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EP 4 + 2023 Marketing Predictions


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My 2023 marketing predictions for all things social media and business!

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Full Episode Transcription: 

Hi, my name is CarliAnna and you are listening to a C-E-Over it

Welcome back to another episode we are going to be talking about ike what my predictions slash things that we’re kind of gearing toward with marketing and strategies in 2023. I kind of talked about this a little bit in our last episode, where I was giving you a recap on 2022 kind of where we’re going into 2023. But this is something that I’ve been like heavily talking about with 10kgg. And where I really feel like marketing is gonna have a big switch, because I really do feel like now more than ever, we are seeing like a huge switch with like, what’s been working in the past with marketing and then like, all of a sudden things just like simply not working and going a completely different route. And so I really feel like 2023 is gonna be like, a whole different year than we’ve ever seen before in marketing. And I’m actually really, really excited about it. So I just kind of like want to chat about it and see what you guys think. See if you guys have any thoughts on it, but anyways, super excited.

Let’s get into it. But I actually guess before we get into it, we are actually got to do our little segments, snacks, and tracks. course we’ll start with my favorite of the two the tracks section. Things that I have been watching and listening to Okay. You guys know I do really like Yellowstone. And it’s good. I love Yellowstone. But after watching 1883 1873 And then 1923 I kept the dates wrong, but I like the spin-off shows of Yellowstone. It’s basically like the same following the same debt and family just like generations beforehand. And the first one at Navy Three is following the debt and family of how they actually got their Yellowstone land. And it is so freakin good. Like that is a show that I am still thinking about today. It is it is phenomenal. Like the main character. I guess there’s a few main characters there’s Tim McGraw who’s the dad he’s like John Duttons like great, great granddad or whatever. And then there’s like Faith Hill and that’s his wife and they are amazing like I did not think Tim McGraw and Faith Hill were going to do that well but like they’re some of my favorite characters and like while we’re watching 1923 which has Harrison freaking Ford and I still think I prefer Tim McGraw to Harrison Ford even though it’s not like a character with some Ford is really really good. I just genuinely think like Tim McGraw like fits that role. So breaking Well, it was so good anyways, their daughter is like the main character and her story. I was not only in tears but inspired the entire time it is just riveting. I freaking love her as she reminds me of the country’s badass form of alien alien alien California from thorup throne I cannot talk Throne of Glass. She’s just such a bad she like knows what she wants. She likes pretty things. I just think she’s really cool. I really liked her story was really interesting. And I genuinely prefer those to Yellowstone.

Now on to snacks. I feel like that snack that I have is really boring. But it is genuinely one of my favorite things that I have found. When I was on maternity leave I don’t know if you guys know this about me. You probably don’t I don’t know why you would ever know this about me. But I suck at breasts. While I cannot. I suck at breastfeeding. I always try it because I love it. But now I have failed three out of three times. Not only do I have a really really hard time like making milk and I’m telling you guys like I have tried everything. I’ll tell you all the attempts I’ve tried to do breast milk but like the breast milk I do make just always gives my kids weird allergic reactions like I don’t know if my kids like have a weird gut or if it’s like my milk. But out of all three of the kids they’ve all like I’ve had to go on dairy and then like I will go back and give them like my extra breast milk that’s like frozen in my freezer. And they just they can’t handle it. They’re like throwing it up. They they just have horrible reactions to my breast milk. So while I was like if this era of trying to get my breast milk like up, there’s like a lot of tails, I guess around like things that you can do to get your breast milk production up. And a few of those things are like eating tons of oatmeal, of course drinking tons of water Even like better than water, drinking coconut water and like there’s a bunch of like other supposedly weird drinks that like can bring your breast milk up. I’ve tried all those. I’ve tried the breast milk supplements I have tried, I seriously like I will breastfeed and then I pump after every single session. I’ve tried power pumping, I have tried literally everything and I just like cannot get my breast milk to stay up. And, you know, one of the things that I came across when I go into that era was this delicious for King oatmeal. And I’ve only ever been able to find it out Winco so if Winco is not like a nationwide or wherever you are, I am so sorry. I’m so sorry for this, but it is really, really good. It’s just called like it’s called Nine-grain oat milk, which I know is super generic but it kind of tastes like if you’ve ever had the cream of wheat oatmeal. It kind of tastes like that but it doesn’t get clumpy like cream of wheat dads if you’ve ever had that, you know the columns that I’m talking about some people love the columns like my husband is a frickin clump Fein. He like makes me make that oatmeal purposefully like with clumps in it he like doesn’t let me stir it so it gets it’s disgusting. I’m like Who What creature Are you like That’s disgusting. He’s there jail time for that. But this one does it clumps and also tastes like a little bit hardier and just sweeter. Then regular cream of wheat. I don’t even know how else to like describe it besides that it’s harder because the grains are a little bit bigger, but it’s still got that same texture as crema wheat and it just takes a little bit less processed and it’s still sweeter at the same time. I really like it. And I have that almost every single day like it’s one of my favorite breakfast is now even though when I’m not breastfeeding anymore, I love it. Okay, little update with where we’re at in the business which, by the way, I thought I would share this with you guys.

If you guys like want to see like actual day to day updates. I’ve started like having subscribers on my Instagram like my personal business Instagram CarliAnna underscore, where I’m literally like, here’s what we’re doing today. Here’s why it sucks or here’s what we’re going through. Here’s how I’m trying to troubleshoot this here’s what’s awesome like very very, very real updates on my finances like launches manifestation like all that stuff that I’m like doing right then I’m only doing it for $5 a month. So if you want to go and subscribe on my Instagram, you can totally do that. So I thought I’d mention that here.

But anyways, we’re in the midst of a launch right now of heavy high ticket which leads into a big launch for 10k girl gang which if you’re not quite sure 10k girl gang is like my bread and butter baby child lover. Wow, no, not baby child lover. Let’s not put all three of those things in a description, Carli How about we just go with my my child? Let’s go on my child. It’s like all of my years of coaching like put into one. Just one thing it is seriously my favorite. It’s like the thing that we’ve created to help graphic designers and just creatives in general is to help out to copywriters in there to actually get consistent clients and get clients to actually respect them and all while doing it while having like fun and wealth in their life. And then part two, which this is coming in February, we haven’t publicly announced this this is like the first “public announcement” of this is we are redoing the latter half of 10kgg to include more scale implemented things like it’s going to have because we have some stuff in there on like passive income and hiring and team management but like, literally like I’m bringing my OBS I am on as a consultant and we’re like writing out a very very in depth course curriculum and program to be more on the side of like how do you actually go from being a freelancer to being a CEO and like consistently getting the clients not just like okay, now I can land the clients how do we do it consistently? How do I like outsource it to a team? How do I work a little bit less now that like I have proven I’m able to like actually run my business, the finances, the legal stuff, like all that stuff. Anyways, I could talk about forever and I probably will talk a little bit more about it on the podcast, but I’m really really excited for that section. Anyways, I’m I digress. 10k girl again, we’re doing a launch of it right now. And anytime I do a launch, I have no idea how the heck it’s gonna go. Like for example, we’re doing the exact same launch plan of something that we did for 10 Kijiji like last, we’re doing the following. We’re following the exact same plan that we did last June right now and we’re just like, let’s just try it again and like see what happens because it worked really, really well in June and And it’s been really interesting to see how it’s been working out, we haven’t had as many sign ups for heavy high ticket than we did the first time. But I think that’s just because a lot of people have already been to it. And anytime you do something for the very first time, like, you get more people going by, but like the response has been, like a lot more ambitious, I guess, like, a lot more engaged than it was last time. So it’s really interesting to see how that’s going with it. So we’ll see, we have like six more days of launch left, I believe. And I’m recording this on Thursday and ends on Wednesday. So next time I record an episode, hopefully, we get a little bit of an update, and I’ll let you guys know.

So let’s get to what we’re doing in our business. We’re also like, really, again, we’re getting ready for scale. We’re writing that program, I’m really excited for that. Also, just internally, were really like last year again was like crazy stabilization. Like we hired a bunch of new people. And now we’re kind of like getting people in their roles. And so like me and my OBM Abby, we just yesterday, like sat down and we wrote an entire manual like an employee manual for an employee that had basically been existing and doing her job without any guidelines, which is so difficult to be an employee without any structure. And any idea of really what you’re doing. It was just kind of like flying by the seat of her pants, just doing things like as we were telling her. And so now we’re like actually creating a manual for her. Like, we should have done this when we first hired her, but we know better now. And so we’re doing the manual, just kind of going back on our internal systems with that, what else is going on? I think that’s pretty much the update. I can’t think of anything else that’s like really happening. That’s super like in my face, or at least top of mind right now.

Okay, let’s get into it. This week’s episode, where’s my phone, I have my notes on my phoneto read the laundry, it’s already cold. Oh, if I keep I feel like I’m like jumping all over the place. But just like one more thing too. If you do want to join 10kGG while we’re like doing this cool scale thing with all the things about hiring and passive income. And we’re like really creating that side out of 10 kgg. More join before March. Because we’re kind of like running it almost as like a beta program right now, where you’re going to get in at the same price is 10 kg do normally is which is 5k. After we run this beta program, I don’t know if like people who want to come into 10k GG if they want to choose the tract of scale, if they’re going to be able to get in at the same price of five kg I feel like will likely raise that price where you can either join 10 kg for like the five kg point price point and get like the core 10 kg TV stuff or if you like are more on the scale side of 10 kg D like join for eight or 10 kg I don’t know or it’s just going to be its own separate thing. I have no idea. And that’s kind of like what’s awesome about rapid prototyping and doing beta rounds is like you just get to build it out and see what’s going to work best while you’re doing it. And the people that are in there with you on the first round get to be the people that like help you first build it. So I have no idea I feel like something is definitely going to change with it though. Like it’s going to be at least somewhat of a different price or somewhat of an upgrade. So if you want to get in get an hour before March is going to be awesome.

Okay, okay, okay, okay, marketing 2023 I’m just gonna kind of like again be bouncing all over the place. I have some like notes on my phone. But I really really want to dive into like, where I just principle-wise, like, see 2023 going I feel like okay, with 2020 and with 2021 I genuinely feel like we were exposed to a lot of people that like we just really saw the glass you know, like I said, like, I feel like like a lot of companies all of a sudden we were able to get like a glass door into like what’s actually important to them, what their values are and how they’re actually treating employees and now more than ever, I feel like which is such a good thing. Like I feel like people actually care about where it is and who it is that they’re buying from and like actively looking for the science of like yes, that’s a good person that I’m buying from and not just like buying from a company because they got an ad for it which I feel like especially with the education industry and with the graphic design industry, anything that was like service-oriented like you used to be able and I remembers this like I used to be able to like go into My Instagram stories and so just blatantly be able to just like talk about what is brand strategy and just give very, very basic information about what it was doing, how it was helpful. And I would be able to get clients from that, like people would be like, Oh my gosh, tell me more about brand strategy, tell me more. But like, now literally, like, I don’t know if it’s because part of it too, is we also have like, a lot of people who are like, teaching, like talk about, you know, this is how you get clients as you talk about on Instagram. So we have a lot of people doing that. But I just think people care now more like and they have more access to information, they have more access to graphic designers than they did before. They don’t have to just like hire the first person that they have around them, like people are doing better research. And so if the reason that you are saying that people should hire you is because like, here’s why brand strategy is important. Like, to me, that doesn’t feel like a good enough reason anymore. Like you have to be able to say, This is why you should hire me, specifically and why and you have to be able to like put your values into your work and into your process.

Otherwise, like that basic information of like, this is why brand strategy is so important. It’s just like not relevant anymore. Like, I can freaking Google that and go find why brand strategy is important. And I can like go to your competitor and find that exact same information, it just like isn’t landing the same anymore. I think part of that to another part of it is like people are just so sick of being sold to like people can see through it so much quicker. And so instead of like, seeing Oh, wow, brand strategy, like they’re talking about what it is, that’s so cool. They’re so knowledgeable. I think people are more seeing it. But as like, that is such, again, basic information. And I can see a you’re just trying to sell to me that be like, do you really know your stuff? Like I know, so many of us have been screwed over by like, people spitting out information that’s just like been force fed down their throats? Or it’s just like, are you just again, like regurgitating what everybody else is saying of what brand strategy is like? Do you really believe that? Do you really know that? Or again? Are you just like regurgitating? And so I feel like a way to really show your expertise is to put your own spin on things. And I feel like we’re going to be seeing that a lot more in 2023. And that’s what we’re going to be doing is like, I think information and just if you are going to do informational marketing, I’m like, here’s why this is important. And here’s why. X, Y and Z, we don’t do it anymore. And here’s why you need to invest in web design, like, it’s gonna be freaking good, like, no more fluffy crap like that stuff is so over because of like, again in 2021 2020. Like, I think people just saw through that, and we’re just over it. And we don’t have the time, we don’t have the resources. I’m like speaking a lot about this from like, my own experience, too. Like, I don’t have the time, I don’t have the resources. And I don’t have the money to spare to just be like, oh, yeah, I can like buy $1,000 course or like, invest in the $3,000 branding person that like I think knows what they’re doing. Like, no, I need to be so confident that that person is going to actually help me that like that. $3,000 feels like well-spent people are cautious about their money, but like, I think people are still willing to spend their money. But we have to be like way more confident in where we’re spending our money. I hope that’s making sense.

And so like, here’s where I see like 2023 going with free information is I feel like freebies. Like you know, like you people opt in on your website, like, somewhere on go scratch that whole thing. Here, like where I see like free information going on 2023 Is that like, information on marketing, I don’t think is as relevant anymore, like at all. And I think if you are again, going to be doing informational marketing, you’re going to have to really, really step it up. And I’m talking about informational marketing on your Instagram. Like the information that you’re putting on your Instagram like, like, again, it’s got to be good. Like, I don’t want to have to, like go on Google and find the exact same information like who freakin cares? freebies, like the freebies that you know, you’ll go onto someone’s website and download like 25 free fonts or like 25 of the most luxurious fonts. There’s just so much of that out there already. And like I think people are so sick of like, having like their inboxes full of promotions and their inbox of like, okay, that was like somewhat helpful, but was that actually worth giving my my email out like most of the time it’s no. And so I think if you’re going to be giving people Hey, come join my To inbox, my email list, it’s gonna be a freaking good freebie like and like no more fluffy crap of like, very vague information and then like hard selling on why they should work with you like, it’s got to be actually good information. And I feel like honestly like having that actually good information. And it’s going to feel like I think this should be good enough information where you’re like, I feel like I’m giving away too much. And I feel like I’m actually telling people my secrets. Like, that’s how I genuinely feel like much content you need to be like giving out because I just, I’m just so sick of the fluffy, generalized crap that’s just like being regurgitated from person to person to person. Like, I’m just, I’m so sick of it. And so that’s, that’s my take on freebies. And then I also think that like, okay, let’s say you do have, I don’t know, I just think freebies, again, are on the topic of freebies, I am bouncing all over the place, like grab, on the topic of freebies to like, I just think people don’t generally care about them. And so if you do have something that like you’re wanting, like important information that you’re wanting to put out there, freebies are good, but I also feel like, I almost think that like putting together like a $27 guide, or a $27 like DIY thing, or a $27 like a workshop or whatever that people can watch. And it’s full of quick wins, but it’s freaking awesome. Good quick wins that like people are gonna like, wow, I have not heard this before, or haven’t heard it said like this, like this is like genuinely really, really good information. And they just like cannot believe the value that they’re getting out of your workshop, your guide, or whatever it is for $27. Again, like, people need to be blown away by the amount of value giving them like, that’s the way to go. I personally also think that webinars are somewhat dead, like, we’re still gonna be doing them somewhat.

But like if you’re like, I have so much information, and I want to do this free webinar, right? No, like, just amp up the amount of information you’re giving and the amount of value you’re giving and put it into a $27 workshop or a $37 workshop or whatever. I genuinely, I think you guys are like sick of me saying this, but like amp up the level of information you guys are giving people if you’re going to be doing information and the overall reason of why I think that is so important is because
I think when you’re providing like genuine, real, helpful quick wins and information for people, it’s building your relationship with them, like information marketing gone, like, unless it’s towards building a relationship with people like I just think I am craving like a relationship with people I am craving like no more like hours on end of being in zoom. No more just stupid freebies. And people in my inbox like I want a genuine connection and a referral from someone if I’m going to be buying from you. And so like, I think that’s like more the way to go with your marketing. So again, you’re going to be doing information to make sure it’s really good enough that it’s like actually going to put trust in you and your staff and what you’re doing. So you’re building a relationship. It’s just not just information for information sake and information for sellings sake. But I guess kind of leads me to my next point is like relationship marketing, we’re really, really going to be focusing on building relationships in 2023. Like, I can’t remember, I think you guys haven’t you have definitely in the 2020 recap or 2020 recap. I talked a little bit about slowly-gen stuff. We are way, way, way, way going for into slow lead gen because it’s just it’s about building the relationship. It’s about being friends with people. And if you’re not familiar with that, it’s basically like, it’s, it’s kind of like cold outreach, but not like it’s more just like saying, hey, that’s someone I want to be friends with, like, I think we could work together. No, it’d be really cool. I’m going to be the first person to reach out and just be friends with them. Like I think some people might want to be a little bit more aggressive and make a pitch with those people. I personally don’t like I just genuinely want to be friends with those people. And then when the time comes, and we have like a sale or like a push for enrollment or for a sale or whatever, then like they can buy at that time but like I just want to nurture a relationship and become friends with those types of people. So slowly gen and be the first one to be like, hey, like let’s be friends. Let’s chat, comment and reach out to people and find those people you actually want to hang out with like I think is going to be far more effective than anything else you’re doing.

Let’s see. Let’s look back at my list. Oh Yeah, going back to relational marketing, a few other things that we might be trying are like, well, like we’re doing this podcast, obviously. But like, we’re also going to be trying to participate in more segments, we might even, like, be doing summits or something like that on our own like, and just even like, free events that aren’t there to sell anything. And they’re just fun to build that relationship with people. Like, two years ago, we did the designer sleepover and it was so much fun, we didn’t charge for it, it had no pitch at the end, it was genuinely just to build relationships. And then isn’t that really, really want to do again, it’s just more events that are just for fun, don’t have like an end goal to it, rather than just like having fun and building those relationships. And even though it doesn’t seem like oh, yeah, that’s a marketing tactic. I think it’s a very long term. marketing thing is, is networking and building those relationships, are you so sick of me saying building relationships because I  am? Another thing, another thing? Here’s my next point, is do I also think that like on Tiktok, stories are blowing up, like you don’t really see dancing videos of people pointing anymore, thank heavens, I was never really on board with that trend. And you don’t even really see just like dancing videos in general or like, I don’t know, just like, again, vague information, you see a lot more storytelling on Tik Tok and reels, and why that’s why I think this is why it’s so popular is like you’re building that relationship with people through storytelling. And people are just craving that Authenticity. Authenticity is such a dumb word, but it is the word that is going to be relevant in this, you know, space. So I think the more authentic that you can be to yourself, and storytelling, or whatever it is that you show up in your chosen marketing medium, the better you’re going to be, I don’t think it matters like this is the way that it’s, you know, tiktok is like, the thing that’s going to be working, you have to do seven-second videos, or you have to do static posts or whatever, like that stuff is so crap, like some of the strategies work. But more than the strategies, it’s going to be like, your presentation of those strategies and your connection and the authenticity that is showing through those strategies. Like, we as creatives need to stop relying so much on the strategies and the formulas of getting clients and instead just, like look at it and be like, what would I want, like if someone were to reach out to me, like, what would I like to see and a friendship and a relationship, and then reflect that, because I’m sure I’m so so sure none of us would love to be pitched or Instagram, I’m so sure none of us like, love getting a bunch of like, ads on our Instagram that aren’t even related. Like, do what you feel like is intriguing to you. And I promise that it’s going to stick and show your expertise.

So, so much better than somebody else’s strategy, which I guess also kind of leads me to like, if you want to find out more of your strategy, we do have like a free marketing personality guide, and I’ll link it in the show notes that you can go and sign up for. And it’s gonna give you like a few ideas of like, this is something of why people love you, it’s gonna give you like a little bit of a superpower. And then it’s also going to give you like, your voice of like, this is how you should present the information. It’s kind of like a mix of two mediums,, your presentation or your superpower, and then your voice how you say it. And that might in there, there’s like strategies that go with it. And that might help you figure that out a little bit more. Okay, on to my next little thing. We’re are stepping down on ads, we’re totally stepping down on ads. We’re not doing Facebook ads anymore. We might experiment with Tiktok ads, but Facebook ads. They work but like not well, and not enough for me to like pour my money into it not enough for me to look at it and be like, I don’t know, every time I just like pour money into Facebook ads. I’m like I would so much rather pay like one of my students to talk about it. Because a they’re going to do a better job and be like, I love them more than Mark Zuckerberg. So why not pay them? And they talk about it authentically, already. You know what I mean? Like, why am I not giving them money and giving them more incentives? And so we’re really, really not even doing Facebook ads at all this year. And we’re really, really relying heavily on organic marketing and networking and the relationships we’re building and we’re trying to create more systems around that we’re trying to really train our internal team to have more organic marketing and to just have that be more of our focus because I would so much rather bet on my team But on my referrals on all of our affiliates and all this organic stuff that I feel like I have a lot more control of and that I trust more of I trust my people, I trust me people way more than Mark Zuckerberg. So, so much. And so like, we are just, we’re just we’re done with Facebook, we’re so so done with it, especially after our client first launch. I can’t remember I told you guys this, but Ariel’s Facebook Ad Account got locked down, like, I think I did tell you this, like three days in, and like we lost so much money. So much money because the Facebook account just got locked. And there’s absolutely nothing that you can do. And luckily, we got it back soon enough that we were able to recoup and recover. But like, we still didn’t have high, high enough like turnaround to like, convince me to like keep moving forward. I was already walking on eggshells with Facebook. And he was like, let’s do it. And like I was like, okay, cool. Like, we’re gonna do it. And then after that experience, I was just like, No, I am 100%. Like, that was the last push that I needed to be done with Facebook. And so we’re done.

We’re going on to organic stuff. And luckily, I also think that’s like, where things are going to be most successful anyways. I really don’t see Facebook ads being profitable for much longer like, not only do they not work to their hustle, but forget expensive now, like, you are not getting the same amount of like leads for the same amount of price that you used to. I mean, of course, like everything with inflation, everything is going up. And it’s just not worth it. It was barely worth it two years ago and is definitely not worth it now. So that is my two cents on Facebook ads. I’m I am open to it, though. Like I don’t know. Like, if someone wants to convince me that I’m wrong with Facebook ads, please convince me that I’m wrong. Because I’ve tried so many times. And I don’t want to be wrong about Facebook ads. But like, I don’t know, me personally, we’re just done. So that kind of leads me to my last point, which I feel like I’ve already really talked about is we’re looking internally, organically. We’re paying referrals. We’re looking to be on podcasts, people summit, and hosting our own fun things. And that’s where we’re going to be really putting our marketing efforts towards. So if you guys want me on your podcast or your summits to like, Please invite me. And if you guys ever want to be on my podcast to please let me know. We’re always up for suggestions of who would be a good guest to come on the podcast. But anyways, that’s kind of like our take on 2023 marketing trends, 2023 strategies, all that stuff that I see going and we’re also going to be trying out ourselves. And like I said, this is something that we’ve been talking about a lot with 10kgg. Already, we really had our whole focus on our October retreat on all of this stuff.

So this is something that if you’re wanting to learn or be more a part of, you can totally join us inside 10 kg and learn exactly how we’re doing our organic marketing reach this year and how we did it last year. Or you can even just subscribe on my Instagram. It’s $5 a month and you can see a lot of it in depth. And if you guys have questions, you can let me know. But I think that’s everything for this week’s podcast next week. I believe we’ll have a guest expert maybe or maybe not depending on if we can get something scheduled. TBD, TBD. I’ll let it be a surprise for you guys. A little bit of anticipation for you. So we’ll see you. But thanks so much for joining me this week. I love you all so much. Thank you for supporting this podcast. See you next week.

April 26, 2023

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