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EP 5 + A Chat About Human Content in a World of AI w/ Kayla from Literary & Co


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Former 10KGG student, Kayla. Chatting with Kayla from Literary & Co all about how we feel about AI written copy. We love the avatar character filters but, AI written content is a whole mess on its own.


  • Tips for creating more human content
  • Being more authentic in your relationships
  • Where to us AI and not

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Full Episode Transcription: 

Hi, my name is CarliAnna and you are listening to another episode of see over it this week. I’m so excited. We have Kayla here and I cannot wait she is a past member of 1okGG and she is seriously killing it. We’re all catching up before we started recording. She’s got a group coaching program. Last year you booked a 30k client, hell yeah, my gosh. Like she is just crushing it and so I’m so excited to bring her in and to talk about kind of what we’re talking about last week with relationship marketing. She’s gonna like give us a little bit more on the inside scoop from a copywriter’s perspective on humanizing marketing especially in this like world where AI is running rabbit and crazy and a little scary.

So yeah, here we go. Let’s talk and Kayla, introduce yourself. Say hi. Hi, I’m Kayla. I’m like Carli was saying I’m a copywriter and strategist at the literary cool. So I do brand messaging website copywriting sales pages, email sequences, and I also have my group coaching program called the copy society. It’s basically a program for business owners to get all the copy done in their business and get really interactive feedback. So it’s really fun. And yeah, I was part of 10k girl gang love, Carli love what she’s all about. I’m really excited to be here.

We frickin love Kayla, and so I’m so we’ve been trying to get her on for a while. So I’m just like really, really freaking excited to have her here. And before we get started on our actual topic. We’re gonna of course to our little snacks and track segment and, guys, Kayla is a little fellow book nerd. And so she also has a really good book wreck so I am really excited to hear what she’s been reading. Okay, tell me tell me please spill the beans about what you’ve been reading because I love a good book wreck.

Yeah, yeah. I recently finished hell-bent by Leigh Bardugo. It’s like the sequel to this book called the ninth house, which I really, really loved. And I’m so glad I waited to read it until this fall because it took her like, like three and a half years till the next book came out. I thought it waited. But it’s a really good fantasy read. It takes place at Yale. There’s like these like secret societies. It’s very mysterious. I really like dark academia vibes if you like that kind of thing. Ooh. Okay. So it’s like, Have you ever read babble?

No, but I keep seeing it. Oh, my God. Everyone’s recommended it. It’s on me to reads. Yes, I loved it. And that sounds like but it takes place in what is Oxford Oxford University and it’s dark academia. So I was like, Oh, I wonder if it’s similar. Okay, so does it have like romance to it though? But
what am I okay with that? I won’t say what that is the world you love romance. I do love romance. But it’s Kate is the My Favorite thing, though, is like the characters and the world building. Are those good? How was that? Yeah, I feel like they’re good, like really unique worlds that she’s built. Lots of neat surprises along the way. I never totally knew what was coming. I really do like the main character. She’s so unique. She’s really compelling. Like, had a really sad life and a lot of challenges. But like, the way that she’s come through it is really kind of unique and inspiring. So I like that. So I do like the characters good characters, interesting friendships. Not so much on the romance, but that’s not anything else.

As long as like, honestly the characters and the world building and just depends on my mood. You know what I mean? Like sometimes I’m like, it’s the romance but there are times where I’m like, I’m so frickin sick of like, the back and forth and sometimes there’s just like sometimes when like romance it just like kills it for me for like three months where I’m like, that was just too cheesy or like, way too.

Good story same. Yeah, yeah, just like a good story. But yeah, I love those like dark academia vibes. I read another one recently called the cloisters that takes place at this museum in in New York, which I looked in it’s a real museum.
That also has the vibes that I really liked, and it’s kind of a mystery to okay, I haven’t heard that one. Is that tell me more the vibes of that one. I haven’t heard of it. yeah, so basically what it is I’m trying to, like a month or two ago that I read this so I’m a little vague on it. But basically, this girl from I want to say like Washington or something goes to New York, she gets this like, fancy internship at this museum called the cloisters, and they have all this old, like historical art stuff in there. And she meets this girl and kind of strikes up a friendship, but I’m kind of remembering. I think some things like start going missing, or someone gets murdered. You know, we gotta like, find out the truth. So, you know, it’s like art museums, New York.
Think there’s a little bit of romance in there too. Just just like a little.

Okay. I have to go into my car. I haven’t read that one, but help it. I’ve been like, a ninth house. I’ve been like to read it now when I read it. So it’s all my TBR-sided. Okay, yeah. And the age-old question. What have you been snacking or drinking as your like, tangible work snack?

Oh, my gosh, I have it by me right now. I love Nespresso pods. I love Nespresso. We have a virtual machine with those, like, big pods that you put into it. And I love like, I have like two cups of coffee today. Like in the morning. I’ll just have a regular cup of coffee. And then in the afternoon, I love making a lavender latte at home. So I have those like Torani syrups. I’ll put like two pumps of lavender milk and I’ll do a shot of espresso. And it’s like it’s so so good. And it’s way cheaper than going to Starbucks every season for a lavenders latte. No, they don’t. Yeah, you can only get that at like a boutique coffee shop or something. I don’t even think about lavender.

That sounds absolutely exquisite. I would just feel like I’m like in a French Cafe somewhere. Like minding my own business reading a book. Yeah, I feel like so fancy when I make a lavender latte at home, one of my favorite cafes like when I used to live in Las Vegas. Like, I would go there and get a lavender latte all the time. And now, anytime I go in a place that like isn’t Starbucks, I was looking for a lavender latte. And then I was like, wait, I can make it at home. And it’s just as good. It’s crazy. Oh my gosh. Well, because I have like, I’ve had lavender Torani syrup, and I’ve had rose Toronto syrup. I’ve had like some flavors. But I never thought to do that. Like I was putting them in my like soda water. And what else I’m trying to think of I ever did anything else with them. But it was pretty much just like soda water.

Like to get like, it would take a little bit of a tonic or something. Fun. But I never thought like we got him with it. That’s like absolutely genius. Yeah, it’s so good. Yeah. And it’s like we have the others like we have like vanilla and caramel and stuff. But I love the lavender one just because I just feel so fancy. I have to try the rose one that would be like, Poppy stir fan. So rose one. Yeah, the rose one is good. I mean, any floral flavor. Like if, if it’s a flower flavor, it’s, I’m sold. I’m sold. Like just give it to me. But yeah, I don’t know. I never thought of it that way. So yeah, that’s a very good wreck. I’m taking notes on that. Thank you. Yeah.

Love it. Okay, let’s get into our topic today. Again, as always, really excited.

But let’s first talk a little bit about like, this trend we’ve been seeing with like aI stuff, and I’m curious on your feelings. I mean, I kinda know because obviously, we chatted before this, but saving the good stuff for the podcast. What are your feelings on all this, like aI generated content, which, by the way to like, if you guys haven’t seen Canva has like, this is I think we’re I don’t know, I haven’t seen like aI like, oh, it’s gonna transfer my face. But like, AI is like in camera now. And like you can generate lists and like content and stuff on Canva. And it just like writes your copy for you. It’s strange. So I’m curious as to copywriting your thoughts?

Yeah, it’s so weird. Like, I haven’t tried so much the one on Canva. But I’ve tried. I did try chat GPT just because of all the talk around it. I was like, I need to go and see what this is all about. And then I tried another paid tool to see what that one was like, I won’t say what it was because I don’t want to sound like they were calling them out.
But ya know, I have to say, I was like, You know what, I’m hearing all this fuss around this, I better just go see what this is all about. So I can like, you know, have an opinion and kind of know what I think and like, is this good? Is this even like worth you know, incorporating into my own process? Should I be like just being presses or something? And I went in there and I was like, No, I think I think I’m okay yeah, like I tried to it’s funny because I was giving it different prompts like, you know, write a tagline for like a blah, blah, blah kind of business with a you know, whatever, you know, and I was giving it prompts and the things that I would come up with was just so generic. I was just laughing It was really funny. I was just like, Yeah, this isn’t that great. And so I tried the free one and then I tried the paid one too. I did like a free two Trial Week or, you know, whatever it is that they offer. They had all these different kinds of, I don’t know, tools you can use to like write a caption for this or, you know, write a whole blog post or something. And it was just like really boilerplate like it did. I was looking at I’m like, the this, like the syntax of the sentences. It’s like, you know, it’s legible. It reads, but it doesn’t really do a lot more than that. It feels very basic. Actually being legible. It’s giving us nothing.

Yeah, exactly. Exactly. That’s like how it’s right. It’s my thoughts. Oh, my gosh, yeah. Like, I felt like I’ve like hounded this in people’s brains forever. I’m like, if your content could like, be found on some random person’s blog, like you Google it, and you’re gonna find that exact same information, like what the heck is the point? Like, I don’t feel like it’s doing any favors for you besides existing, and I feel like it might be doing a disfavors? I don’t know. Yeah, I feel like that, too. It’s like, why even bother? Like, if it’s gonna be something like, I know, I’ve Googled things before to see what pops up, or, you know, you go on Pinterest or something. And, you know, I’m gonna read a blog post about this, or whatever it may be. Not everyone does that. But, you know, sometimes I do. If they all say the same things, like they all have the same tips or whatever I’m like, Okay, well, clearly, you looked at all the others, and then just wrote yours. Yeah. And it’s not different. That is one of my biggest pet peeves. I hate it when I’m like, trying to Google advice. And I’m like, sort, you know, fact checking a few different blogs. And it’s literally word for word like, oh, okay, like, what’s the best way to do a deadlift or whatever? And it’s like, check this check on like this. Are we all looking at the same bucket? Like, I don’t get it? Like, why? Why? Why? I hate it. Oh, my gosh, I’m glad.

Yes, it’s so true. Yeah. Cuz I’m like, even before I was a thing, like, I feel like, this is something I’ve seen when I’ve gone to, like, look at, you know, other people writing these kinds of things. But now, especially with AI, like, if people are relying on it too much, we’re just gonna see that more, then it’s just gonna be like, more obvious if it wasn’t already. It’s so annoying. I’m like, Okay, I have two questions, I guess, your thoughts on like, two different things because Hamza is coming out with like, the bullet list ones, like the list ones, like, first, how do you feel about those ones? Like people using those? Is that going to be helpful?

Like, is it like, I’m haven’t actually heard about this? Is it trying to, like, you can, it creates bullets? Like I like we know, like, it will generate, like, a list of things like, Hey, give me like content topic ideas?

Oh, that might be cool. I mean, I think if you’re like looking for like ideas, maybe that might be, I don’t know, it might be free to play with. I mean, especially if it’s free. I don’t want to be totally honest, I don’t know if I’d pay for an AI tool. But if it’s free, and you can generate some ideas, like what the heck, I suppose like, you might as well play with it. I mean, it doesn’t hurt but like, you know, as long as you put your own spin on it, like if you see it, and you’re like, oh, that kind of looks like everyone else, then like maybe not plus to I don’t know, if it’s creating bullet points, it could be helpful for thinking about because, you know, bullet points are like a really great thing to use and copywriting, you know, throughout your website, especially like on a sales page or something like that. If it’s bullet points for that, it might help you think about like structure in a way so I suppose that’s not the worst thing, but I just, it just wouldn’t rely on it. Like, I just don’t think it’s totally reliable. Yeah, it’s just like, it’s okay.

You’re mediocre on it. Ah, okay, that’s good to hear. And then my second thing I was curious again, your opinion on this because I don’t even remember the name of the tool and I wish I did I keep having to text my husband. I’m like, What the heck is the name of this tool? Because it is kind of we have used it and it’s kind of handy. It’s like a Grammarly, but like, upgraded. It’s like a different, a little bit better version of Grammarly where it like will actually like take your paragraph and like rewrite it way better than Grammarly. And we we don’t use it for everything because I do feel like sometimes it just like makes everything you say generic but like let’s say when we were writing like our marketing, personality test and guide and that was like 40 pages of copy and it needed to be legible. Yeah, and I were able to like edit the entire 40 page guide in like one night and that was super integral copywriter did you hire the right the guy and I was like, no and we use this tool. Yeah, it was really helpful but like, I don’t know if it will be helpful.

Any other scenario when it helps my husband write his papers for his master’s, that’s like the main reason we got it. But like, you know what I know what this tool is. I know, I’m like, I cannot remember the tool, whatever it is, I’m going to ask my husband, and I’m going to link it in the show notes.

I’ll just put it under like the tool, and then I’ll link it so you guys can have it. But I’m curious, like, I don’t know how I would feel about people using something like that for like, their actual website copy or something.

Yeah, I wouldn’t feel that great about it. And also, it’s like, you know, I get it, like, not everyone has, like the budget to like, hire a copywriter. And, you know, I kind of know, like, where I am in business. Like, I know, I’m too expensive for some people. And I’m, like, cool with that. But yeah, I just don’t think AR is like not the way to go. Because I think it’s just, you’re just gonna end up with something that’s on everyone else’s website. And I think there’s just like real danger in that. And like, even if you are just starting out, you want to try to put like, as best of an impression forward as you possibly can. And it’s like, I just know of, like, so many other like, I don’t know, if there’s a lot of cool, like templates and courses or, you know, maybe a group program. I don’t know, Taylor, you can group programs. Yeah, shameless plug. Yeah, no, it’s like, you know, and that’s kind of fun, too, because it’s like, people can get like feedback from, you know, me or the group or whatever. But it’s like,
you know, and I think that that can make it a little bit more human. I think that there are so many other like spaces to be able to, like, get help on Copy that, like, I feel like you don’t have to turn to AI because there are a lot of really great resources out there already. So it’s like, you know, there are ways that you don’t have to start from scratch. So I’m like, I feel like it’s not. Yeah, I feel like for website copy, like, I could see some uses, like you were saying, like, you had to get it done. And you had to get it out there. Like for something like that. It could, it could maybe be good. But yeah, for like website copy, or like, or like telling your brand story, because a lot of like, the copy that I write is like, you know, those brand messaging guides, where we’re really trying to, like, communicate their brand story and like, get really, really clear on like, what they’re trying to do. And, you know, often people are like coming to these kinds of projects with like, they have like a lot of notes and a lot of ideas. And they’re like, you know, and we really get into the nuance of like wording of phrasing, like my brand is this, but it’s not this, it’s this, but it’s not this. And so we’re really trying to think about those qualities where they go, you know, this part is really cookie cutter. So I don’t want to approach it that way. Or, you know, we’re talking about what’s done in the industry, what do we like and dislike. So it’s like, we’re getting into so many, like, different nuances. Like, I just think that would be hard to plug into a machine. I get what you want. I agree. I think that like there’s something there to be said, like, with your students like actually thinking about those questions and going through them themselves. Because I feel like if you skip through that process, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice. And honestly, like, I just think someone’s going to be way better off getting it wrong 3 million times first and learning something every single time they get it wrong than just like, putting something out that looks professional but is wrong. Do you know what I mean? Like, I just, I would so much rather be wrong and authentic than to be generic and professional.

Yeah, generic and professional. I think that’s like the worst. You know, not that being professional is bad. But like, you know, I guess those two together I feel like that’s like, the worst things you can be because, you know, generic and professional. It’s like if the best thing people can say it’s like, nice, then it’s like, it’s not really doing its job. That’s like, cool. So it’s me. Yeah. Yeah, I want to be nice. I tell you, Okay, so for people who are like really wanting to keep AI in its place where it lives in the corner, which is for when it’s needed, not necessarily for your brand. And for people who are like wanting to actually like try and get into like creating more content. That’s human. Like, how do we go about that? Well, yeah, I would definitely say like, sorry, I didn’t mean to cut you off. I was just gonna say like, definitely, like, you know, ask people what they want, like, get to know your clients, like something I do on my process is like, I get to know my clients are sometimes I even have I’ve had clients before who’ve done their own customer interviews, or they’ve, they’ve asked them like, Hey, can you fill out this form for me? And they’ll ask them questions, you know, so it’s like, if you can, like go in and just like really ask people and like, learn, you know, either like learn from your existing clients or you know, if you don’t necessarily have those yet, like, learn from people you want to work with. It’s kind of like with the whole like, relationship marketing thing. It’s like, you know, even if you’re not working with them yet, like go and like connect with people you would maybe want to work with and see what they’re looking for.

And just, you know, get out in front of them and you know, yeah, ask them and have conversations. And then it also
say like, knowing your message, like if you know your message, then you’re much more able to have, like, I know, something you Carli talked about a lot is, you know, having those hot takes and having those points of views. So like if you know your message and you know what you’re for, and you know what you stand for, you can, you can have those hot takes, and they’re so unique. And it’s like, no one and no AI and no one else is going to be able to come up with those for you. And you’re just going to be able to have them, they’re just going to be, you know, on top for you. Because your message is so true.
And then I don’t know something else to like, batching is cool. But I found sometimes my best posts are like, if I just wake up and have an idea, and I just do it, I might just like, stop everything I’m doing and just like take 20 minutes to like, make that post. And sometimes those are the best ones. So oh, okay, so do you like do you batch and do spontaneously?

Yeah, I do a mix. I like to plan ahead. I’m trying to get better about like planning for the whole month, like all I’ll do a month and then I’ll be like, Oh, wait, I don’t have time to have ideas. And then and then I will post for a month and then I’ll be like, Oh, let me go post again. So I’m trying to get more kid-like consistent with like, posting all the time. But yeah, sometimes I do just kind of go oh, that’s a good idea. I’m gonna go ahead and, and just make that post. And, and those can be kind of fun, because you just have the idea. And you’re like, I just want to get this idea out in the world and just share it with people. And it’s kind of fun, you can test it out and see what people think. Want to say and there’s like, no shame and just like putting it out there and just trying it like if it flops cool. If it stops now, you know, like, either the format or maybe it was the content or the way you delivered it like something didn’t land right? Or is it just the time like, honestly, who has no frickin idea? And I just feel like the more you test things and just try it like it’s gonna go out there.

Yeah, totally. I can’t remember if I talked about this. Yeah, on the podcast, I can’t remember if I have, but something that my husband was talking about, because his master’s is like all in behavioral change. And just creation, for creation, creating transformations for people. And one of the things that he talked about with me and his masters is that like one of the best ways to actually help people change and to create, like a program or to create content or to create anything that’s actually going to like help people is to rapid prototyping and just try a million different things and get people’s advice and feedback along the way while you’re creating it. Because like, you could take seven years to perfect something. But what if it flops? Like, it’s just I just feel like it’s so much better just to like, I don’t know, we do batch too, but like, I just feel like there is something special and just be like, Okay, I had this idea. I have no idea how it’s gonna go and just put it out there and see what happens.

Yeah, see what happens. Because like you said, the worst thing that can happen is like, Oh, it doesn’t get as many likes as you want, or it doesn’t land as well. And it’s like, either you can hold the idea or try something else. Like, I definitely am, like, of a belief that like, no, like an abundance mindset. As far as ideas. It’s like, there’s gonna be more and, you know, you don’t have to be so tied to like one idea, because there can be more. And, you know, it’s okay, so just, you know, have fun with it. Yes, I guess I’ve always believed that. Like, if you have this idea, and it comes into your brain and you don’t like put it out, or you’re like holding on to it for months. The idea leaves you and it’s like, okay, cool. I’m gonna go with someone else. That’s like, actually going to put that idea on there. I know. That’s, yeah, I know. We will and like giving ideas like humanization but like, I don’t know, I feel like it’s helped me like imagining ideas and thoughts like that somebody couldn’t know like, it came to me and I’m gonna put it out there. Like, it feels like my duty. Almost you don’t I mean, it’s gonna lead me. Yeah. Oh, my gosh, that sounds so much that reminds me over. Have you read up Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert? How about no, like, five years ago? I needed to reread it so badly. Yeah, I feel like that’s something like you think she does. And I saw that and like, oh, my gosh, that’s so true. So I feel like I’m that way too. It’s like, yeah, like, you know, act on your ideas. But I also kind of believe, too, like, I don’t know, sometimes I’ve had moments where I have an idea. And then I forget it. I’m like, I forgot the idea. And I’m like, Well, if it’s really important, it will come back again. And I’ll remember it, so I don’t have to worry, because it will come back. So it’s like it’s fine if I forgot because the really good ones will revisit me. I love that. Like if you forgot about it, because I do that all the time. I didn’t write it down in the moment just wasn’t meant to me. And if it is, it’ll come back.
Yeah, yeah, I totally Yeah, that is like so true. I love that I love like humanization to ideas that we’re
putting out there. I love I love. Okay, anything else that you have for like, helping people. We’ll just be more human in their content. Tips. Yeah, tracks, whatever.

Yeah, for sure. Like something that like, I’ve, I don’t know, I’ve tried to do this for myself and like, this is something I try to teach too is like, if you see something that you like, I mean, copy that’s working, or I guess, you know, design or like whatever it is that’s working. Like if you if you see something you like, or even if you see it, you’re like, why didn’t I think of that? First? I feel so silly for not thinking about that. Like, I’ll sometimes I’ll see the slider posted. I’ll be like, I thought of that. That’s such a good idea. Yes. I try to think about, like, I try to be critical about like, why I like it. I think that’s something that like, I, you know, I’m always trying to get people to do is go like, Why do you like it? You know, this is especially good, especially like, with clients giving feedback, you know, instead of like, Oh, I like it, or I don’t like it. It’s like, why, or what like going a little bit deeper and thinking about what it is that’s doing well, because then instead of feeling like oh, I have to imitate that, or oh my gosh, like I can’t achieve that level of success with like, an idea or whatever it’s like, you can come up with your own thing, because you can have an idea of like, why it’s working. So you know, I think just like try to get critical and think about what it is. I love that because I noticed myself doing that or I’m like that literally just put my thoughts into words in better words than I would have been able to do. I always like to feel upset with myself when I’m like, I should have been the one to say that, like, you know what I mean? Like you always like get that comparison where you’re like, ah, like, that should have been me you’re like was such a genius post or whatever. But like, I think it really, it’s a hard I feel like that’s a hard exercise to actually do and to be like why do I like this? Yeah. And to get past that, like self-doubt have I sort of been the one to do this and just look at it in a different way? I really liked that. That’s gonna be an exercise I’m gonna try pushing myself to do. Yeah, yeah, yeah, totally. And then I think to like, just like I know something you teach a lot and something, like I feel like I really embraced after doing 10kgg is this idea of like, you know, being a problem solver, being a strategist, a solution finder, like really, really kind of live in that energy. And I think again, like think about what your clients need, and what you’re looking they’re looking for, really think about them think about yourself as like, you know, a solution giver and a problem solver, and just try to like, approach things from that instead of like, oh, what should I say? Or what is like a, I think I should be posting this? Or, you know, it’s like, what would actually what do they actually need? What would you say like the people who like don’t really know what it is that people need? Or they don’t even know what problems they’re solving?

Um, yeah, I would say, try to figure out like, who you want to work with, like, who is that kind of, like, a dreamy client that you really want to work with? Who are they like, try, you know, try to get in the room and try to get in those circles with people and, you know, try to get to know them. And, you know, reach out and read things like something I found, you know, it’s so funny, everyone always says like, Facebook is dead. But I just really find like, just scrolling through, like, my Facebook went from being like a personal Facebook to just kind of something like I scroll through to like, I’m in there for business groups. And it’s honestly kind of good customer research. Sometimes you can see them being like, Oh, I needed this, or I’m hiring this or I have a question about this. And, you know, sometimes even just like going through and scrolling and being in some of these groups, like you just get to see what people are thinking about, and how they’re phrasing their problems. So I think just kind of like, try to get in the room. So you want to be in and, you know, trying to make connections and try to meet other people. I think that’s like, the best way because I feel like the longer I’ve been in business, like I’ve been able to like hone in more and more and more on what it is because I feel like when I started out, I didn’t really know either, I don’t think I knew I was solving a problem. I was just like, I want to do writing for people. And I was just like, I want to write from home and not be a starving artist was my starting goal. I didn’t really have a lot else beyond that. I just kind of like hold it and hold it and hold it as I went. So I think if you don’t know everything now like that’s okay.

Because you’ll, you’ll get it you’ll learn it. I love what you said about like just being in the room with those people. Because when I think a lot of people just want to skip that stuff. And again, just like relying on AI stuff, which I get like there’s a lot of reasons why we don’t want to be in the room like introverted like I just don’t love those types of things. But like, I honestly just don’t know if there’s any way to sidestep being in the room or like actually creating those connections, whether that be through a phone call, or like a Facebook group or a group coaching program, or like, I don’t know, like, just in the DMS I feel like there’s so many different ways to like, talk to those people.

But like AI is never ever going to replace that relationship with people that you have. And even though like so much is going towards that, like I think that I think this is like actually a sign that like, people are valuing the relationship even more now because AI engineers is up generic ism is not a word. I don’t know generics. Being generic is so huge now like gibberish. Yeah, I’m sure relationship and like a human.

Yeah. Oh, that’s all that stuff you said. It’s like, it’s so good. That was like, so full of truth. I totally agree. I’d hate you know what, like, I’m, I’m such an introvert. Like, I’m exactly that way. And it’s like, you know, it’s so funny even being like, such an introvert literally, like, leading group calls and being like, oh my gosh, like, I’m nervous. But, you know, I’ve just been able to, like, do it anyway.

And I don’t know, it’s like, there’s definitely ways this definitely possible, like you said, and there’s, there are different mediums to accomplish that. I mean, sometimes it’s like, via calls and being in rooms and stuff like that. But it’s also sometimes just Yeah, DMS or reading things, or, you know, just talking to people you’re friends with like it can be, it can be really chill and casual. And it doesn’t have to be like high pressure. Yeah, like, I feel like there are so many introverted friendly ways to be in the room, like face the Facebook group, I think that’s a great tip. And you don’t have to smile, and you just have to like, go and read what other people are doing. Yeah, I’m like a serial Lurker, like, I don’t really, I don’t really post much. I just kind of like, read and see what’s going on. And I’m like, Okay, I got a good, good grip on what’s going on here. And, and that’s kind of cool. Same, pretty much. Yeah. verbalized I’m actually posted in a Facebook group, but it’s like, really fun to see what other people are doing. Yeah. I love that. Oh, well, thank you. For all those tips, though. Seriously, so helpful in such a good conversation, anything else that you want to add to this human marketing AI? the conversation that we’re having? Before we go?

Yeah, I’m trying to think I think just like, I don’t know, something I always say about AI is like, I think something that bothers me about people being like, oh, yeah, let me write, like, whole entire, like, you know, like essays and, you know, websites, and let me just write whole entire things. It’s like, I just don’t want our society to go towards like outsourcing thought, like, I think no matter what, like, no matter, like, whether you use it in some way, or not, like just never like, outsource that thinking. And always, like, always cultivate that, because I think that’s going to be valued. I think, like, as the years go on, that’s just gonna be really, really valued. So just maintain it and, and keep it going. Oh, my gosh, I never thought of it like that. The, we’re just outsourcing the thought part of it. Yeah. Because I mean, I’ve always said that, like, I literally made a tech talk about this, like two days ago, where I was just like, you shouldn’t like have your competitive edge, be what you do. And so it’s like if you’re literally competing with an AI that has like a free service, who could do copy and you do copy, like, that’s, you’re always going to lose every single time. But like, the thing that like is most powerful about you is the thought behind it. Yeah. And so like honing in on that even more, and just really, really soaking up, like what is the expertise behind the copywriting. And, like, the values, the expertise, like everything that actually creates my copy different from other people’s I think is, is just going to be way more valuable in the long run. Yeah, it’s so true, because it’s like copywriting. Like, isn’t just like the words. It’s also like, the strategy and the, you know, it’s thinking about that, like, wider message of like, what are your goals? What do you actually want to share? What actually makes you different? Yeah, so it’s like if you’re thinking, you know, more globally about that. It’s like you, your copy is already gonna land and has more impact.
I agree. It’s okay.

But that’s our consensus after this podcast interview AI. Okay. It has its uses. It’s not great. sound bad? Either, though. It’s just in my head. It’s just mediocre. Don’t rely on it. Yeah, like it’s there. But, you know, and I think just because everyone’s talking about it doesn’t mean you have to, like use it or like, oh, my gosh, now I have to integrate it into like, my whole business in my whole life. It’s like, you know, take it or leave it, whatever. Like it’s there. It’s so funny because a copywriter friend of mine like it made me laugh. She said this to me. And she was like, tech bros didn’t invent AI out of the goodness of their hearts to help entrepreneurs. Like yes, you’re so right. That’s really true.

Like, who knows? Like what we’re where this is gonna go from here. So write anything with Tech Pros and finance roles and I’m like, you know, they’re not there to help you they’re there to like to help themselves and therefore maybe we should like take that as a signal that we should not be bored so yeah, I  know they created that you know, it’s bad and they’re not having your best interests at heart I 100% agree like the adult tick tock AI filters very fun. Cool. I will Yes of course want to see like what avatar character I would look like, but I think beyond that, I’m gonna pass. Hey, awesome. Okay, cool.

Thanks so much, Kayla, for coming on the podcast before we go. Where can people learn more about you? Get in your program get copywriting from you give us all the dirty deeds. Yeah, yeah, so you can find me on Instagram at the, and you can also my websites the same just the literary dot SEO is where you can find my copywriting services and join the waitlist for my group program round to this opening again in just a few months.

I’m so excited. We were talking all about that before we got on the call and it just sounds so freakin cool. Like honestly, it’s for people who are like trying to write their own copyright Kayla? Yeah, so it’s it’s basically kind of taking you from like constructing your brand message and your website copy but also like all the other copy pieces beyond that, like you need a sales page or you need to like prime landing pages. So it’s kind of taking you like through that whole process and really helping you spread your message like from A to Z basically. That is so genius honestly, at some point I think I might even have like our marketing assistant go through that because yeah, we’re trying to like have her Lena into the copywriting stuff.

Anyways, that’s a whole conversation for another day. But Kayla is a genius. I love her. I mean, obviously, we spent a lot of good time together and tank a GG so I’m really excited to have her on the podcast today and to be able to show off her genius just have this fun conversation. So thank you so much, Kayla, we appreciate it. Yeah, thank you so much, Carly. Yeah, I’m such a fan of what you do too. So yeah, thank you so much for everything. Guys, you guys next week. Bye.


April 26, 2023

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