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ep 15 + Creating Transformation for Your Clients

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Hi, my name is CarliAnna, and you’re listening to C-E-Over it.

Today’s episode is one that has been highly requested. I feel like we’re doing a lot of how to episodes I don’t know, call me a liar, because we this is like a chill conversational podcast. And I feel like we’ve just been through so many how tos. But I have been getting so many requests, almost like, please make this a podcast episode. And I do feel like, again, as I was with last week of the passive income episode, I do have a lot to say about this whole topic. I started posting on my Instagram stories about the topic of transformation and why I feel like it’s such an important part of every service provider, every coach, every brand designer, basically, anyone who is wanting to give a transformation to somebody else who was wanting to help them go from A to be where there’s like a very distinguishable difference between when they first came to you. And when your client left working with you the the art of transformation.

It’s something that is truly, truly never talked about. And I have just, I feel like it needs to because I haven’t seen so many services, so many programs, so many everything, all they’re really that don’t have that transformational experience, especially in an age where online education online information is so prevalent, like you don’t have to search very far to get information that we don’t we just I that as educators and as business professionals to answer that as an online as online business owners, we just think, okay, if I just put information out there, it’s going to do well, it’s going to be helpful for people like this is good information. But we don’t think about how that information is getting processed and how that information is helping people. We need to actually consider the information or the things that we’re putting into our client experience. And is this even helpful? Is this what people are even asking for right now? Oh, my gosh, I’m already getting like way too far into it. Just in the intro. It’s something obviously I feel like I’m pretty passionate. So excited to have this experience and talk with you guys. I’m really curious to hear about your guys’s thoughts on this because I feel like it needs to be talked about.

Anyways, let’s get into before we get into the meat of the subject. Our little intro our fun little segments. So first, we’ve got snacks and racks, snacks and track segment where we go over what the snacking on and what I’ve been listening to or watching because we all know that we love that as we’re compound peeps. Okay, let’s start with the tracks. I am still listening to Throne of Glass, I’m on a reread of it. And it is just as good second time, if not, but actually I would say better. I would say better because now I know a little bit more going into it because there’s a lot of moving pieces and Throne of Glass. It’s a very big world. And it’s broken up over a lot of books. I can just like catch those things or I’m like, Oh, so that’s why this person is mad. Oh, that’s why this and this happened. It makes a lot more sense. And I feel like things are clicking More. And I just have a one gal with Aeneas. She is the Queen Mother. Everything. But I’m also again still listening to Ember in the Ashes. Those are two books I it’s gonna take me a while to get through. It’s a long series and I’m loving both of them.

But as far as something new because that was kind of like last week’s episode I finally finished the new bridgerton series. I know I’m a little bit late to the game, but it was a show that like I strictly reserved I take a bath every Saturday. Well I take baths a lot but I have like a long luxurious bath every Saturday because I do a long run where I run like 10 plus miles on Saturdays and so I’m like dying for a bath by the end of the day. And I love washing a little show. My husband goes fishing I sit in the bath and what is an auto show and I’ve been washing burgers and so just like one bath at a time one episode at a time I’ve been getting through it. I truly honestly think that is probably the best series. Not serious season. I truly think this last season was the best bridgerton season. I was crying by the end it was so good. Like just seeing the love that the King and Queen had for each other no matter what and just how wrong here that was even though they were going through so many hard things. The key is mad and she still loves him and learns how to love him like through this madness and they like try to navigate that the sacrifice says that they had to make for each other it was just so good and then the ending just was like the perfect like wrap up of their relationship like it was like we did it like we’re here like they were able to get to like a major milestone in their relationship and it was just so full circle and beautiful I love debt plus like seeing behind the scenes it’s the Queen and who’s that other character that’s it that’s her name. Why should not one of the main characters she shouldn’t be on the main character list. She’s like such a main character Oh, here we go. Agatha. Agatha. Seeing it? She’s like that other elderly woman that’s friends with a queen. See is kind of like both of their stories. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh, it was so freakin good. I was obsessed with it. Definitely my favorite.

Um, okay, snacks. I’ve been loving. I’ve been so boring boy, what have I been loving? Oh my gosh. Okay, I have to put you guys on to the absolute best lunch that I accidentally discovered after Leyden. I were like, so freaking tired. And we were just trying to use what we had in the fridge. Oh my gosh, I haven’t eating this every single day for lunch. It is so so so good. Okay, it’s kind of specific, though. So bear with me. So specific, but not like I’m gonna be naming specific things from stores. But like you could easily substitute this for other things. Okay, so first of all, Costco has these like little single rice packets, where it’s like cooked rice, you just like stick it in the microwave for one minute and you’ll get like really yummy quality, sticky rice. And it’s just single serve. It’s really easy for lunches and dinner. So we had some of those. So I usually use like half a container of that rice. Stick it in the microwave, take it out, put it on the table, set it aside. And then Costco also has these I’ve only ever seen it once. I think the brand is called real good or something but basically it’s like gluten free chicken nugget kind of things like chicken tenders. I take like five ounces worth of chicken. And I microwave that and I’ve actually tried air fry in that chicken it does not taste good air right. It’s a way to dry I don’t know if it’s because it’s gluten free or what. But it tastes way better in the microwave with some water in it anyways, so it took like five grams of that and then I cut it up. And that is I like to cut my chicken out super fine super small pieces. And I put that in with the rice. And then I put a little bit of cabbage just like a very very small handful of cabbage and then here’s where it gets for him good because you right Carly rice and chicken like could not be more basic. Here’s where it gets freakin phenomenal. Is there is this bottled pad thai sauce that I got at Ocean Mart which is an Asian grocery store. I’ve tried the other pad thai sauces like if you go to Walmart and just get like a regular pad thai sauce. I don’t know maybe they have new ones now but like I have never been able to find one that I liked. The ones specifically just a small little Giardiasis pad thai sauce I will take a picture of it and posted on the C-E-O-over it story because that mixing with the chicken and rice and the cabbage. It tastes like a pet it tastes like Pad Thai but healthier and tastes like Pad Thai but like with rice. Oh my gosh, it is so good. I have been seriously eating that up every single day for lunch. I even gave it to one of Lyons friends and he was like I’m starving and I was like oh it was like 10 o’clock and I didn’t want to cook anything. I was like oh my gosh I’m doing that like we could do and so I made it for him and he doesn’t really like healthy things. He loved it. It was it’s so good, so I’m telling you you guys pad thai sauce with rice and chicken and cabbage. It was like the new salmon rice bowl for me. I never really gone to the salmon rice bowl trend because I salmon and rice But that consistency makes me want to gag and throw up. It just sounds so gross to me. I could not ever put salmon into rice like, I mean, unless it was like in sushi. You know what I mean? Like, just the idea of it like it just all sounds way too mushy. But the fried chicken with rice and then the pad thai sauce. Oh, it was really really really really good. And then the crunch from the coleslaw. I mean, if you have like beans like those the little beans that they always put in Pattaya, that would be even better, but like, that’s a little bit harder to get. So anyways, that’s my snacks and truck segment.

as far as like business update segment where I just give you okay, here’s kind of like what’s happening in my business and like a real life look at what’s going on real life look at what’s going on my business. Um, it has just been a little bit crazy with summers, because it feels like, Okay, we’ve had two weeks of people staying at our house consistently. And so it’s been really, really fun. But obviously, it’s really hard to like, find time to work. And summarize, for some reason always end up being like our busiest time like we do our biggest sales, our biggest launches, big, big, big things happening in summers. Probably because I just hate working the winters like I just get so like, into my own little shell that I’m like, I don’t know. And summers on my call, go, go go go. That it’s just been hard to like do the extra amount of work that we’ve had. We’re doing big things. I want to make sure it’s good. And so it’s just been hard with that. And then on top of it. So we got a new night you guys know I’ve had new hard and natty situation. Literally like two days ago, she texts me and she was like, I’m so so sorry. And she was so sweet and so good about it. But she was like, I didn’t realize that like in order for me to graduate in a year. I was supposed to take an internship this summer. And so I am moving to Montana in two days to do this last minute internship so that she can graduate so like I totally understand I would have done the exact same thing. We were in she was like I’m so sorry. I know this is so last minute. There’s no transition time for you. Again, she was super graceful nice about it. It was just was a hard situation where I was like, Oh my gosh, I’m already so behind on work. And then I don’t have to up care now like cool and ago if I needed a nanny, but thank me heavens because I last minute found a nanny like that same day. And she’s been amazing so far. So it’s been awesome.

That little update threads if you’re not on threads, I’ve been loving threads. That is such a cool app. I think it’s so fun. And just like different. Everyone’s like it’s the same as Twitter. Like I had someone comment and so I was like, throat is making me realize how much I’ve been hating tic tock lately. And someone was like why but Twitter is the same. It’s not okay. I don’t know how to explain explain it, but it’s not. It’s like a place where I feel like my friends act because nobody I feel like no one I knew was like actually on Twitter or like active on Twitter, you know what I mean? And so it was like me, I don’t know. And threads just feel so much more chaotic. It feels like linked to Instagram. It’s like the back burner of Instagram. Like it can be kind of like my like spam Instagram account, or I can just like post anything I want. I don’t know, I love it. I have been so active on it. If you want to go give me a follow there, go give me a follow. It’s been really, really, really fun

Other than that, though, we’re just getting ready for a big launch that we’re doing in August. So keep your eyes peeled for that because it is gonna be a blast. We’re doing a brand new summit brand freaking new, that whole thing is new. We did a brand new summit last June and we’ve done it a couple times since but now we’re like we’re ready for a brand new Summit. It’s going to be like brand new information, everything and it’s gonna be three days this time instead of two days. And it’s kind of on subjects that I haven’t really ever talked about Caixa for I guess kind of on this podcast like we’re gonna be talking a lot about growth we’re gonna be talking a lot about passive income and team but also still raising prices stuff it’s gonna be so so good. So that’s happening keep your eyes peeled for announcement you guys kind of got the the DL announcement I’ll let you guys know that is actually open starting in August but that’s kind of all we’re been working on. It’s been good. Um, what else I think that’s pretty much it. That’s pretty much it for the update. It’s been pretty boring.

Okay, now let’s get into our topic episode. I already kind of like gotten to the spill a little bit about why I felt like this is such an important topic that I’m honestly a little I’m a little surprised. No one has been talking about this because I feel like it’s so important but also at the same time. I’m not super surprised because we’ve been seeing this trend of so many people putting out courses So many people putting on information that is just like, in your face. And it all seems to be just regurgitated. Same thing over and over and over again that we say like, we look at other people’s content and education, we’re like, well, if they’re posting it, it must be good. So therefore, I’m gonna post it or like, this is information that helps me. So therefore, it’s going to help other people, I’m just going to talk about it, I’m going to put it in there, I’m going to, it’s going to be me, you know what I mean? But we’re not actually thinking about like, is this what someone else is what they need? Like, is this what they need? Is this going to actually help them get from A to B? And we think, Well, of course, it’s going to help them but it’s like, if you don’t have a actual transformational path and clear direction that you’re trying to walk people through, you’re going to be screwed. And you’re going to be so confused about where it is. And we’re going it’s such a simple concept, but I feel like it’s so missed nine times out of 10. Like, if you were to say like, okay with your course, where are people starting at? And then where are they ending up? Where’s TA? And where is the Be? The it’s as simple as that and be broke? Well, it’s everything that they need to know about running a successful business. And it’s like, no, no, no, no, no, no, I need to know exactly what they’re gonna get out of it. By the end of that three hours, where are they going to be? What tangibles are they going to have what is going to actually going to be able to help them? You cannot just information depth at people, or else that’s when they walk away. And they’re like, Okay, cool. But like, what do I do with this? So if you’re the type of person, which I think you are, because you’re listening to this, that wants to give a transformation to people listen, listen up.

Also, if you even aren’t like, I feel like you want to talk to you about a lot of courses, and be like, Oh, this is like barely really relevant if you’re trying to do a course. But also, this is really, really relevant, even in client experiences, because we’re all trying to get our clients to start somewhere and to end up somewhere, we want them to come to us feeling not comfortable with the brand. And we want to walk them to walk away with like, a clear direction to or like to be able to post on their Instagram regularly and be consistent with their message like that could be the walkway. Right? Okay, does a welcome packet, like I have to be in that sequence. So why is the welcome packet important? What problem does that welcome packet directly solve? Or like this email that I’m sending? Is it really necessary? Or did someone just tell me that it’s necessary, because again, we all have different goals that we’re trying to help our clients accomplish. And so if we all just copy the same processes, the same information, it’s just becomes industry standard without questioning whether or not it’s like actually helpful, while our clients are like, Hey, I still have no idea what to do with all this information that you gave me and oops.

So like, why am I paying for this? Why am I here? Yeah. And even in our marketing, a to b, where do we want people to be when they’re on our Instagram? Where are they at? Where do we want them to be by the time that they’re, like, ready for the next step, like so many parts of our business need to like, be looked at as a transformational experience in order for us to be able to get those like clients that we really, really want? Because so many times like, we’re passionate about so many things, but that still doesn’t mean that that’s actually helpful. Like, I don’t know if you guys have ever like, felt like, oh, my gosh, this is so important. This is so needed in the world. But people just aren’t getting it. Like I’ve been talking about it. I’m posting on Instagram, but I’m still getting the same dumb questions again, I’m still like, not getting the people who are really quite understanding it. It’s because we probably aren’t providing a true transformational experience. We’re just spewing information at people. My husband gave me this really great analogy, because this is actually something that I’ve been learning a lot from my husband and that’s why like, I feel like we’ve been so passionate about the past few years because he has a master’s now in online. Okay, I cannot remember the official name of it. But it’s like online courses or something like that online learning. And like how to actually help people have a trustful way transformation. That’s pretty much what it is. The whole entire Masters is about. And so we’ve been slowly implementing all that stuff, into our courses into our education into everything and I’m just like, the more he tells me about it, the more I’m like, How is this not like a normal thing that business owners are trying to learn? Like, even when you’re training your employees, like are they learning the things that they need to learn? And anyways, he gave me this a really good analogy or it’s like okay, sometimes like okay, let’s say you have a pet problem where your employees are not washing their hands.

Does that mean we need to tell them how to wash your hands? To do a training on this is how you wash your hands? Like that’s what your automatic thinking would go to. But in reality, it’s like, Okay, do we need another training on how to wash your hands? Or do we need a better soap dispenser? Like, we need to be a little bit more broad with our thinking and how we’re giving solutions to our clients. It’s not always information. It’s not always because they don’t know things, we have to give them a little bit of credit here and try to think of ourselves in their shoes and know what it is they’re actually going through.
Just because you’re an absolute genius at something, does not mean that your audience wants it nor needs it. We’ve got to again, figure out how to bridge this gap from A to B. This is so simple. It’s so freakin vital. I hope you guys are understanding why I have become so passionate about this.

Oh oh. Okay. So this is something that we’ve been doing a lot intended AVG as we’ve been creating your passive income, and trying to get clear on why this product is important how it’s going to be helpful, because this is an I think I kind of alluded to this when we’re talking about passive income last week, where I was like, this next podcast episode is gonna be really, really helpful. But this is kind of why it all came up was I created a class on this, because I was like, if we’re going to create passive income products, they gotta be different, and they got to be good. And this is how to make passive income products good is provide a transformation. So we have a whole class on this, if you want to get into 10, kgg. And get this class, everything that we’re talking about in scale, go sign up 10k, and you’ll get access to everything. But just a few things that I feel like if you are wanting to start with this, and you’re wanting to get introduced into the idea of providing more transformation for your clients. First things first, we’re starting with the basics, super foundational. I know this is gonna be nothing new for this first one. But it is vital. And I’m still so surprised by how many times this is skipped. Because we think, Oh, I know everything. And I know I’ve been there. I’ve done that I know exactly where they’re starting at No, we don’t every person is different, you still need to ask around is to their ask around? Where are people starting out? What are they struggling with? Even with this new summit that we’re doing? In two months? I’m like, I need to get a new field where people are at where are they struggling? And so I just wanted to my Instagram and I just asked a few questions. And if you want, here’s the questions that I asked. do with these ones? You will you can either copy them exactly. I literally don’t care, or you can change them should be something that’s going to be more helpful for you. But there was a few questions I asked my Instagram audience. One this is like one I’ve been using for years I frickin love this question is just so magical. If I could wave a magic wand and solve any problem for you, what would it be? What does the dream await the some kind of have? Nevermind for one sec. So this one kind of has a story before it. So the next question is six to 12 months from now we’re having we’re sitting down and having a coffee, you’re so excited about the growth that you’ve had over the past 12 months, which is that dream new. You look like six to eight months from now. I love this question because I feel like it goes beyond like, Oh, my goals are to make six figures. It’s like my life is an order every you get to see what’s really important to people beyond just like tangible goals, you get to hear a little bit more be behind the why of what those goals are. What are some things that you’re working on right now? I just recently added this to my repertoire of questions to ask because I want to see what’s going on with people what you know just what the vibe is. This one is. So we’re creating a summit. So I said what’s the most annoying thing about summits for you? Is that literally I will not be offended. Because I don’t know. I just like to know like, what are things that people hate and that stuff that we’re buying them because I’m like, Oh, if people hate XY and Z, I’m going to make sure we don’t do that. And I’m going to make sure we talk about that in the marketing.

Like hey, this is a segment that actually does let you do this or does Have this and we’re not doing blah, blah, blah. And then the last one that I’ve added is the three most annoying things that are affecting your business in life right now, because there are so many factors that go into like, Oh, it’s a seller’s objection. Like, no, there’s a recession, the economy, juggling multiple platforms, like there’s real things that people are dealing with. And I want to be aware of like, what’s going on when I’m trying to present information, like what are things that we need to be aware of, when I’m trying to provide a transformation for you again, it’s not just me like shoving info at you, I need to know exactly what you’re dealing with in your life. So you can be like, Oh, here’s tips of how you could do if you’re short on time, or, you know, when you don’t have a ton of money or bla bla bla. So anyways, those are my favorite questions, ask around. If you don’t have an Instagram audience that you feel like you could get good answers, or they’re like, your ideal clients, hell, you know, whatever that means. I would go and directly ask people and be like, hey, like, I will literally give you a Starbucks gift card, if you just hop on a call with me for 30 minutes. Or if you just answer these questions. I’ve done that before to where I’ve literally paid people to talk to me and give me information about who they are. And it’s just so freaking important. There’s, there’s no way to get around actually talking with people or asking people questions and getting word for word, what it is that they say about whatever it is you’re doing, you know what I mean? You got to hear it from their mouth.

Okay, my next little tip, is when you’re trying to create a transformation, like all things in life, you’re gonna want to work it backwards. And so it’s like, okay, I first now that you have a beginning stuff, because you’ve asked around, you should kind of already know what your ending step is, like, I don’t, I don’t know, we have stuff in 10 kgs you to help you get there. But that’s a whole nother thing is like how to decide what like, the thing is that you’re going to be giving people and how to make sure it’s different. But how do you get from A to B? How do we get there, the first thing that you’re going to start doing is you’re going to start listing off, what are all of the things that they need to learn or to be able to accomplish in order to get to B. So for example, in brand mapping method, we say like, okay, they need to be able to do a strategy session, they need to be able to do a brand carry all they need to do this. And I just start very simply listing off no matter how basic and how obvious those steps feel, what those steps are, then we’re going to go and break it down even further and say, how are they going to do that? Okay, if they’re going to do a strategy session, what do they need to do in order to to learn the strategy session, they need to create a Pinterest board, they need to be able to present it successfully, they need to be able to look at the research, they need to be able to decide that you’re going to keep it going. And again, it’s going to feel so basic, so obvious to you.

But even if it feels so basic and obvious to you, it doesn’t feel basic and obvious to other people. Trust me. Like there are some things where like you, I swear this is like something that like I didn’t think was important, but like it is you cannot skip steps when it comes to trying to provide that transformation. You can definitely have information overload. But when you attribute it every single piece of information to solving a problem, it’s right there baby radioed I mean where you’re like a business what they have to know in order to get from A to B I have to include this okay, let me find and then once you start listing out, okay, they have to do a Pinterest board, they have to do a questionnaire you have like all the how tos like looked at, then you’re gonna break it down even a step further. Okay, if I need my clients to be able to do a strategy session, in order for them to do a strategy session successfully, they have to do a Pinterest board. That’s when you start looking at Okay, the next step what does a successful Pinterest board look like? For me and that’s when I would start writing like okay, they need two different boards that embody their vision. The client needs to understand that it’s okay for the Pinterest board, to not Perfect, I start writing all this information of like, this is what a Pinterest board client relationship actually physically looks like. And then we go into, you know, what is it? Why is it important and start describing it, but when you break it down into those three different levels, it’s gonna give you so much clarity. And even doing this like, with a court like not even just with a course but like, with a like, Okay, your branding process.

So we say, Okay, I need my clients to be able to be able to post on Instagram and get their message out there clearly. Okay, what do they need to do in order to get there? Well, they have to be able to post on Instagram, what is the successful? What does you know posting on Instagram look like? It looks like them using our branding cohesively. It looks like using templates. Okay, well, then what does that look like? You know what I mean? And it’s like, what information? What are they not doing here correctly, or where’s that gap looking like, and then that’s when you can kind of start to get into his work kind of gets a little bit complicated. And I don’t know if the podcast is gonna be super helpful for this. Because we have this like, whole sheet inside 10k Digi, and I can kind of explain it, but like, there’s different levels of education that go from passive education to activate education. And again, if you’re like, currently, I’m not doing educational stuff, I’m just doing marketing, or I’m just trying to do like services, and I don’t care what you’re doing, you still have to educate your client, you still have to educate your audience. So understanding what passive and active education is, is still incredibly, incredibly important. So on the passive side, if you’re like, okay, cool, I need my clients to understand the Pinterest board is helpful. How do I how do I help them understand that that’s helpful? You have to kind of understand where they’re at, like, do they does it make sense for them to do something more active or passive now more active means that the learner is going to retain more information, it’s way more helpful, it’s way more engaging, there’s a higher success rate, but it’s active.

so people who are just trying to get like a certain solution, or they haven’t paid a certain amount of money, they’re not really like super into it. Even if you try to get them to do active learning, they’re not going to want to do it, it’s like, asking your client to be like, hey, because one of the most active learning techniques that you can do is to have them teach it, and to create a lesson and to teach it back to other people. But you’re not gonna be like, hey, client, okay, here’s your quiz that I just gave you. Now, you’re gonna have to create a lesson and tell me, okay, what how does Instagram work for your brand? Like, I need to not teach your audience? Do you know what I mean? Like, that just does, it doesn’t make sense. And also, if that doesn’t, in a core sense, that doesn’t make sense. If it’s like a $300 course. And someone’s like, I’m literally here for just a few hours, I’ve only committed a few hours. And now you’re asking me to like, go teach by audience or to teach other people this, like, that’s way too much of an ask for me. And so you have to keep the levels appropriate with how much commitment that client or audience member has to that learning? Do you know what I mean? So that’s why it’s like, okay, it’s only a $200 workshop, where it’s basically a lecture a lecture is one of the lowest listening to lectures is one of the lowest retained amount of information, like you only retain 5% of the information that you listen to on lectures. So if you’re like, I just bought a course or I just listened to this. But it didn’t actually change anything. It’s because it’s a very, very passive form of education. You don’t I mean, like, but they only invested $200 into it. It doesn’t make sense for them to do practice and to discuss and to do that just I guess I will just kind of briefly go over this like starting at the smallest percentage five, we’re gonna go into percentages like retaining percentages.

So like, how much is actually being applied listening to lectures, only 5% of the lecture is going to be retained. Okay. This is just after 24 hours to just talk for 24 freakin hours is not like a week, 24 hours, reading texts, 10% is retained. Seeing and hearing 20% is retained, watching demonstrations. 30% is retained. That is all visual and audio learning. It’s all very passive. Anything that’s visual Audio, they’re not really doing much they’re just seeing and hearing it, you’re not going to get above 30% retention rate. But again, they just have to sit and listen. It’s a very easy, easy way to learn, the more they see it and hear it, the more they’re going to learn it. But don’t don’t do you expect to hold 10k Now we’re gonna get more into the active kinesthetic learning. I don’t know why. I sometimes I’m like, Why? Why did I say kinesthetic, it doesn’t matter to you guys. You don’t, you’re still like, you’re gonna use that word. And so like you, it matters. Okay, anyways. So more of the active learning discussing concepts 50% of that is going to be retained by the end. So even if you just like, have a lecture, and then you discuss it with them after guess what you go from 5% to 50%. Like that is so much better and a little bit easier. Like that’s the lowest active form of learning that you could do. And it’s so easy. So, so, so easy. Next one, practice practicing by doing exercises that is retained at 75%. That is why in 10, kgg, we have practical calls. That’s why we practice the sales calls, we practice all the things that you learn in the courses and the lectures, and we discuss it we have those weekly calls, because otherwise it’s not getting retained. And the last one teaching others that gets retained at 90% No surprise, I think we all know when you’re gonna go teach a lesson like you just like, oh my gosh, this was more for me. And then then for them. Um, this is one that we don’t do as often in 10 PGG. But I love it when we do we probably do it like once a quarter is we have members of 10 kgg come in that have like just booked out or like they got their first 10k client they quarter or whatever. And we’re like, hey, like, tell us what you learned you know what was helpful ask questions, I can have a step that kind of stuff. And it’s it’s really fun.

anyways, I feel like I could like nerd out on this all day, I don’t know why this subject of like teaching and learning feels. So just inviting to eat. And so like, oh my gosh, is this 90% of this is 5%. This is like definitely something that I feel so in love with. But basically, at the end of the day, one thing that I feel like is always going to help you if you feel like you’re trying to give people a transformational experience, trying to get people to really understand why it is that you’re doing something and why that information is important. Is you definitely first you need to ask yourself, Is this actually filling a need? Is this directly solving a problem? Or am I just teaching this or putting this in my process for my ego, or for someone else’s ego because they told me to? And so ask yourself, get creative with the solutions? Again, remember, it doesn’t have to be training, it could be like, Okay, why don’t we just like take that out completely. And just like give them a software, give them a bubblegum or whatever. Get creative with the solutions. And then pick appropriate level solutions. I cannot emphasize that enough. Pick appropriate level solutions, the more active that you get with a learning the better. But obviously, that’s not always going to be helpful. Anyways, that was I feel like just like the ice tip of the iceberg, the iceberg the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to like transformation and stuff. But I hope this was truly helpful for you guys. If this is something that you want to get more into, please send me a message. And we can talk about this. This is something we’ve been talking a lot about in 10k Digi and I’m just dying to hang out with you guys more about this. And just to talk about it more because again, this is one of the things where I’m like how come like okay, I spent again, hundreds of 1000s of dollars in education, trying to create passive income products. And nobody actually taught me how to create a good passive income product. Like people like this is what you should put in your course. But no one told me why no one told me how to make sure my learners or my clients or my audience actually got a good experience. Like that’s something that I’ve had to really learn on my own through myself and through my husband’s experience. And so I if you’re someone who like wants that for your clients, and also I think it’s just going to help you be more successful when you have like raving fans that are like wow, that actually helped me for the first time ever. Getting this type of experience.

I think that’s truly truly helpful. So anyways, I love you guys. I will see you next week and I hope you have a good fabulous week.

July 19, 2023

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