something that’s a little bit more intense. And something that’s a little bit more of an all encompassing answer or you saw a little bit of a broader and a deeper problem than adding on a skill or teaching a very specific product you’re you’re going more into solve Being a, I already said this, which is you’re solving a deeper problem like with brand strategy with VMM, which is our $1,000 course we’re solving helping people, or we’re helping people gain skill, a brand strategy with 10 kgg. We’re getting way deeper than that. And I feel like we’re helping people more because we’re teaching them the exact skills that they need
to we’re teaching them the eggs get exam, Mmm, I’m too tired for this, I’m too tired. We’re teaching them the exact skills that they need in order to have fun and to make money in their business. And there’s a little bit more hand holding, not handling, but just like, a little bit more active learning involved in this, this is where it is more appropriate to, you know, have calls have one to one stuff have a little bit more of the, you know, in a perfect world, I would do all of these amazing solutions for this person, because they’ve committed to it, I have the resources, now I have the money or I’m able to commit that much time to it. And I love the 3000 the 500 to $3,000 range, more, I guess, actually sorry, 3000 to $6,000 range, because for me, it feels like it’s a really good sweet spot of like, still letting people be individuals and do some self learning on their own, but be able to still be pretty involved in their life. It’s not just like, okay, so yeah, I’ll see you later passing, you know, passing off the baton, learn on your own, and I’ll talk to you later, I already did all the work but like, I get to still know them and understand where they’re at at the time.

And I just I really enjoy that six to $10,000 This is like if money were no objection, no, no object to them, what would you what would you put into a program and so that’s why we’re like, oh, I would include calls my team it would be very one to one, it would in our $10,000 program, it’s like in person events instead of virtual events do I mean we’re just kind of like putting all of the bells and whistles into one thing and that’s also really fun to have Oh, and here’s just like a few examples of like things that I could give you guys like, Okay, if you are a small studio and you’re looking to move from one to one to passive income, like here’s like an offer stack that you could give people on like where you could price certain things. So this is just an example. So you could have like a template, a website template or I don’t know social media template something priced at $1,000 and then you could have a template plus some customization priced at $3,000 and then you could have your custom priced something at 6k and then you could have like an all the bells and whistles one to one service where you do this for them priced at 12k and that’s like a good mix of passive income and still one to one stuff. That’s like I think gonna work for the most out you know,
I think that’s gonna work for Moulton.

I think that’s gonna work for most people who are working one to one and wanted to kind of both is like have your lower offers be your more beginner offers be the digital products and then have your higher end offers be your one to one work
okay, how the next question, what kind of like this is a very different turn not too different, but a little bit different? How would you create evergreen marketing for passive income?

Ah, Evergreen marketing that is the bane of my existence. So if you’re not aware of what evergreen marketing is, so evergreen is the idea when you take a digital product. And you because usually when you’re first doing a digital product, you launch it a few different times you like open it up, you close that you open up the doors for people to buy and then you close the doors, you open it up again, you close the doors, it’s just makes it a little bit easier to track statistics to try out different things and to also just not be overwhelmed with things that are going on. And I don’t know at least that’s what we have done. We don’t really do that anymore. All of our products are now an evergreen. And evergreen is when a product is just open continuously. It’s you can always come in you can always buy a product, it’s just always there. And I don’t know I personally kind of feel like when you’re creating a product I think is appropriate and okay to be opening and closing the doors to something because it is helpful to be able to be like a Okay, I don’t have to worry about selling this right now. And then to just have a week where like, it’s open, I’m selling it, it just helps bring a little bit to see like, just have a little bit more boundaries within your mind. And with selling it. I don’t know, I just think it’s helpful. But I do feel like we’re as an industry are kind of going away from like an open cart, closed cart type of deal. Because I think people were just like, we’re just like over it. We’re like, what, like, Why do you have to close the cart, like, there really usually is no good reason. There are some times where it’s like, oh, you have a cohort that you’re all starting on a certain day, or you just don’t have the bandwidth to keep that product open all the time. That makes sense. But there’s just way too many people out there who are just opening and closing the doors just to create hype. And I think people are getting sick of it, I’m getting sick of it. And so our products are open up, I’m pretty sure all of them right now are just open all the time. So if you ever want to get into products, you can just get in whenever you want. But there is a con to that, where you then have to be on your A game with marketing all the time. So again, like I said, last week’s episode, if you like marketing, you’re gonna love passive income, you’re gonna love digital products. If you don’t like marketing, it’s gonna be a little bit of a hard one for you.

I don’t think you can really just like so people will try and tell you like, Oh, you don’t have to do any marketing. You just like do ads, and that’ll sell it for you. Yeah, that worked. Like four years ago, we did that and it works great. Now you can’t do that. That’s not how it works anymore. COVID changed way too many things in the game. And I just don’t think we tried it a few times, we’ve tried to add since COVID. And it just hasn’t worked like it used to, it’s not the same as it was.
Not saying that it’s bad. Not saying that it doesn’t work because it does, it’s just not what people promise it to be where it’s like, oh, that’s all you’re ever going to have to do in order to sell digital products like beef, real beef, or Ill girl like that. No. Um, so how we kind of do our evergreen marketing to keep it under control. And I actually got this idea from Riot cause which I really, really liked is you kind of have a what’s it called, an incentive once a month for people to join, like, during the month when we are not in our like little incentive going time or whatever. Now we do more just once a quarter.

We just like talk about the program regularly bring it up as it’s unnatural, just do regular content marketing we talked about and still but it’s not like we’re pushing to sell it constantly, just as it comes naturally. And then once a month, or once a quarter or it could just be twice a year, you just do a huge push for it. And you start really collecting and bringing in all of that work you’ve been putting into the background of your marketing, okay, now’s the time to buy, and you give them a really good reason of why they should buy right then, you know, like, here’s a bonus that you’re gonna get, here’s a discount that we’re doing. I don’t know if this counts, but it is something that you can do. It can even just be like, like we’re adding something new starting XY and Z. It could just be like, like, we pick different themes every single month or 10 kg. And we do a little workshop on side that theme and guest experts inside that theme every month. And so we even just have like on our website, it’s like, Hey, join us before May where we start, you know, talking about passive income like that could literally be the push that you’re like, pushing for that month. And I have really liked that concept. we’ve kind of gotten away from doing it once a month just because it was exhausting, even with a team. And I also felt like I don’t know, doing something once a month, it felt like we were taking away attention from just doing one bigger thing once a quarter. And I liked just having sort of tiny little small ones, just one bigger little push once a quarter. So that’s what we do now.

But really, like we just try to like take it from different angles, like with bmm it’s great for brand strategy, but like okay, you know, so we’re not just like continually talking about like, BM is great for brand strategy. Like, you need to learn brand, strategy, brand strategy, brand strategy, and people get so sick of us talking about that. But we do maybe a few different posts about like, okay, what are some of our big favorite brand strategy books? What’s it like a funny brown strategy fail video that we did? And then the next day is going to be like what’s maybe a hot take that I have inside the brand strategy little niche? What’s a story that one of our brand strategy clients had of like where they were where they are now.
Now, why is that cool? We’ve even done angles where we focus on little parts of the course. Like, here’s why we have a whole module dedicated to the presentation part because here’s what most people get wrong about the presentation. And here’s how detrimental that can be. But what know what I mean? Like, we just take a different angle on it and focus on a different piece of that digital product, like every day. And like for that day, during the push, like we’ll do an Instagram story and Instagram, you know, post maybe a tick tock maybe email, just whatever we have the capacity to do. It’s never like all the same thing. We try out different methods and different platforms all the time. But trying out the different angles for you know, your weekly, your monthly push your quarterly push and then just doing your regular content marketing the rest of the month and not having to worry about it, I think is like the best way to set you up so that you’re not constantly feeling like you’re selling and losing your mind because we all hate that.

Okay, I think this is our last question. I think so. Um, someone said, I don’t want to teach a course. But they want to do a digital product. Babe, you do not have to teach a course. I hope after listening to these entire like, two hours, hour and a half of like passive income questions, you realize that the courses are not like the thing, you don’t have to do a course. Look back at you know, what your audience is struggling with? What is your genuine zone of expertise? And how can you merge those two things together to create something that’s truly unique, you have to do something that’s different has to do something that’s never been done before. In order for it to be successful, you cannot just do an another like marketing course or another bubble what course there’s gotta be a unique spin on it at the very, very least. Like I do have some courses that are like, like, 10k girl gang, we’re gonna teach you how to make money like it’s been done for okay, it’s nothing that’s crazy unique. But I we do it, we’re like how to, we do it in a way that’s different, you know, and again, the things that we focus on are different, the how is different we teach people how to make money and have fun. And the learning way is much more community based. It’s like a girls group chat that we are all in where you just get to text, your besties and ask them about your business questions. You’re gonna mean, like, that’s super different than the regular courses out there. And so you’ve got to do it different and it’s gonna feel really good for you. And it’s gonna feel like so in line with your expertise, that when people when you put it out, people are like, yes, that I’ve been waiting for her to do that. Like that makes so much sense. This is everything I’ve been wanting to learn about, you know, you I’ve been wanting to learn about this person that I love and follow, but I can’t I don’t it doesn’t make sense for me to sign up with a $10,000 program. But I do love supporting learning, just eating this person up.

Oh my gosh. I think that’s all the questions that we have on digital products. I think it is. Um, I yeah, I think that’s everything. If you guys have any other questions about digital products, passive income, things like that, please send me a DM or of course, come into side 10k GG, we’ve got all this amazing information lined up for you that you can just go ahead and binge. Some of it we’re still doing live like in July. So in June, we focused on creating the passive income and in July, we are going to be focusing on marketing and launching that passive income and how to make sure it actually sells so if that’s something that you’re interested in and you want it to get in before it goes out $5,000 Join 10k Direct girl gang is open you don’t have to apply in go see all the details at 10k We love love to have you I will see you guys next week where we talk about
we’re doing another little how to more serious podcast episode had your guys’s request that was I think it’s okay, next week we are going to be talking all about how to create a real transformation not only just like your students, this is not just going to be applicable only if you’re like a course creator. But this is something that I really do believe that all business owners need to learn.

It’s a skill that we all need to have is how How to really provide an actual transformational experience. If you’re someone who like struggles with, like, okay, let’s say you’re constantly asking yourself the question, you’re like, This is so important to me this is so I’m so passionate about it like brand strategy. People just don’t understand how important it is. It just seems like I’m preaching and preaching and preaching on these people about how important it is. But they’re just not getting it. Like, how come nobody is getting it. Or even if you’re like, with your revisions, you’re like, Okay, I’ve told these people that this is why we do X, Y, and Z, and they’re just not getting it like if your clients, your audience is just not getting it. It’s because we might not be having a very good transformational experience in our marketing, a very good transformational experience of our client experience. And so I think it’s a really important skill that you wish more creatives were talking about because it’s so so essential and has been incredibly essential for me in my success.

So I am going to be opening up space to talk about that. Oh, there’s that thought fly again. You and I’m excited so I’ll see you curious next week. Have a good day. Stay safe and I love ya.

July 6, 2023

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