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Ep 13 + passive income Q&A


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We’ve been doing digital products for about 4 years now. All your questions that you had about creatives and passive income. Is passive income really passive? How do we create something that’s actually different? We’re answering it all in todays episode!


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Hi, my name is CarliAnna and you are listening to C-E-Over it.

Hello, hello and welcome to another episode of C-E-Over it. It has been a minute since we have been here because it has been absolutely crazy with not having a nanny one for a couple months. And then to moving cross state it has been nuts. So we just kind of went on like a brief podcast hiatus and now we’re back. I am so excited. I actually mentioned record earlier. And I lost in the move our podcast mic that connected to our microphone and I was like, you know, I’m just gonna go you know, with like my air pod microphone or whatever. And I was like, You know what, the episodes that I’m recording this week and next week, I just felt like they were like too important to mess up the audio and for it to be like annoying for people to listen to. So I waited a few extra days and which actually ended up being a whole nother week because we got to get the podcast like produced and stuff to record this week’s episode.

But it is one of the episodes where we have gotten honestly the most questions about I keep getting questions about this. And so I was like, we are just going to do a podcast episode about this. I opened up a box on my Instagram stories and was like, what kind of questions do passive income do you have? Because starting in June with 10k girl gang, we our whole month was focused on passive income creating digital products. And so I was like, you know, before we get started, let’s open it up to everybody. I just kinda want to see where the industry is at with passive income and like your feelings and questions. There were seriously so many questions and so many good questions. I was like, Okay, we I tried like answering them on Instagram stories. And I was like, I honestly just have to do a podcast episode on this. And it’s honestly probably going to be to this episode is going to be split with between this week and next week, because there are quite a few questions here quite a few. So we are going to get right into it.

First with the snacks and the tracks, tracks, we’re just going to do a brief little update. Since it’s been so long, I’ve been kind of like on a book reading slump. So I haven’t read too many books in the past like month, month and a half, but we will give you guys an update. So one I finished the cricket kingdom like Six of Crows series. It was okay, like I would rate it a solid four, maybe three out of stars. I feel really conflicted with it because I liked it. And I would recommend this book to other people. The story was good, the plot was good, the writing was good. The characters were so phenomenal. The chemistry that they had between them just felt like a really good found family magical story. But this was like my biggest pet that I just could not get over. It was so slow. Moving the pace was like frickin molasses. I had the hardest time especially when like my life was crazy. And I was like I just need like a book to relax, you know, and I’m like, picking up the book and I’m like, I literally I’m not even interested in the story anymore because it’s just keeps going on and on and on. Like each book was like because it’s like this found family. Okay, let me give you some background first. And they are all criminals and they all kind of just like come together to do this one like criminal job kind of like a magical ocean six. And literally each book is just one job one job the whole time. So imagine like ocean six being like 10 hours of audio with a lot of magical world building so it just was a little bit much i at times found myself just like not wanting to pick it up because it was like I don’t really care where we’re at in the story right now. But I want to know what happens so bad. So I did finish it. I did really like the ending. It was sweet. I do think about it a lot now that it’s over. So I don’t know for Floriana five story stars. I it was it was good.

Next book that I read was fourth wing by Rebecca Yarrow, CROs and this is so funny because if you hit K so first of all, if you’re on Tik Tok or book shock at all, you’ve been hearing this book everywhere. Everyone’s like, so obsessed with it. It’s like the new Hunger Games. It’s the new avatar. It’s just like the new book of the year. I’m sure it’s gonna win a bunch of like Good Reads and all those types of reward awards and stuff. And I liked it. I did, but like I liked it for the totally opposite reasons. of Six of Crows like those two books could be just Did flips like things that I hated about Six of Crows are the things that I loved about fourth wing, and vice versa. Fourth wing, I hated the characters. I hated the writing. I hated the dialogue. It was so so cringy it was like this mid evil dragon book. It kind of felt like okay, so kind of felt like in medieval times, if you were to do like, if you ever read the book, insurgent divergent if you ever The Divergent Series eight reminded me so much of that. But like with dragons, like this girl finds out that like, or she goes to this dragon school and the school is so much like the Divergent series where everyone’s like, trying to kill each other. It’s super hardcore. There’s other different schools that are like, Yeah, you know, like the dragon riders. They’re like the coolant, the bat a wands. And so the story and the premise of it is really, really cool. And there’s this love triangle. It’s just got so many good tropes, but oh my gosh, I it was this middle, it was this medieval kind of like dauntless thing. And the writing was so so premature, like, it was like, they were like, oh my god, it I just felt like I was reading 12 year olds. And I don’t say that to like, oh my gosh, I’m so above them. But I was like, This just doesn’t feel like it fits do and I mean, like, I was like, something about it just felt not right. I did not like that part at all. It was also super predictable, which has its pros and its cons. It was so so predictable. Like there’s just so many tropes that were hit hard. And they were fun to read but it was like not a book that I really think about a lot now that it’s over but I had a whole heck of a time reading it. And so I don’t know if I recommend it. Like it was good the more I think about it, the more I hate it but I had so much fun reading it it kind of got me out of a reading slump. It was like in the moment really, really good but like me, me me me. I hope the second I think it’s like a five book series. I hope the next ones are better.

Next one that I read another one that I was really really excited about and I heard lots of good things about was happy placed by Emily Henry and I would rate this assault four to five and only because Emily Henry can do no wrong. She is a beautiful, amazing Goddess that could write anything and I would worship it. I would tattoo it on my body. It’s so good. I don’t know why I love her so much. I just do I don’t she’s kind of like a very comfort II type of reader for me, or author for me. I just really like her stuff. Like if you’re the type of person who really likes like, romances, and you like the cheesy factors of him, but you just like can’t stand like a super cheesiness. I feel like Emily Henry is like the perfect person for you because she just does a really good job with romance and just makes me feel really good without it feeling like to cringe but it’s like cringe enough where you’re like, oh, it kind of feels like I’m like watching a like 2000s rom com movie. I don’t know I really like her. But the reason it’s getting four to five, maybe three out of five is because I think it’s my least favorite out of all four of her books. She’s got four really really good ones. Like it just it doesn’t really compare to beat trade, which is my all time favorite but it is it’s really good. I had a fun time reading it I read it in a couple days. It was good. I really liked it. And right now I am rereading Throne of Glass and I’ve already gotten through the first book I love this series this I’m loving it even more the second time I’m reading it if you have not read that book please go read it because it is nothing over Topic. Nothing alien, are we what’s her name? Selena. Selena so Dothan. She can do no wrong. She is the queen of all queens. She is my my person that I like wish I was every day of my life. I love her. She’s a girl’s girl. And she’s also a badass girls girl. But I’m also reading An Ember in the Ashes and I like that one too. I think I’m gonna end up really liking a number Nash’s that kind of reminds me I’m hoping a little bit of Throne of Glass. I should probably shouldn’t be reading these two at the same time because I’m comparing them a little bit too much. But I like Ember in the Ashes so far, and I’m excited to see where it goes. I’m only like maybe an hour into the book. I’m like not even a quarter of the way through it but it’s good. It’s good so far. I’m excited to see where it goes. I’ll keep you guys updated

by the way, I’m recording this at like 920 at night guys. My bedtime is nine o’clock. So this episode is gonna get a little silly and just know that’s how much I love you guys and how much I’m dying to record this podcast episode because I have family come again for Fourth of July, and I was like, No, we gotta get this podcast recorded because I love these guys on. And so we’re recording and tonight well my husband’s out of town and I’m trying to get the whole house ready for 10 people to come and visit us. Seven kids. Yes, you’re that right seven kids. Some kids to I guess it’s only it’s nine people, some kids and two adults to come stay with us for a week. My husband’s out of town the three days before they’re supposed to come in. And it’s nine o’clock at night and I am recording this for you guys. So you better freaking love this episode. That’s all I gotta say. Okay, snacks. Last time I left you guys kind of on a cliffhanger. A little cliffhanger with my snacks. I was telling you guys how much I wanted the creamy and I couldn’t find it anywhere. And I was so sad. I found it. I frickin found it. My sister who lives like an hour and a half away from me. I told her about it. And at first she was like, Yeah, that sounds so dumb. And then I sent her a video about what it does. And she was like, Oh my gosh, I need to have that. And I was like yes, I know. Right. So we found one at the Sam’s Club that was near her she got the last two left and we did I don’t think we ended up getting a hotel actually, I can’t remember but honestly, I would have paid more for it. I frickin love the ninja creamy if you guys like like healthier type of ice cream. Or if you like protein shakes. You have to get the creamy it is such a game changer. Like protein shakes will never do it ever for me ever. I just have to have protein ice cream all the time. And it Like genuinely tastes like ice cream. Like genuinely. I don’t know. I’m like I like it because like I get fun flavors of protein powder and the protein powder. makes it taste good. So I don’t and I also I don’t know how it would taste like if you didn’t I’ve never tried to make just like fun regular ice cream. So I don’t know how you would like flavor it. I mean you could use like syrups and I’ve seen people use pudding mixes and stuff but like I’ve just never tried it. I just I’m like why not just use protein powder. I honestly at this point can taste a difference. I really love it. It is so good. My favorite are the pistachio I make a pistachio Oreo one. And I make a chocolate peanut butter Oreo one and that is the two that I have been obsessed with.

And I know some I got hate for this on Instagram. If you guys follow me on Instagram you saw this for doing a pistachio Oreo creamy flavor. If somebody was hated on me for it. You guys. What the heck have you never had a pistachio Oreo? I know. Oreo discontinued that flavor and it was a crime they should be put in jail for that. But I’m surprised at how many people who have not tried the pistachio Oreos like that was the best Oreo flavor. And I thought everyone at least tried it like I thought we were all on the same page here I feel a little bit betrayed. that not everyone thinks pistachio and Oreo is like a very good flavor. What the fetch, so if you haven’t tried it, go try it out. It was really good. I just use like for that one I just use like some vanilla protein powder, like two tablespoons of pistachio jello mix. So they put a little bit job and it’s never not done. And we’re also put in there just like three slices of bananas to add a little carbs and some milk, like a cup of milk. And then I did a mixin the Oreos and it’s absolutely delicious. And the chocolate peanut butter one is pretty similar. I just use chocolate peanut butter protein powder. I obviously don’t use the pistachio gelatin mix, but it’s pretty much the same thing. I use kind of that like same staple. For every creamy like protein creamy or every protein shake that I make. It’s a cup of milk, three slices of frozen bananas. Some protein powder have a cool flavor. And if it’s not a cool flavor, like just vanilla then I’m usually going to add like a jello mix of a cool flavor like cheesecake. Or pistachio, if you will or banana would actually be balm. I should make a banana one with like the vanilla cream wafers as Oh, that would be so good. I’m gonna try that and come back to you guys. So anyways, that is my snack that I have been absolutely obsessed with a new eyes on him to get one i hope i influenced you to do good today. If I’ve done one good day today, it will be that Okay, let’s get into it.

Let’s get into it. Huh? Oh wait, actually, I’m so sorry. I lied

I need to give you guys an update. I’m gonna give you guys like a business II update life update how the two are meshing together and what business and life looks like together today in the CarliAnna household and business. So as I mentioned before we moved and you have not heard from me since we moved but that was absolutely chaotic, absolutely chaotic. Zero out of 10 would recommend moving It was not a pleasant experience in the least. But I am 10 out of 10 Happy to be where we are today. We’re living in our dream house and I seriously guys like it feels so unreal living here. It really does. Like if you listen to the episode about how we got here and how the business kind of helped us get here, I still think about that story. I still think about those experiences every single day. And I’m just like, so glad we went through that and all those hard things in our business and all those hard things that didn’t make sense for so freakin long to be here now, because now I appreciate it so much more like every single day I wake up and I like look at my house. And I’m like, this is genuinely amazing. Like, this is beautiful. I can’t believe that I live here. Like, okay, as I’m recording this podcast episode, I’m just like, there’s four wheelers of kids. Just like driving by on our road. There’s like constant four wheelers and dirt bikes and fishing and pond and paddleboarding. Like it literally feels like we live in a vacation home right now. And I just can’t believe this is my day to day real life, and that my business has helped us get here and I just feel so freakin grateful every single day. So if you’re going through a hard time in your business, where you’re like, it’s never going to amount to anything, it’s not going to work out. I don’t see this coming together. And why isn’t it working out for me like I’ve done the work? It will, it might take eight years like it did for us, which is a month long scheme of things is not that long. I mean, like, guys, I’m 26, almost 27, and we just moved into our dream home. I mean, I’ll be like, what, I don’t know what I’m gonna say I’ll be it because like, I think sometimes I make the excuse of like, Oh, it’s just it’s a small dream house or like, it’s not like a huge $8,000 You know, 8000 square foot mansion. But like, this is our dream. Like it, we didn’t want an 8000 square foot house, we wanted just a smaller house in a really beautiful area. We just wanted to be able to provide our family, a dream vacation type of everyday life. Like, I was just talking to my mom, I’m like, I don’t even think our kids understand how spoiled they are to just be living here. And to be able to go to the pond that’s literally next door to them every single day to be able to live in a neighborhood that has kids at every single house and every single house in our neighborhood has kids their age, and they can just walk down the street to that like, that didn’t happen before. And they are going to remember this because my kids are only three and four. And then the fact that they’re just there, this is gonna be their normal, this is totally altered and changed her life is just insane to me. I just again, I’m just I’m shot and very, very, very grateful. So we’re really happy with where we live. And I don’t know if you guys have any other questions or want like an episode on something more without let me know. Because it’s something that really I feel like is having, it’s just feels like our life has changed. And it’s had such a deep impact on us.

And it’s such a silly thing to have a deep impact on us. But like it is our dream is not someone else’s dream. And I’m just really glad we got very, very clear about what our dream was and and we’re here now and it just feels really cool. So anyways, we all will meet there for a second and let’s let’s let’s hop out back out, take a step back, take a breather, and get into this week’s topic this week, and next week’s the next weeks, the next three weeks because we’ve got we’ve got a lot of ground to cover because you guys have been asking for really good questions. And like some of you guys have, like requested these types of podcast episode. So you ask and I shall give thoughts the type of person I am. So let’s get into passive income and answer all of the questions that you guys have about passive income. I have never ever, ever wanted to be the type of person talking about passive income, or talking about creating digital products because honestly, it gives me a little bit of the IQ and I hate that it gives me the egg because it’s also like, that’s how we’ve gotten our dream life is through digital products and stuff. And I feel like my job should not ever ever give me the IQ but marketing bros have unfortunately ruined that one from me and taken that from me and I don’t think I’m getting it back. So you know, I’ve never wanted to be the one talking about it because there’s so many people out there already talking about passive income and talking about digital products and it’s just so you know, it’s like you can make income while you sleep. But like we’ve all heard it right. And I’m just never wanted to be someone just adding more noise to the noise. But I have spent hundreds of 1000s of dollars trying to learn digital products tried to get them to sell, trying to make them better, trying to do my very absolute best with them. And there are so many things that nobody ever taught me nobody ever talked about. And even though there’s so much noise in this industry, there’s not quality noise. There is some out there. I’m not saying that, like every cent of the hundreds of 1000s of dollars. I’m not kidding, guys, when I say hundreds of 1000s of dollars, like it would disgust you how much money are spent. I say, I don’t know, I say that with a grain of salt. Because I always want to respect whenever people say like, Yes, I’m worth this amount of money, and I pay that amount of money. Because I never want to be the person telling people what they should and shouldn’t charge. But it is a little upsetting when you have spent hundreds of 1000s of dollars and there’s still a lot of things that haven’t been ever told or taught to me.

So whatever it’s over, I guess we all learn somehow it’s here or here now whatever. Oh, my nose. Anyways, back to I never wanted to be the person talking to this about this. But I really do feel like I I’ve just been getting so many questions and I really do feel like I have something to say that nobody else is saying about this passive income stuff that night, I just genuinely want to help and talk about these things that I don’t hear other people talking about and that I paid to here these are the things that would have helped me these are things that would have like just made my journey my journey and my path so much faster. And so I just hope to at least share that with you guys and talk a little bit about it more as I’ve been like putting all my information and that I’ve collected over the years all my experience over the years into lessons inside of Tim kgg about digital products and passive income it’s just helped me realize to more like there is so much that I have to say about this and that’s just not out there. So I still I don’t want to ever be a coach for coaches a coach about passive income but I just want to help people on this topic. So we’re going to talk about it I’m going to provide some education for y’all game so enjoy sucks.

let us get on with the questions. Okay, very first question. We’re going to start with the one on one basics there. But even this I feel like a lot of people that are say they are passive income or coaches or coaches or whatever get I think wrong. So what is passive income helpful? I don’t like get people past help me with this episode. Because again, I feel like I have a lot of things to say about this that other people would totally disagree with and aid for. Okay. What is passive income? Is it truly passive? Well, first, okay, passive income, let’s just define it. This is how I would define passive income. Passive income is like for me, whenever you create like a digital product, I don’t think it could be a course it could be anything that just doesn’t require a ton of effort for every single person that buys it, where it’s something where you just make it once you put a lot of effort into making this beautiful, awesome digital product, and then people can just buy repeatedly and it doesn’t matter how many people can buy it. You You just did that effort once and you don’t have a lot of like producing after people buy it, does that make sense? so if you’d like marketing, um, I’m not we’re not gonna get into that. Passive income.

I don’t really think pap is actually passive. Like I think it’s an absolute lie when people say passive income is 100% passive. I think passive income is easier than doing one to one stuff but it’s not like truly passive. It’s more like do a lot of work up front and then you can see Sell it type of income. It’s just, like switched from what one to one is. So if you’re someone who likes to do a lot of marketing, because with what you do with passive income is you will create this beautiful, amazing product. But then all of a sudden your job doesn’t go into creation, your job isn’t, you know, creating a lot of brands or a lot of color palettes and you’re just like, Oh, I’m constantly using my creativity in that way. Your creativity goes towards your marketing, and you become a marketer. So it’s not like, it’s, that’s why I say it’s not really passive thing, you still are doing work. It’s just different work. You’re doing more marketing, I am someone who enjoys marketing, I really like it. So I enjoy doing digital products, I also really, really, really enjoy teaching. I really feel like that is like where my true passion is. I wouldn’t be surprised honestly, if in 10 to 15 years, I quit my business and I like go become a professor. If I don’t, I don’t know, I would only become a professor if like they’re like, We only want someone who we know want someone who could teach really, really well and doesn’t have a masters and a PhD. Because I’m never going to go back to school ever. But I would like love to teach at a university. I think that would be fun. I really think that would that’s like my alternate life. So I love love, love teaching, and so that postmarketing, I just feel like it has been my soul calling. And now we just take on like three clients here, if that, really just as we get inquiries, and they feel or we work with past clients, and as it feels creatively fulfilling to us. And if you are someone, again, who kind of likes the creation stuff, you’re like, I hate my creative flowing into different ideas and into different people’s values. I love working one to one with just a few people really, really deeply, then you should focus more on building your agency focus more on working with that one to one type of relationship. And you can do a little bit of one to one with your passive income products, your digital products, like within 10k GG I know every single person who is in 10kGG, I know where they’re at, in their business, I know what they’re working on. But we do a lot of group stuff. I’m not like getting on a one to one phone call, and I’m not getting super, super deep with them every single week, every single week all the time. Do you know what I mean? Like we do it in more of a group where I feel like I get I just I genuinely feel like I get to know people and I can help people better when I have a group to bounce off of when I have when we’re learning from each other versus just it’s just me and you I do better and that so anyways, but it’s still like that connection that I feel like I really, really love.

Let’s kind of talk about a little to the pros and the cons of passive income. This is another thing that I wish someone really, really would have told me because while there are a lot of pros, and I’m going to be very real about what those pros are, I’m going to be very real about what the cons are because there are cons and it’s not like, okay, because these cons aren’t there or there, you just shouldn’t do any kind of digital product, any type of passive income. I’m someone who really does believe that with passive income, every single person, every creative, every b2b has some kind of like beautiful passive income product sitting inside them sitting inside their business that they could just market and sell super easy. Like if they got their messaging, right, they could just sell it really easily. Because one of the pros of passive income is it’s just like a really easy cash cow. Like if you’re somewhat like if you’re like okay, I need an extra couple $1,000 This month or whatever or I’m going I’m going to turn to leave and so I would like to get some kind of recurring or passive income coming in well I don’t have to be like creating I don’t have to be doing I just have to be selling and I could just sell it while I’m doing all this busy type of stuff. So for me where I’m not on my computer very much but I’m on my phone a lot It works really really well so I can still kind of work on my phone and it’s really good for when we do you know our maternity leaves or vacations or things like that and then you just pull out a digital product so anyways, back to my phone I believe everyone kind of has something that if they knew it was unique if they knew it was helpful if they knew how helpful it was they get just whip it out with the right messaging and make some good money with it. It’s not that everybody I don’t believe that everybody has to like go all in on coaching like there’s some people who were like you can everybody can teach and everybody should have a course like I am a firm believer in no to that. No, absolutely not. No, not everybody can teach not everybody wants to teach not everybody has something they want to teach but maybe they have a really freakin good template is going to help them do you know what I mean? Like there’s something out there that you Have that you’re really, really good at.

But no, not everybody should do a course, or a template shop or whatever it is someone is trying to sell you on. I do not believe that all. Okay, some of the cons, it’s not like it’s overnight. Like, I think some people will tell you it’s overnight it is 110%. Not overnight. Nor do you want it to be. It’s all even though like passive income is pretty passive in the sense, like, you don’t have to do a lot after you sell it. It’s not like you’re all of a sudden, okay, now I have to do a logo, and I have to do a website, what, but there is still like some sort of delivery, or some sort of name it like, it’s not just like, Okay, I sell it, and then it’s done. Like, if I were to get $100,000 worth of sales tomorrow, that would mean, my monthly call would be a little bit bigger, that would mean our inbox would be a little bit fuller, you know what I mean? Like, there’s still things that you have to be aware of, when you all of a sudden, just, hey, get like twice as many cells that you normally would. And, and so I the steady growth, I feel like is a lot more sustainable. Also, when you have more steady growth, and you learn how your digital product is going to sell in a market and how people react to it how people love it. It’s it’s gonna do better in the long run, like if you build up slower because then you’re kind of taking the creation process with people, you’re fine tuning it with the people who are going to be buying it. And you get to try a lot of different things with marketing like ever for I always say like, I feel like for us it took like a year now it’s maybe a little bit shorter, because we been doing this for a while. And we have built up somewhat of a reputation, I guess. But I would say like for our first like two, maybe three digital products, it took about a year for it to like consistently bring an income into a point where it like, started replacing my, my client side of my business income.

Do you know what I mean? Like, it’s not like, oh my gosh, within three months, I all of a sudden was making six figures like that. How was it? Some people of course, but like, is it going to happen to you those? I’m just gonna be real, probably not. If it does cool. I wouldn’t want it to be me. Because again, I think slow growth is just a lot easier to take on, it’s a lot healthier. It’s how 99% of business grows. It’s not gonna be overnight. Okay, so it’s gonna take a year, and that’s great. It’s slow.

Oh, another context kind of becomes your enemy. I hate tech. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it hate it at the beginning, I had to do all of the tech, all the connections all the hookups. Now, I don’t have to. So I don’t like hate doing that stuff anymore. Because I don’t do that stuff anymore. So if you’re not a tech person, it’s gonna suck. But just get to the point where you can hire someone to do it. That’s like the first thing that you can hire out pretty easily as a VA, it’s like $400 a month or something. And they can set up all of your tech for like a launch or for a digital product or whatever. Another thing with passive income, I guess it’s kind of goes from really for all b2b people. But really, I feel like with passive income is you just really have no idea what’s going to happen. You have the numbers, you have the past results, you have so many things that you can base things off of, but you never know what’s going to affect a launch, or you never know what’s going to affect like anything that you’re trying to sell. All of a sudden, a pandemic could hit and your business could do worse or your business could you better like, you just have no idea. Like we are constantly trying new things. And it just feels like a very educated guessing game all the time. Like we really don’t know what’s gonna work, what’s not. We have like very educated guesses, and we’d get better at guessing every single time but like, they’re still sometimes a lot of times actually. We’re like, Yeah, that should have worked, but it didn’t and we’re like, well, it could have been this could have been that.

Okay, let’s try again. And that’s just how it is. That’s how it goes. And that’s totally, that’s totally fine but I mean, I have personally loved having this much creative freedom with digital products to be able to really hone in on just one solution. And one product like the 10k girl gang I feel like I’ve just been able to craft this really really beautiful solution that has so many different facets for it for so many different types of learners. It’s got workshops, it’s got practical call like I just feel like it’s such a complete solution for so many different people inside one product I you know get to keep fine tuning it. I still feel like my creativity is alive inside this one thing. It’s not like I shut all the doors to so many other things inside my business because we focus on 10k girl gang. I feel like it’s an actually helped us open more doors now because we are in such a niche area. It’s been cool to see like, what else can we do with that? There’s been a lot of still creativity that I have been happily very, very surprised with. So yeah, those are my thoughts on passive income what it is, is it passive but ever. Okay? Do people really buy passive income products like planners, digital arts and courses? And this is a yes and no thing there are a lot of people who know they don’t buy their stuff. And a lot of people are going to lie to you about how much they actually sell, they’re going to sell like 10 products, and they’re like, oh, my gosh, and all of a sudden, I know how to sell stuff. And I’m going to try and sell you a course on how to sell digital products, whatever you see all the time, right? It doesn’t happen as much as you think. I don’t know. But yes, people do actually buy planners, digital arts and things like that, if it is unique. I think that really is like the dividing edge between those who are successful with this. And those who are not like this is our sole living now. Like we make all of our money. We I feed my family, I feed my employees, families with the money that we make from our digital products. Like I said, we only take on a few clients a year and only if it’s creatively fulfilling. It’s not like, like we just become if we’re like, yeah, this sounds fun. And it’s not necessarily for the money. We just do it. If it sounds fun, which I love being able to like stay in the game and work that way. Because I still do love doing branding and stuff. But I get to choose the terms that I work on. But there are so many people out there who just like want to do digital products, just because people are telling them to adjust because it’s the next cool thing. And you got to do XY and Z and know like if you don’t feel called to it if you don’t feel like it’s something that is really really unique to you do not freakin solid, you have to be able to create something that nobody else out there has or can do.

And that is hard to find that unique thing, which is something that we’ve been working through a lot and 10k girl gang is how do we find that unique thing that really only you can do? How do we make your product so freakin good, that it’s not just like, oh, this is a record, you know, this is the same template as everybody else has with this is the same. We Berger tainted information that everybody else has, we truly are trying to find things that are unique to that individual person. So it is possible, it’s hard to do by yourself, but it’s possible. But that I think is where the unique, that’s where the selling factor. And the success factor is. Like it should feel like when you are selling a digital product to your audience where people your audience is just like Yes, finally, like this makes so much sense and I’m so excited that I finally get to have a piece of this person that I love at a more attainable level because that is really one thing that’s so cool too about digital products is it is giving your clients it’s giving your audience a very easy access point to you or they don’t have to invest in your $10,000 services to only work one to one with you like they want to eat your information up but they don’t need that $10,000 program or that $10,000 service whatever it is they just they maybe want to take like a $97 workshop from you to learn something very random like the back end side of it I don’t know that’s a very bad example but you know what I mean like it’s not so it’s just a way to serve more people

okay, how to actually get started with income I’m getting tired. okay, my throat is frickin itchy. How would you actually get started though with passive income and do it consistently so gosh my allergies so one if this is something that you’re wanting to do, you should join at 10 Kijiji right freaking now, why now is the best time to join it because we’re teaching all of our 10 Kijiji students exactly how to do this how to get started at a really easy level and we’re all kind of like walking you through it. And this information that we’re teaching right now inside 10 kgg is not going to be in Thai. Aside 10 kgs starting like mid August is going to be part of a new, different program that we’re going to be doing. secret little spoiler there that I just like foreshadow something maybe, maybe, actually yes, I did. So if you want this information for like $5,000 cheaper than what it’s going to be in August, you should join NK GT now. So there’s your warning.

Okay, first, okay, so I’m gonna walk you through a little bit what we’ve been doing the 10kGG, is, I would first if you’re just like, Okay, I just need like a quick little cash injection, just start out with things that you already have, like, Do you have a template that people consistently compliment you on? Or do you have a system that you’re like, I have never seen anyone do this type of system. And I could just like, sell my workflow really, really quick. Like, think of things that you already have that are not going to be hard to pick up and to just put out there. But that’s just again, that’s like, if you’re like, I need cash this week. And I think that is a really good exercise to try to get used to the idea of selling a digital product is just like, what’s something that you could try just to sell really hard for 15 days, challenge yourself to see how much money you can make with what you have in 15 days, it’s really fun to do that.

Actually, that’s actually how we made our biggest launch ever one time. It’s our biggest launch anymore. But our first like, six figure launch came from doing one of these 15 day little money challenges and just selling just getting really, really creative with selling what we had. But I this kind of goes also to to like how do we create a digital product that’s unique, is I think you first need to start out with what are two zones of genius that you as a creative have. And I always say that you need to have to because having one is not going to be unique enough anymore, especially with digital products, you have to create something that is so so unique. It’s beyond unique. So like for us.

okay, so like for us, we really wanted to and kept getting questions about like, how do I book clients? How do I do the business side of running a design business. And when I had first launched on K girl gang, I only knew of one other program, maybe two, that were doing something similar to this, at least in my circle. But they weren’t doing it in a way that was like very community and practice based. And that was something that I was really, really passionate about. And it just wasn’t very fun. And so I was like, I’m gonna take this thing that I want to I could talk about for hours, I could. I am so passionate about it. And I feel like I have genuine things to say about it that I have not heard that I have not heard heard said, I have not said heard, I’m getting too tired to record this. I have not heard said before. That sounds why does that sound so wrong? I haven’t heard someone say that before. We’re just gonna go with that, whatever. And I’ve heard someone say that before and talk about it in this way. And I feel like it needs to be talked about it. Like if someone had talked about it to me in this way or done the template this way, then like, it would have been better for me personally, like, I want to talk about this and I’m so passionate about or I want to create a template like this. I’m so passionate about it, whatever. And then you merge it with like, usually it’s like, how are you going to do it? Like so you got what that’s unique. And you got to how that’s unique. And you take those two zones of genius to create something really unique together. So like our How is we do in a really fun and a really community way. Like we’re all really, really chill. Like, most of the programs that I was in were like Facebook groups, and it was like, I’m gonna formally type out a message and I was like, No, I want like a group chat type of community where I can just like text my business girlfriends, and ask them a question. I want it to feel like a sleepover. Like we wanted it to slip for like a girls weekend sleepover every day. I feel like we’ve done newly created that inside of 10k girl gang and that little community. And that feeling, I feel like is what makes us really different. Now we’ve even evolved into like, we really use like research based strategies. Ever since my husband got his master’s, we really really, I mean, anyways, we’ve really, really focused on creating programs that actually create a transformational experience. And sadly, that is something that sets us apart is creating education that is genuinely helpful. And genuinely transformation is not just spitting information at you. And so those are two things that kind of set us apart. So I find first find your zone of genius. That’s like the first thing that you have to do.

And then second, I mean, this is like if you really, really want to get deep into it, but you got to map out what the transformational process is going to be. And this is something I’m going to create a whole nother episode on because I have so much to say about it. And this is one of those things that I’m why the break is nobody talking about this because it’s so important. And it’s so crucial to someone’s success, whether you’re a b2b, one to one type of service provider, or if you are someone who wants to do courses or digital products, like I just think this is so important for all entrepreneurs to learn is how to create a transformational experience that actually has an effect on someone and you’re again just like spewing out information and spewing out just things that nobody cares about.

And so, and I think that’s like a worry that a lot of us have to like if we create a digital product, we don’t want it to be like everybody else. And so something that’s really important. If you don’t want your digital product to be like just another digital product on the digital product shelves shelves, is you have to map out that transformation. How what is a, what is B? How are you going to get someone from A to B? What’s it going to look like what needs to happen in order for you them to get there, and what doesn’t need to happen and what information doesn’t need to be in there, what things features don’t need to be in that digital product that are just going to be trashed, and just not useful to that person. Because so much of getting digital products are just like, well, I can tell I’m gonna include it right. I know how and I want to make sure this is, you know, super powerful, whatever. So we just like shove information in there, when it’s really not like a quantity of information that’s going to do a really good job. It’s quality information. And so if you just make sure you have a quality, different product, you don’t have to overstuff it with information. And sorry, I keep saying like information or courses and stuff, just because that’s what I’m so used to selling. But integrated Do we go through and examples? How does this you know, how do all these processes look like with digital products versus courses, or any kind of other informational this process works with, it works with both. And that process where you’re mapping out the transformation, it’s there’s like six or seven steps inside that process. Like, I mean, you got to do like a get like a customer analysis, you got to look at where your audience really is. I mean, this is again, like, I feel like I’m making the sound pretty complex. If you want this to replace an income, I think you need to go through this process. But if you’re like, I just like want something that’s gonna give me a couple of extra like a little bit of extra cash on the side, I don’t think you need to go through the entire year huge process, you could just do a little small steps here and there. But I do think just again, like, just at least make sure your product is going to be transformational, it’s going to actually have an end and a point to it. Do you know what I mean? Like we’re gonna get something good out of it.

Okay, okay. Um, but for me, honestly, like, once you have like all that, like, pre work done. And if you’re like, I just want to do this inside, you don’t do that much pre work, I guess. But the easiest way to start it and just get it done fast is to do beta, especially if you’re like, I don’t know what I want my product to be. I don’t know what its gonna look like, I don’t know if I want to do this, or if I want to do that, but you have this idea in your head where you’re like, I think it’s gonna include something like this. I think it needs to look like this, here’s some of the things that I’m pretty sure it needs to have is you need to do beta. That’s something we’ve done with almost all of our products, 10k, Grogan and VMM. And it also like, gives us a little bit of cash in the door to make sure like, okay, yes, it’s good. So like something so so what we’ll do, like, let’s say, right now, with the scale program that we’re doing is we’re putting it inside 10 kg first, and we’re trying it out with 10 kg first. So I basically on a Google Doc, just like markdown, like, here’s everything that I want to talk about, here’s the what the wine how of all of these topics that I know, feed into creating the type of transformation I want to. And then here’s a few just like random things that like, are my thoughts on you know, what is the why what is the how, what are some important factors to go into it? And I looked at it over with my team and I was like, Okay, we think that, you know, this is going to take, you know, six months worth of classes or whatever. And we just sold like, after we created that Google Doc, we, we started selling scale, and we were like, hey, it’s ready to you know, buy whatever. And then we got people in the door who wanted to join scale. And they’re like, yes, I want to be part of this idea. They it’s gonna be a $10,000 program they get to get in at $5,000 when it’s half the price. They get way more one to one work because they are creating it with us. And we’re constantly asking them, like, how could it be better? What can we do? What do you want? Like, what do you want to see? We’re really, really working with these people closely. And we get information of like, how is this going to look like every month that we are showing this information live, like, we’re just presenting all the classes instead of pre recording them doing it live, getting live feedback, we’re getting that live feedback, it’s so helpful to be able to know where the trajectory is changing, because literally every single month, the program looks a little bit different than I thought it would because of the feedback that we get. And so I just feel so much more confident with our programs, because I’m like, I know it works. I’ve answered the questions. I’ve included all the things that I know, people are going to ask, Do you know what I mean? We did that with bmm. As I was like, Okay, I’m going to do this course for the first time. And I didn’t do it live with bmm. And I wish I would have like I didn’t, like I would just get on like pretend kgg right now we just get on a zoom call once a week, I present my workshop answer questions, because I feel like you get a lot of information again, when it’s live. But when I did bmm I just pre recorded everything and I dripped it out over like a couple months. And I just it that works. But I wish I would have I wish it would have just done a live. And yeah, it was good. I sold it, you know, so I got like, you know, not a ton of cash, like I got enough cash. I was like, Yeah, this is a good idea. People want it people are interested, it’s gonna give me enough cash to kind of get through, you know, putting all this effort up front, it pays for the all that effort you put up front.

So I love, I love doing beta, you’re also going to have tons of testimonials by the end. So when you are ready to launch it, and when you’re ready to sell it, you’re gonna have these amazing testimonials, which is what makes things sell in the in the long run anyways, it’s just there’s so many benefits to it that I am holy all about this week in 10 kgs. That’s what we’re going to be talking about is how do we do this beta testing process? What does it look like all that stuff? So I’m excited. Okay, next questions that we’re getting about this is how can I make passive income like as a social media manager? And a lot of you guys had questions of like, how do you integrate digital products into your one to one services? And here are the questions I have for you guys on this is what kind of questions do you keep getting? What you’re probably getting the same questions over and over again? Like, how do you make sure your posts are so freakin unique? Or how do you make sure your posts are boring? Or how do you mix the sales with the bulb Wha, like, you could do a mini workshop on that or sell a template on that or prompts to make sure your products are unique. Like go with the questions that you are already getting with things that you know people are interested in and with the things that you know are going to actually provide a transformation with, um, and
so that way, when you launch it, people are like, Yes, finally, like, this makes sense. It’s they’re probably asking those questions because they want that information from you. Okay.

And what, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me. But I want to go there but kind of going back to like what I said, I guess like with the making this information accessible, I mean, there’s lots of different ways to make digital products passive income, like I said, we have, we have like $30 digital products. And then in August, we’re going to be doing a $10,000 digital product, they can range widely My favorite part about digital products, though, or actually the $30 to like $3,000 products because I feel like you help more people with those. I just I love that range. I don’t know why it’s what I’ve been selling for the longest. And it fits perfectly. Like if you’re a social media manager, and you have this, you know, $5,000 a month or whatever package where you’re doing all their social media, you’re doing very one to one very custom beautiful services. And then you were starting to work with someone they’re like, I just can’t afford that. Like I love you. I love everything you’re about I only want to learn from you. I only want to work with you, but I just simply don’t have $5,000 a month, nor am I making nor does it make sense for me to have someone who’s doing Seeing all this work for me at $5,000 a month, but like, I just I want more of you inside my business and I want to do things the way that you do it, like, can you help me? And that’s when you’re gonna come out with like, oh yeah, I’ve got like social media templates so that you can still get like a piece of me inside your business and get my help. But I’m not going to be the one like doing the work. I like it just feels so much more DIY. neurone mean for those types of people who are at that level they need that it’s going to be helpful for them. They’re going to work through those things and get ready to be able to work with you at some point, some questions that we’ve gotten in 10k growing are like, well, what if you know, like, I, I’m just like, scared that like if I put all of my stuff into a digital product, or how I do things that people are just going to not hire me anymore, they’re just going to buy my digital products, because if I show them how to do things, or if I give them all the templates that I have all of a sudden are not going to do things like that cannot be more wrong. Like you are actually going to be preparing these people to book one to one with you, the copywriter. We’re working with Kaylee from reveal studio if you guys don’t have our social media playbooks go get her I love her, we created a little social media playbook together. The reason I hired her is because I bought so many of her sales page templates and so many of her email sequence templates that I was like, I need the real thing. I need to like work with Kaylee get her in my pocket and like do the real thing. I want the full Kaylee because I loved her digital product so much. I never I knew it was never a replacement for her. But like it were it was a good temporary fix for what we needed at the time. Do you know what I mean? And I loved them so much. They were good enough. They were so so good that like I was like yep, we’re going to Kaylee I already knew her. I already saw her work. I was familiar with it. So we were of course going 110% Go with Kaylee. And I feel like that’s what digital products do. It doesn’t take away your one to one services. It just gets them ready for that and it takes them to the next level faster so that they can work with you faster. All right. BEPS. All right. Gosh, it’s like 10 o’clock at night. I don’t know if I can keep doing this. I might have to come back and record Part Two tomorrow.

Okay, we’re gonna ask where to do one more question. And then I need some sleep, I need some z’s. And we’re going to come back next week, and we’re going to do the next week’s episode. Okay. So one last question. We’re gonna go again, okay, creating something unique. How do we create something unique and different in a saturated industry? And there’s another reason why I wanted to answer this question is because I feel like we’ve kind of already talked about us, or you’re merging two different zones of genius together to create like a zone of awesome. You’ve got your teaching one, like I teach brand strategy. That’s not enough, I have to teach brand strategy in a unique way. I’ve got to add another level to it. That’s gonna like spice it up. Five years ago, when I came out with my brand strategy course, just having a brand strategy, of course, was enough, because there was nothing else out there. I had to like, teach people what brand strategy was. And that was like more my marketing is like, here’s why you need brand strategy.

Now people know what it is. There’s so many freaking tablets. And kava, which I’m grateful for I’m so good at it is a more known thing. And it’s a way more universal. And now we’ve had an upper game, How’s that different? You know, how is it going to be unique? And that is really where I just again, I feel like it’s so so so crucial. But like think about like your audience, what do they want? What did they need, like when the pandemic first hit. And people were freaking out about their businesses, they were freaking about what was going to happen tomorrow. Like all of a sudden, I have this wedding because I worked with a lot of wedding pros. And so all of a sudden, their income for the next year was just like, put on hold. And so a lot of them were like, Okay, I’ve got to get digital products, I’ve got to get my website up, I’ve got to do so many things to be prepared for this. That involved me as a graphic designer, especially a graphic designer that helped wedding pros transition to digital products, like that was my whole niche. And so the pandemic was a really actually great opportunity. That sounds horrible today because it was it was not an opportunity. It was a horrible thing that happened but like business wise, it was a it was a really good thing for my business and for our family and in that sense where I stuck I still feel horrible saying that but I just thought about like okay, how are my How is my niche wedding pros like what do they need right now? What do they need today? Like not you know, oh, you know, of course is profitable or, you know, a template would be cool. I thought about real logistically, I was like, they need to be able to launch a digital product. And they need to do it quickly. And they need to do it cheaply, they’re worried about money. So they’re not going to have money to drop like $20,000 on something because they’re stressed about it right now. You know, the pandemic hit however many weeks ago, so they need something up, ASAP, ASAP. And they are a little bit nervous about the digital products. They’re just not sure what it is, you know, what’s going on how successful is going to be. And so we launched a day rate service, me and two of my other business friends, that was copywriter, and a launch specialist, a three day day rate service to help people help wedding pros launch their digital products. In three days, basically, like we created an entire launch, entire sales page, entire launch strategy, copywriting everything professionally done in three days. And it’s not necessarily like super passive, because we still had to do you know, eight hours worth of work. But we did make a good 40,000 with you all 40,000 each in a couple of days, and then only had to do maybe five days worth of work. If that I don’t even think it was, I don’t know.

Was it that much? Maybe five days worth of work? Was it I don’t know, math is not my thing there I cannot remember and my brain is I’m too tired to think of it. But we made a really good amount of money because we created a product that was just needed had that time generally mean. So try to think about where is your audience at right now? I mean, everyone’s kind of in a cost of living crisis. Everyone is a little I mean, I don’t know, this is just what I’ve heard, everyone’s kind of had a little bit of a slower year, it’s been slow, because the cost of living, it seems like a lot of designers are either booked out or slow having a slower business. I mean, the I don’t know, that’s just my audience. But those are the things that I would be personally considering as I’m trying to think of what is genuinely going to help them like, do they need more one to one stuff? Do they need to practice XY and Z more? Do they need a personality to help you know what I mean? Like what is going to actually help them? And if you have any questions about like, you know, I truly don’t know what’s going to help them. That’s, I keep talking about this. And I’m sorry, but there’s something again, we talked about in 10k, DD you know, at which levels of at what levels are different methods of transformation appropriate, because there’s an end this is something again, we’re going to be talking about an episode that’s three weeks from now, not next week. But the week after is how you know, active learning versus passive learning and different methods that are going to be actually helpful for you guys. So anyways, lots this week’s episode, I love you all so so much, I am so tired. It’s 1030. And it is an hour and a half baths, my bedtime, this little girl needs to go to bed. Because I have to wake up and get my house ready for 10 people to come sleep here. And I also really want to work out. So please pray for me because I have to go to Costco and Winco with three kids all by myself, put them to bed, get my house cleaned, clean up the disaster of a playroom and still work.

So it’s gonna be a good day, it’s gonna be a good day, I feel it. Even though I have a lot to do tomorrow. It’s gonna be crazy. I film blessed because we’re living in our dream house, we’re here. And I just still again, just can’t believe it. So I also feel like I need to say thank you. I’m nervous that this new episode, but just thank you to everyone who listens into supports my business because I again and we I just would not be here without you guys, and I just can’t believe I am here. And that we’re helping our family in this way helping our I just help. I just I feel so good about it. I just feel so. So awesome. And I just want you guys to have that feeling more than anything in the world because it’s just truly such a crazy experience to go through hard things and for it to actually be worth the hard things. Do you know what I mean? No, maybe not. I didn’t two years ago. But that’s my goal with this podcast and everything that we do is to help you guys actually live your dream life and, and not in a cheesy way. But like your actual dream life. You want to live it in the middle of nowhere, go for it. We’re going to help you make it f ton of money and to do that. You want to go travel the world and work one day a week. Heck yeah. I’m gonna help you do it.

I just am such a believer that you can have it all and you can have the small little things that seem to not matter to anyone else but they matter to you. I don’t think you ever have to sacrifice anything like your humanity. You don’t, or your money or anything. I mean, I don’t know, I don’t think sacrifice an important part of life. I think we learn a lot of things when we do sacrifice certain parts of our life. But when it comes in terms of like, what you deserve at the end of your life and 26 is not the end of my life but like we’re getting real deep. But in terms of like what your day to day life should be and filled with it should be filled with so much joy. Even though we go through hard things, and we of course have to sacrifice different things like how I’m staying up till 1030 at night to record this podcast episode, I’m sacrificing my sleep because I love doing this. They should be sacrifices that are worth while happy, beautiful sacrifices of sacrificing sleep for doing this awesome podcast and it’s gonna bring me money in it. It’s not something that happens a lot where I have to stay up this late, but I’m happy to do it. Do you know what I mean? The sacrifices that we make we’re like, Yes, I’m finally at a point or my sacrifices aren’t so cumbersome. And so just a pleading they’re they’re fun sacrifices. And in a sense, not that staying up is so fun, but like, I’m still very happy and I’m still filled with joy doing the sacrifice.

I don’t know this actually. I  sound sounding dumb. But yeah, this is making sense with my 1030 brain. I feel the same time 30 brain it’s like I’m stayed up all night. It’s only 1030 But anyways, love you. I’m gonna shut up and I will see you guys next week.

July 6, 2023

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