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Ep 11 + craziest reasons people didn’t work with you

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All your submissions for why people didn’t want to work with you!


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Hi, my name is CarliAnna and you are listening to C-E-Over it.

Hello my lovelies. And welcome back to another episode of C-E-Over it. I know it has, like I think three weeks now, since we had a previous podcast but guys, I have reasons okay.

I’m so sorry though I’m so sorry I missed you. And I thought about this and felt guilty about it every single day in my life. But one we went to Mexico on a vacation. So yay, applause for that. I’m not going to apologize for going on vacation because it was amazing. And neither should you guys. But it was a little bit unexpected because we did try to counsel it a million times because our life was a little crazy already with moving and stuff. But it didn’t work. And actually we’re really glad that
we ended up going we didn’t really like actually know we were going to be going until the week before. Really God but we did though because honestly, the break was so so so so so so so needed. So that was fun, but then also, um, yeah, putting our house up for sale, getting all the selling documents and then also not really having a whole ton of childcare and the past two weeks has been a little bit much so life has been a little bit hectic. Therefore, why I have not been doing podcasts because like literally like the amount of in order to do podcasts like I have to pretty much sit down on my desk. And the days lately that I have been actually sitting down at my desk doing work have been extremely limited.

So yeah, I need it. I’m trying to find other options like where I could record a podcast I need to get a phone microphone cuz I know I did that one anyways episode with my headphone mic and I just need to like actually bite the bullet and get a real phone microphone.

But anyways, in this episode lets talk about it. I’m really excited. This one is so funny. I intended for this episode to be like a little bit more how to a little bit more educational, but it is going to end up being so funny. So I asked you guys on my business Instagram CarliAnna and the podcast Instagram see over at which if you’re not already following go follow up because that’s where I’m gonna like, get you guys involved. I asked you what were some of the hardest objections that you have ever come up against in a sales call. And then we’re going to talk through them and kind of like talk through, okay, how can we change this or not, and we’re still gonna do that. But honestly, it’s some of the things that you guys sent of why people didn’t book with you. And the reasons that these people gave it were absolutely hilarious. And so we’re gonna play a little game of Thank you Next, and we’re gonna go through all of these reasons of why people didn’t book I’ve got like 15 of them on here. And if it’s like a valid reason, then we are going to go through like, okay, here is like what, you know, you could say to this or how you would handle this, but there are some of these are just like Thank you Next, like, you made yourself very clear that we don’t want to work with you either. And that’s okay, there are quite a few Thank you Next on here. Like you’re just gonna close the door, it’s okay to say no. And we’re gonna move on to the next inquiry I want to make that guy known to you that sometimes when you get like these objections, they’re not really objections, it’s just your client showing their red flags before you actually get involved they’re showing their hand like they’re doing you a favor by telling you and showing these things right on the sales call. So that’s where we’re just gonna thank you next them.

but before we get into our episode, of course, we are gonna do our snacks and tracks and I kind of give you guys already a personal update but I have just like he had another small update to give you guys and we’ll get into it

okay, there are two snacks that I have been hyper-fixating on and I’m going to tell you two of them because I can’t remember it like seriously need to make a list of the things that I’ve already talked about. In fact, I’m going to do it up to this episode because I keep saying this because I can’t remember if I have like talked about this or not. But to the snacks, they’re both from Costco, you guys know I’m a little slip for Costco. But one is the chicken meat. I have talked about this because I remember I was telling you guys as soon as I started saying where the chicken meatballs are at Costco it was like a flood of memories came in deja vu of me sitting here telling you guys where the chicken meatballs are at Costco so it just gets a double shot up because I’m still obsessed with them chicken meatballs at Costco love it. Good thing we have a snack number two are Annie’s little Cheese Puffs. You get a huge bag of them for like $6 at Costco and they are so so so good my kids calm Tito’s like the bag is ginormous feels like it’s like half my body and I’m not joking as we go through that and like three days I buy four because I will do you like Costco hauls? we just go to Costco once a month.  It’s crazy, but I like it. And we get four bags to last us the whole month. Sometimes like for budget is like a little tired of them. I’m like, I just got to buy two and then I know we’re gonna eat it in like a week. And then we’re gonna have to go three weeks without these delicious delicious snacks that are so addicting. And I love love, love loves them. I could eat them all day long. so yay, for cheesy Cheeto chips.

What the heck, okay, now we’re gonna go to the books that I have been reading. Okay, I have a few books to update you guys. Because, again, I’m not going to just pick one book. I’m just going to update you guys on the books that I am reading or shows that I have been watching and just give them all because we’re just moving too fast now and I can’t keep up. Okay, one icebreaker by Hannah’s grace. This one went TikTok viral. And I looked at the cover of it. And I was like, I don’t know if that one for me. I don’t know. Also, it’s a hockey romance. And I was like, I don’t know if that one for me. It sounds a little bit like fanfiction. You know what I mean? And I like to think that I’m above fanfiction, so I’m totally not. But I just couldn’t hold off on it for a while. And let me tell you this one is very, very, very, very, very, very steady, very muddy indeed. But it is good. And it is pretty good. It’s not like beautifully written. There are a lot of pop culture references, like, I don’t really know, like, where to read it, because I loved the vibes. Loved the vibes. But there were a lot of crunchy things, and I can see how someone would hate it. But I also can see why someone would love it. Like, I loved the characters. By the end, the romance was so cute. It was like a perfect I read it while I was in Mexico. It was a perfect vacation read. I will say so. That was really, really fun. And I think I am going to read the second book like I have, I don’t think I would write it like three or four stars. But like, just because I don’t know if I would recommend it to everybody. Do you know and I mean, like, it’s a little embarrassing, and it’s a little cringy. But it is really good. It’s really good.

And next one is the entire series. This I think it’s the entire series is actually called just the size of the series. It is. So Size series is a book I would recommend to everyone, but only if you’re in the right mental space because it is a little dark. But it ends up it has like a happy ending. It’s not dark, like okay, Poppy War is dark, dark. That is like killing the main character is just like evil to her core side has so many good characters and the main characters are just beautiful and amazing. And it this is this book is so well written, but it’s also really concise. Like if you’re reading any Brandon Sanderson book, you’re like, Wow, this is like really, really well written and it’s making me think a lot. But it is long. And I feel like I have to mentally prepare myself for this like side, the author Neil Schusterman. He just like gets to the point really, really quick. Like, he writes it in a beautiful concise way that you just are captivated right from the front. Like it’s technically a why a book but like, honestly, like, just like themes of this was like, and like the meanings behind things. I was like, Whoa, this is like deep like, I’ve never read Fahrenheit 451 and I barely even know the plot of it. But for some reason, like just based off of like the tiny one sentence that I do know from it, like he kind of reminds me of that, like I can see this book being studied in English, like years to come because it’s really, really interesting. So I get to it, I’ll get to it. The whole plot is basically like hundreds of years from now we have finally mastered like the art, not the art but like the intelligence of living on Earth in a perfect way. And we don’t have government anymore. It’s basically like an AI run world, and AI is perfect. It’s flawless. And like the AI has actually figured out like if people fall or if they die, or if they have depression or whatever, like how to fix that, like it, were so medically advanced that nobody even dies anymore. There is no crime. There’s just like, it’s like, literally, a euphoric world. And it’s not the word for euphoric. What’s that word for a perfect world, you know what I mean? I can’t think of it.
Anyways, so they’re living in this world, but because it’s so perfect.

People don’t die because we’ve mastered that. And even if like, people die from old age, they call this thing called where you like, set yourself back and you could like get a surgery or whatever. Or you just like set yourself back, like 20 or so years. So people are like living hundreds of years, but they will maybe just like, look like they’re 30 years old, constantly.
So anyways, there are these things called sighs these people called sides, because the AI because it is perfect, decided that the AI was not going to like be the person to deal with death, like people had to die. So they’re like, this is the only human run thing is these you don’t decides. And so the humans run this hide the dam, which is where they basically each side has a quota of the amount of people they’re supposed to kill every single year 250 people every year, they have to go and kill them. And they’re trying to some, you know, sighs tried to do it in a humane way. But of course, there are some corrupt sized living in this perfect world who try to kill in a very inhuman way. And the story starts with these two apprentices who are learning to become sides. And it goes all the way I don’t, I can’t even tell you where it goes. But it is so good. It kind of reminds it’s very divergent, and very Hunger Games type of base. Like if you loved those books, I think you would like this book. But the reason why I say it’s so dark is because you are dealing with death. And the themes are of like, how death impacts your quality of life. And the joy that you have in life is knowing that, like you are going to have an end to your life and like showing the different. I don’t know, just like versions of how not knowing you’re not going to die. Like how that can affect you as a person. It is so good. And I say this like it’s like a deep dark book. And it is but it was also like wildly entertaining. And it got me right from the start. Like it was still a very easy read.

It is definitely one of my favorite books of the year. I really, really liked it. Next book, I actually DNF to this book, I did not finish it. Because I liked it a lot. I think I told you guys about it. But like it just wasn’t getting anywhere. There was like, no plot. The magic system was cool. The main characters were cool. It was engaging, but like, I cannot do books with no plot, if you’d like a book for just vibes cool magic systems, cool characters. Just very, very interesting. I don’t know, then you’re gonna like the Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. I did not. Um, maybe someday I feel like I’m gonna pick it back up. But like I had to stop and I got like a good way through. I’m about halfway through it. And I just had no interest it was putting me in a reading slump and I know if I’m going into a reading club, I immediately have to stop it. And I think
that’s pretty much now I’m reading Six of Crows. I’m excited to give you guys an update on that one. I can’t believe I haven’t read it. So I’ll see you guys next time when we do that one.

Okay, now, a little update. Personally, I guess. One line surprisingly the frickin puppy I’m sitting with this cute little puppy on my lap so I have a puppy which guys I’m so surprised I honestly do not see this coming at all. Because lighten up the student that was selling these cute little adorable little puppies and there I love small dogs. I will forever be a small dog fan. Like having someone who could like literally just sit on my lap all day long and just be my freakin cuddle buddy. Like
why wouldn’t I want that? And only me, me me. You’re just so cute. And so I always grew up with smaller dogs. And my dog that I grew up with who was a turkey was a tribal Yorkie and he was my favorite and he passed away like three months ago and it was so so sad. And so when I student came to him, I was like, Hey, do you want to buy a dog for me? It’s a turkey.
It just kind of felt a little I was like, Oh my gosh, we need this dog. Like I need this dog we need to start and it was just actually selling it for a really good price too. But we were both like you know, just kind of bad timing like we
is moving. And you know, we’re already spending a lot of money like time and you know, it’s just not very responsible of us. We tried to make the responsible decision and not get the dog. I was really sad about it like Lydon was texting my family group chat and just kept talking about it. And I just had to like, text him and I was like, stop talking about it. Like, it’s making me sad just talking about, like, let’s just move on, it’s fine. And I was okay with it. Like I really really was I had moved on. But I was sad about it. And then I kid you guys, not like literally yesterday Lydon just came home and just had this dog in his arms. Like, it blew me out of the water. Like, I was so shocked and happy. I was like, on cloud nine, I did not see it coming at all. And like I can usually do with surprises you don’t worry. Just like people are being suspicious where you just like know, something was up. And there were a few days where I was like, I think and I even told my daughter and I was like I think Biden’s gonna surprise. Surprise me with a dog. He’s saying no, but I can use you to surprise me. But then like, it just he kept saying things where he’s like, Yeah, I’m the dog sold and he was acting so well. I was like, There’s no way he’s getting the dog. I was like, it’s not happening. And I was really sad. And I had been like a week, maybe two weeks since I had you know, moved on and decided that Leiden wasn’t going to be so cute. That we hadn’t gotten the dog and then he just came with it. So I’m dying. His name is Socks if you watch Bluey you you know that that’s from Bluey. I’d always said like if we get a small dog for me, isn’t that name will be Socks and light, and really wants a big dog and his name will be Waylon.
I don’t know why I think it’s from some countries like a dog named Waylon and I just really couldn’t talk. So here we go.
So that’s our personal update for today. Could you do both? So let’s get into today’s episode. Yeah, he’s sitting on my lap right now.

Okay. I’m just gonna start reading these because seriously some of these guys are so freaking funny. Okay, the first one and we’re getting we’re playing Thank you Next or we’re gonna dive into it. The husband said no to my proposal question my skills and experience and even offered sorry, reading that again. The husband said no to my proposal question my skills and experience and even offered a call with him. docky you’re sticking to my answer. I even offered a call with him. Okay, one, there are like 3 million things that are wrong with this. The husband said no, I’m assuming the wife or partner I who someone is saying no for someone else’s sounds like a not okay, not okay. If they’re saying no to this, you know, that they’re going to be saying no to other things in the project like, and they’re just going to be involved. If you guys have listened to the manipulation and gaslighting episode, you know, my horror story of when the husband of the wife who was my client came in and just personally attacked me and how freaking traumatic that was. So he, you avoided a bullet here. This is a thank you next. So during their questioning your skills and your experience, if anyone is ever guys, making you prove what your worth is that you can actually do what it is you’re saying to do. I mean, your proposal and your Instagram like that should prove it off. And if they need more validation than that, that is validation on their end. They’re needing validation somewhere in their life personally, that has nothing to do with you and they’re trying to put an impossible task on you like, it is not my job to make you feel safe and comfortable in your own skin. That’s really what these people are asking. So this is a huge thank you next, it’s gonna manifest in 3 million different ways. They’re never on what you’re chewing on my desk
it’s gonna manifest in 3 million different ways throughout the whole browse.

Next one, do you work alone? Or do you have a team? Do you work alone or do you have a team? Okay, here’s my right this might be a Thank you Next one. I would want to know like, what concert if someone actually came to me and they’re like, I want to know do you work alone or do you have a team. I want to know why like, yeah, tell me what your concerns are with either working with a team or working with alone. And I would just then tell them like, okay, like one, if they are worried that you’re working alone, you can just be like, well, it looks like you reached out to me for a reason, because you love my work and stuff. This is all stuff that I’ve done by myself and talk about why you feel confident at the moment. Working alone, you get to have free creativity, and you get to focus on each client. Like, that’s a really huge positive to working alone, but also huge positive, or working in a team, if that’s like the direction that they want to go. And that’s you have a team, like, then they get multiple eyes on a project. And you get to have multiple people instead of just one working alongside you. Like, there are pros and cons to each focus on the pros. And again, like, if they still need more validation after that, thank you next, like, we’re not going to be focusing that much on it. I never ever want to be just convincing someone that they should work with me.

She read the wrong currency in the proposal and thought it was way cheaper than it actually was. Like this way you just like, honestly can’t do anything about like, I’m sorry, I don’t know. Like, I’m sorry, you didn’t read it. And you’d be surprised by how many people just don’t read, just simply do not read. Like I’ve had clients who just don’t read the proposal, don’t read the contract. And then we’re halfway through the project. And they’re like, What is that we’re doing and I’m like, net? Did you not read at six months of communication, because of what is going on? And that happens all the time. And again, it is not my job to make sure he read and you have to I’m going to hold you to the same side of that hole myself. I hold myself to the standard that I should read the emails that people send me, especially important emails, and if I don’t read those emails, that’s my bad like I should read that email. You know what I mean? I don’t know. Maybe it’s a crazy idea and you need a chew toy people window shopping for copywriters example having four different discovery calls. Okay, so another one where it could be a Thank you Next, but it could also be a good thing. I always ask myself, like, are you talking to other people? I just want to know and I actually always tell people I’m like, Yeah, I want you to feel comfortable with whoever it is that you choose. If you have any questions about how we work together, please let me know. Ultimately, I just want you to feel comfortable. But there are people out there who are just straight-up price shopping and they don’t really care about who you are they just like want to know the price they want to know how you work and they want to know how they are going to get the best deal and if you are working with a Price Shopper versus someone who is trying to do their due diligence, read up and know who it is they’re actually hiring and maybe talking to a few different people to like come you know, see what it is the other people could offer or who they’re vibing with like that I feel fine doing your due diligence, but price shoppers heck now that is a huge thank you next you’re going to do so much better with the next person… Buddy, you’re struggling

next one, because a nonrefundable deposit meant she wouldn’t get her money back in case I died. This is one of the funniest ones to me because like what like if you were to actually die I am sure that is really your main priority like what how many people have you been working with that have died because feels a little suspicious. Okay, I’m not saying you maybe are a murderer but I am maybe saying that that’s a little suspicious like if you were to die that is really what your focus is going to be on like getting your money back you’re not gonna be like oh my gosh I’m so sorry died and say sorry to the family and be like oh my gosh, you probably need that money more than I do. Like now I Thank you Next found a cheaper studio this is a huge thank you next you find cheaper Studio Thanks cool. I’m glad you found someone who can do it at a price that fits you like I am not going to waste my time not gonna waste my space trying to convince you of why my prices are the way that they’re they got pregnant. Okay, this one I don’t think is a Thank you Next as versus it’s to me Phil’s always been pregnant three times. I just don’t ever have the mental space to like put on new projects. And when I am pregnant, so this to me feels slightly valid. I  didn’t want to do anything like this either when I’m pregnant, because I asked for a deposit on a project to hold the date for a project booked before we hadn’t reached her start date.

Okay, and this one actually came up a second time. It’s like, ah, yeah, here it is, didn’t want to pay for my services until after they completed the wedding. complained to me that it was unprofessional to have them pay for the goods before they were delivered. Like, okay, In what world? What world? Are you guys living in? Where that is ever okay? Like, are you really telling me that like you are having people like people who are working on your house, let’s say you’ve never had an electrician, or like Windows, I’m getting new windows. And I had to pay a big huge fat deposit for our windows. Because guess what they have to manufacture them. There’s things that they have to do to prep before coming to put in the windows and they have to make sure they at least have a deposit down. Like what like that is such a normal thing. I mean, even like online deliveries, like it’s kind of like online shopping, like you’re paying the money. It’s not there yet, and they’re gonna promise it’s coming. Like I don’t know why that feels so unprofessional and crazy. Like, no, I don’t get it reservations to like, if you go to a really fancy restaurant, they make you put a credit card, get down to all the reservation. And if you don’t show up, they charge you.
Hotels, they have something they do that like it just it’s the world we live in. What world are you living in? Where that does not apply to you? Investment price was more than their budget. Okay, let’s talk about this for a little bit. Because this is like a legit concern.

Investments price was more than their budget. Okay, so this is like a real thing that I feel like people actually really struggle with. But I have a few things that I feel like you’re going to help you with this. If someone is really genuinely wanting to work with you, but they just like don’t have the budget to actually work with you at that point, then what you’re going to do is you’re going to say like, Hey, what are your goals? Where do you want to go and three years from now? What what is this looking like, and then you are going to help them understand, okay, I want to help you get there. Like that’s gonna, that is like a, you know, million dollar goal. That’s huge, awesome, you want to do all these things. Your budget right now is $5,000. Now, that million dollars worth of work to get that million-dollar business is not just going to simply go away, somebody’s got to do it. But I can do a small percentage of it for $5,000.

so I always say like, my clients can always name the price, I’m totally fine with that you get to name the price of what your budget is. But I get to name the terms. Here’s what I can do for $5,000. I can do maybe like a website in a week, it’s not going to be a huge customized website with all the bells and whistles, but it is going to get the job done. And it is going to help you get to that next step of the million-dollar business. Do you see what I’m saying? Like, what can I do for that low price? There, I feel like there’s just always a way to work with someone at the level of their budget.

Almost always like you tell me your budget, like we’re gonna find a way to make it work, whether that’s through payment plans, whether that’s with doing something that’s just a little bit less custom and a little bit more, like maybe semi-custom or pre-done. We can make it work if you really want to make it work with me. Now, if they’re just completely set on. I want a huge website, huge custom bells and whistles, whatever it is for like, I don’t know, $1,000 Nope, nope, that’s a huge thank you next, I’m not going to waste my time. I might give them one sentence about why that doesn’t work and all the work and education and expertise that goes into it. But I’m not going to like to waste my breath a second time. And if they’re just fighting me on and like well, you don’t know and I have a cousin who could do it for $6 like cool go with a cousin. Like you came to me for a reason because you liked my work. And this is what it costs to work with me.

Okay. This person, that guy next one. This person wanted a refund because she felt like I wasn’t giving her special attention.
while I was traveling oh my gosh you guys probably think I’m so freaking mean I promise I’m not
this is another like Thank you Next but you shouldn’t give her a refund never ever you should be able to give her a refund you guys should by the way so I know have something in your contract that says the deposit is nonrefundable and that is totally legal and totally okay to do so. And then also have something in your contract about what happens if someone wants to cancel a project they can cancel a project for either party, but it has to look like x y&z They have to send me an email before x amount, a date. And then you need to talk about what amount is refundable? What amount is it. So I say our deposit is non refundable, and any work done but yet not not yet invoiced or already paid for
is not refundable. Basically anything you have already paid up until this point, non refundable. And if maybe let’s say like you have an invoice coming up tomorrow, and we’ve done all the work for the past two weeks for that invoice, you still owe me that invoice and discussion right there. But yeah, if you felt like you wasn’t getting enough special attention while you were on vacation, go take that vacation, and I will see you later go with someone else to I don’t know, I don’t know, I hope nobody else gives her special attention while they were traveling. Because they wanted an award winning Amazon level website for less than $15,000 I have, this is kind of like going back to the one we’re talking about if their investment price is more than their budget, if they want all the bells and whistles for less than you can do like, I’m so sorry. But like, physically, I cannot do that I have to be profitable. And I have bills to pay. I’m so sorry, I love you. But no, I  wanted someone to take 100% of the marketing officer plate, even though they’re a personal brand.

Here’s my thoughts on this. If you want someone to take 100% of something off of your plate, you better be getting paid a shizz ton of money, like I’m talking about CEO, salary level type of money, because that is a huge freaking job. But to be taking 100% of anything anyone’s played, I will do a small sliver of the pie, I will do the branding and the website, I will do what you came here to pay me to do, I will do that. But like how you go and present that brand out in the world. I have no control of the copywriting I have no control of and that all affects the branding that all affects what I do. But if I were to take control of all the branding for someone’s business, that is schist her money, that’s a shift Hunter responsibility. Like, I don’t have I got to be in control of all those things. That’s gonna take a lot more money to do. No way No freakin way it can. And part of that seems to me like you couldn’t pay me enough to like run your business for you. I’m already running one business and I’m tired. I’m not going to run your business. There was like one instance where someone who wanted us to launch and create a online course for them and wanted us it was me and my daughter and Anna she Emma was a launch strategist and Anna was a copywriter. And they, they wanted us to do it and just completely create a passive income for their entire business and we charged like 80k for it. And also, I think even that felt like insanely cheap to me. And I was like, I don’t know how I feel about this. Because it’s a ton of work. This one feels illegal to me. This person said because we weren’t mothers like her yet, like that feels illegal to like, I don’t know, not illegal, but like, kind of illegal. Like why? I  don’t know, like part of me kind of gets it because it’s like, maybe if they’re like a motherhood brand, and they want someone who like understands their clientele, like they want someone in that suit in that niche like, Okay, I think that I think that still like not quite enough of a saving redemption because like, I 100% believe like, you can work with anybody. Like if your values are there, like people figure things out, and you can bring a new spin to that niche. Like, I love working in niches that, like I don’t have any industry experience and because I get to bring a whole new set of eyes to it, and put my values and my spin on something that I don’t normally have experience with, and it kind of changes the game for them and gives them like a different place in the market versus someone who has been working with motherhood brands over and over and over and over and over and over and over again and kind of like knows the spiel. And what’s I mean, again, there’s pros and cons to each and so it’s like,
Kay, thank you next.

Gang, this one was the funniest one. They said that they did a meditation and the other girl that they had interviewed, kept coming up. I would be so offended, I’d be like, why it’s like, I am not worthy of your meditations. Like what can I do to be worthy of your meditations? Also a huge thank you next, okay, whatever because they can get it done cheaper on fiber. This is another like, Thank you Next. Like if someone were ever to say that to me on a sales call? I would. I think I’ve said this like three times. Yeah, you probably could get it cheaper on Fiverr. Like that’s 110% something that you could do. I’m not going to pretend like that option doesn’t exist. But here’s gonna you want to explain what’s gonna happen when they hire someone on Fiverr to you could explain why you came to me? Why are you different? You came to me because you liked my work. You came to me because you believe like, Why did you come to me first and fiber second. Ask yourself that. I like doing that when a little bit more because I feel like when you ask them that, but it kind of puts the ball in their court and helps them figure that out and see the value for themselves rather than you telling them it’s like a show verse show not tell type of thing.
And if again, if they’re still just like not going to see that value, that’s a big thank you next. I’m not going to have to I’m not going to like sit on my knees and beg you to work with me. No, no, sir. No, sir. Oh my gosh.

I feel like I really ran through those really fast. But that was a fun episode. I love walking through these with you guys. And I promise I’m recording the next week’s episode right after this. So I can promise you there is going to be an episode next week. Just get through moving with me after May 20. I know I keep saying like oh my gosh, the podcast is like, settled like we’re doing it every week. It’s happening and then like life throws another curveball at me and it’s like you’re moving actually. So just get through moving with me and then the podcast is for sure coming every week but I can say next week. We are definitely having another episode. So I will see you guys there.

May 30, 2023

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