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EP 9 + Advice Column: Booked Out, Budgeting, LLC’s and more!


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Hi, my name is CarliAnna. And you’re listening to another episode of C E over it. Hello, and welcome back to another episode of C over it. You guys today I am recording in my bed, I’m doing a little experiment. So please if the audio quality is absolutely trashed, just let me know. And send me a quick little message about Carli your audio is trash. When you’re recording in bed. You need to get a better microphone when you’re recording in bed because I want to record more podcast episodes while I’m in bed. And so today I’m just like using that little like TikTok hack that you always people do when they’re like holding up that part that like part of the wired microphone, talking into it. I’m doing that right now. Okay, so that is your guys’ homework for this week. Tell me if the audio sucks or not. I’m sure my podcast managers will also tell me though, but I want to hear it from you viewers.

Let’s get into it though. For this week. What are we going to be talking about what’s going down? We are going to be doing a little bit of advice calm episode, I have been putting this one on the back burner for a while because two weeks ago, the episodes got a little emotional. And I felt like I don’t know, we just really needed to talk about that at the time. It was calling to me to talk about it. And so I talked about that on the podcast. And then after that I just like felt like we needed a little bit of a lifter, a mood Energizer. And so we did business icks last week. And now we’re gonna get into the advice column. Oh, wow.

I feel like we haven’t done I don’t think we’ve done one of these in season three yet. So I’m really excited for today to be chatting with you about some of the how-tos and cool casual awakes you guys know I’m not like a how-to person in a I’m gonna make your life feel like you have 3 million more things to do. I want to give you the rundown on how to actually get those done in your business in a way that makes you feel like I can do this. And I don’t have to add a million more things to do on your list. I am always an advocate for using what it is that you already have in your business. Like I will never tell you, Oh, you have to go hire this. You have to go buy this. You have to do this in order to be successful. Like, I promise you there is a way we can always get scrappy, and things are easier than they seem like 100% of the time. That is my answer for any business question that you’re ever going to have. Because that’s what I found true in my business and just all the hundreds not to toot my own horn but hundreds of business owners that I have mentored over the past years. So I’m excited to talk about it with you guys today.

But before as always we get into our so exciting subject for today. We are going to be doing snacks and tracks and as you guys know as last week’s episode with the truck segment, I was like oh my god are not tracks with a snack segment. I was like I don’t really have any exciting updates for the things that I’ve been eating. I’ve been super boring lately. The Universe smacked me in the face that day with three three blessings from above that I have been just obsessed with ever since. And I was like literally I’m serious. The day out. It was funny. I was like literally should have a podcast. I was like I have nothing else to talk about with food and snacks. And now I’ve been snacking like crazy on these things. One. What we’ll start out with boring and we’ll go to the most exciting snacks. One the chicken meatballs from Costco. I’m telling you guys it’s boring but holy crap a moly. I have never had a meat olives tastes so good. At least in the US. I will okay. I don’t know why I said that. Because I’ve never been outside of the US. I guess I just imagined that meatballs outside of the US taste 10 times better than they do inside the US. Like 99% sure about that. So I think for like a grocery store. Costco brand in the US type of meatball. I mean, I was blown out of the water. My husband who hates repetitive meals hates them with a burning passion. I can eat the same thing every day. You guys I am a creature of habit and be very well fine. My husband on the other hand, he could love his meal absolutely love it still doesn’t want to eat it for lunch the next day. And it’s not like the leftover thing he’s just like, I already ate that like once this week once this month, pass like huge snub towards food like that. We have been having meatballs and noodles like twice a week ever since we got these meatballs from Costco and they’re not the ones that like you get in the frozen section. They are in the refrigerated section and kind of like by like where are you see like them packaged meals that are a little bit more fresh. Do you know like Isn’t it I mean, like the cheeses, and the sushi, and all that stuff, it’s kind of over there at least in our Costco. And I’m saying these are the freshest yummy as meatballs they taste so much like basil. It’s delicious. Like I think they would be delicious with the pesto. We only had on with marinara sauce which are still bomb but like it just tastes very pesto we are really good. They are also really healthy for you. They have been given guys are gonna hate me but if you’re a macro, counting little slit like I am, you’re gonna love the macros on this. It’s really good. So I’ve been eating that with protein pasta like the chickpea pasta is my husband is gluten free. Twice a week. Absolutely love my life right now. I literally had it for lunch today. It’s so good. I’m going to save the rest. Now I told you guys, namely me.

Okay, fine. I’ll get into it. The next thing I’m going to put you guys on most most exciting is the pistachio foam from Starbucks. And not just a pistachio foam from Starbucks, but you Hi, you’re gonna get a matcha and you’re gonna get it why you can get it with wherever you want. I guess I have heard that the macho with pistachio, little filling or flavor. Whatever you want to call it is a little too sweet. And I can totally see that. So I really liked getting the maca with the sugar free syrup in it. And then you get a pistachio boom on top. Are you kidding me? Guys, I have recently discovered my love for pistachio. And I’ve heard I’ve heard like bad other bad things about pistachio flavored like coffees and stuff from Starbucks, but the pistachio matcha is a 10 out of 10 I’m going back tomorrow to get one and I’m very, very excited about it. It’s gonna be really really good. I just think the flavors of pistachio matcha I’m like that needs to be a more common flavor. Mochi. Pistachio, right. I really, like I was saying I recently got into like my real love for pistachio. And one of my biggest regrets in my life is not getting to the pistachio flavor and realizing that I loved it before now. Pistachio nuts. I have still to this day. Never just eat the pistachio nut. I don’t know why. That sounds absolutely disgusting to me. Like I tasted pistachio flavor in marshes and ice creams and things like that. And I’m like, wow, I cannot imagine this amazing sweet flavor of being in a fucking nut. That sounds disgusting to me. And I know someday I’m going to try it and I’m 110% confident that I’m gonna prove myself wrong. I’m just I’m not ready for that yet. Okay, guys, I’ve had enough change in my life. I’m just going to keep on the train of I like pistachio flavored things. I don’t want to try it for Constancio net. Not yet at least. But pistachio flavor for a long time in my life. I just refuse to try anything. Pistachio flavored because it just sounded so gross to have like a net flavored thing to me. When I was little and I wrote that till I died and then I tried to pistachio Oreo and fell in love immediately. Guys, I only had the opportunity to have one packet of thin or your thin pistachio, pistachio I only had the opportunity to have one packet of pistachio flavored Oreo thins before they discontinued them. Moment of silence. If that is not the biggest tragedy you’ve ever heard, I don’t know what is. I don’t know what freakin is. I have not seen them at a grocery store since then. And so this pistachio cream, macho thing is it’s really given me life. And I love it. And I’m going to be really sad when it’s not march and it’s not like a green springy flavor and they get rid of special flavor because it’s my favorite pairing with matcha right now.
Okay, so that’s one of the snacks that I have been loving. I unfortunately can’t even remember what the thing is that I’ve been loving lately, food wise. So we’re just going to talk about two because I don’t want to like put myself through the mental strain of trying to remember a third one because obviously it wasn’t that important if I can’t remember it.

Okay, now we’re gonna go on to Tracks. Okay, I made a tic toc about this. But I haven’t getting into a lot of self help books recently, mainly because we’re starting scale again. And anytime I create a brand new program or I’m creating a brand new class, any kind of curriculum education, I read a lot of self help books because I feel like I have a lot of thoughts going in my head about how I feel about certain things and how I see certain things going but like, anytime I read a book about it, I’m like, yes, that has cement I get like little ideas of like why my ideas are cemented or get a little analogies or quotes that just help reinforce the ideas in my head. And I have been Getting over that lately so seriously guys I have read probably like seven self help books in the last week not all of them have been good some of them I don’t know if there’s been some hit or misses. But something I wanted to talk about with you guys since we’re talking about sex interacts is why does self help books take so freakin long to self help why we like I bought the book I’m here for it and then the self help book was helped me like the first two hours like the first two hours of the self help book will be like convincing me why I need the self help book Why is going to change my life and why it is so important like babes I am already here. I already purchased the book. I know it’s important why do we need to spend a whole mother effing to our words of the book telling me why it’s so important. And I get that like that is important to teaching that you have to explain the what and the why before you get into the how I get that like I do that every if if you look at all my courses and any education material I do we do a what and why and how format. I know the why is important but like two hours out of an eight hour book important? I think not. I think not I feel like a lot of these self help books are actually just ploys to get us to buy things. Mm hmm. There I said it. I think a lot of coaches and things like that are just like selling books so that they can like use it as the new freebie. I think books are becoming the new freebie, unfortunately. And I hate it. I am all for freebies, and I am all for books, but make it freakin valuable and make it freakin worth my time or else I’m gonna be more pissed at you than I was before. Like, if you’re going to do a freebie, or if you’re going to do something like that, where like I really want people to buy from me like maybe make it valuable. Maybe make it so I want to buy from you and not just tell me why I should buy from you. Maybe maybe, guys, I am seriously in my villain era right now. And I’m on my period. So that is why I’m getting so P owed right now. We’ll talk about that in the next segment in a minute. But books that I’ve actually been like, look at back onto a more positive note. books that I’ve been liking, or just like as reading, I have been in the kind of a reading rut I’ve been reading the fifth season. And it’s good. It’s good. I feel like by the time I finish it, I will be like, Wow, that was really amazing. And it’s gonna stick with me for a long time. But right now I’m in the middle of it. And I’m kind of like, where’s the plot? where’s this going? I don’t quite understand. It’s kind of one of those books where you just like follow one character. And you don’t really know what the point of the story is. It’s very slow, but it’s good. It’s just slow. And I don’t really know why I’m here.

Do you know what I mean? It’s it’s one of those books. It’s like a kind of like Lord of the Rings feeling though. Like you follow this one character and he like lost his parents and has this secret magical thing that gift I guess that he keeps kind of coming up just throughout the story. It’s a really interesting magic system. And he’s the character is really interesting, but like, it literally goes through like so far. Like it’s just his entire life story. But it’s very well written and interesting. I just, I don’t know, I’m feeling very mad about it right now even though I know I like it and it’d be one of my faves. Another book. I read another book by Tessa dare, which, if you don’t know, she’s like a historical romance writer and she is really good. Somebody books that have historical romantic Pride and Prejudice but a little messier. And I really liked that one. I think it was like the governess steel is the one that I read. That one was really good. I wish I could pull up my audio. I’m on my phone now. So I can’t pull up my audible right now to see to remember what it is that I’ve been reading. Or I could pull up my Goodreads but I don’t have my thing in front of me. I can’t remember I guess we’ll just have to save it for next week. But yeah, I guess I guess we kind of flipped where like this week I don’t have very good book recommendations or like book things to talk about. But I do have like lots of stack things to talk about. Oh, one book thing I do want to talk about you guys see. Sarah J Masse announced freaking Crescent City three. Oh my gosh. And so casually to Wyoming Sara. We love a little like casual story announcement of hey, I’m doing this new book and it comes January 2024. Like crazy guys. I’m so freaking excited. I can’t wait. I think it’s gonna be awesome. If you guys haven’t already read avatar, read anything Saturday master on a glass. Throne. The boss was my favorite Crescent City is definitely my least favorite. Dark goddess My favorite, but just anything more sturdy mass, she kind of is like creating this like multi world dimensional fantasy thing. Highly recommend get into her books. Very exciting.

Okay, now let’s get into your guys’s advice. Columns. Your advice questions. Gosh, do you guys follow? I think sometimes I have ADHD. Do you guys follow her name? Do you guys follow Whitney Houston on Tik Tok? If you don’t, you should. She always talks in this funny, like, not a funny accent but like she always nevermind, we’re not gonna go there. Okay, so let’s get into the advice column first question that we have, Carli. And this is like in response to TikTok to lunch give a little bit of context on this on, this isn’t a response to a tick tock that I made about like clients who push the boundaries all the time. So I currently have a client exactly like this, I would quit this client right now and fire her. But I’ve already been paid all up in full, I am not sure what to do. Okay, that seriously sucks. And I totally understand what you’re talking about. If you guys are ever having a client that is just 100% pushing the boundaries, and you just simply want to like analyze yourself, and you’re like, you know what, it’s not even really worth, like, the money at this point. And you’re just like, Why did I take this client? Why did I take this guy and you’re hating your life, um, you need to, like, get out of that A, as fast as you can. This is why I like to do my pricing set up into equal monthly payments. So that like, okay, we’re three months into a project. And we realize we hate each other. Just kidding, that’s really demonic. But we just realized we’re not a good fit, we can just end it right there.

And they have already paid for all the work that we’ve done up to that point. And I don’t have to like refund them anything. I don’t have to worry about paying contractors, because I’ve already paid them for the work that they’ve done up to that point, we just enter right there, call it good. And I just don’t keep billing them. Because at our contract, it says that we can both cancel at any time for whatever reason, but they do have to pay for work already done. Even if it’s not invoiced yet. So I really like getting paid month to month. But if you like count the situation, I also made a tiktok about this. I don’t know, I just always believe that like clients, they want to be good. Because I just have this philosophy that clients want to be a good client, they just don’t know how this is probably the first time that they’re doing branding, or they’re doing copywriting or they’re doing social media. This is their very first time and they don’t know the process. They don’t know the norms, they don’t know any of that stuff. And they’re confused. And so I mean that like in the nicest way, like if we were to go through like a lawyer process, or anytime I even do my accounting, I’m like, I don’t even know like what the heck it is I’m doing or what I’m supposed to be asking, like, I didn’t know that this was right, or this is wrong or whatever. Like they just people just don’t know. And so that’s why we always just say like, I just it’s okay to state boundaries, and just stay like this is how things are done. Give them a structure to make them feel safe, and give them so many directions. It’s gonna make them sick and ahead. So like, if you’re trying to give, you’re like, Okay, I need feedback. So I’m going to put in the email. This is exactly how I need feedback. This is what feedback looks like, this is not what feedback like looks like, if you don’t give me feedback like this, I can’t guarantee that the feedback is going to be included in your next revision. Thank you very much. And then they go to the feedback form. It says the exact same thing. Please make sure when you fill out this form, you fill it out this way, this way, and you consider these nice things. Guess what that same thing about how to provide feedback is in about seven different places, then the welcome packet, then the contract.

It’s like, in so many different places, so that they don’t have any reason or excuse to say like, oh my gosh, I didn’t know. Nonetheless, you will still get clients who just do not want to read. That’s okay. We love them for not wanting to read anything. And I get that I’ve had so many clients like that where I’m like, did you just read the email I sent you because I started to send it that’s okay. We love them. And that’s when you just say like I have attached my contract below that states these terms that states are like okay, let’s say like they break. They just send you a feedback video instead of like submitting your feedback form you’re like, thanks so much. It means to perform as per contract. I just or you don’t even have to say as per contract, cuz I know sometimes I can feel very like passive aggressive, but you just speak, hey, hey babes, just wanted to remind you about the agreement that we both mutually agreed upon, to make sure we have an awesome relationship, we get the most successful project ever out of this, I’m going to attach it below, let me know if you get a chance to read it. And you’re just going to screenshot the part that says about feedback. So then your contract has been the bad guy, and you’re not being the bad guy. Letting your contract with the bad guy is going to be the last thing in this scenario. And, again, just make sure your contract has something like, If you don’t, then this is what’s going to happen. Because I think a lot of contracts will say like, oh, yeah, you can’t do this, or this is the boundary, but it doesn’t ever state, like what happens at that boundary is broken. And so then, like, let’s say, the contract, the client goes again, and they submit feedback in the totally wrong way. And you’re like, I sent the contract, I have provided all the things that I need to do, like what the heck is going on? That’s when you just simply go into the then statement, and you don’t have to freak out and worry about like, oh, my gosh, I’m gonna have to babysit this client. And I’m going to have to, like worry about following up with a 3 million times, like, their expectations are just crazy. You can just refer back to the contract and be like, okay, sorry, unfortunately, like, I have to charge you now. Or like, our projects gonna have to be delayed or that piece of feedback didn’t get included. Because of XYZ and you don’t, again, like I don’t feel like that’s even you being the bad guy. It’s just you fall in the contract of being like, you have to fight with them on it, you don’t anymore.

It’s like, Oh, I really need feedback by this way, or need feedback this way. You say like, okay, that’s fine. Like, I’m, this is the consequence of what happens for your actions. And you just follow up on the consequence. For any moms, does this like sound like I’m giving parenting advice? Because I feel like, it sounds like I’m giving parenting advice right now. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. So yeah, that’s how I would handle that situation.

Next question, is, how do I file? Or how soon do I file for an LLC? My answer would probably be immediately, probably immediately. And I say immediately, because I don’t think it costs anything for you to sign up. Now. I am not a lawyer. So do not quote me on this. I feel like this is going to change from states to say, country, country, whatever. And I don’t think costs anything. I would go most local aid areas have like a local business bureau, some kind of like free business thing where you can go get advice, you can ask questions. Somebody knows what I’m talking about, I can’t remember what that word is. But anyways, you can go and get advice, and you can ask them about LLCs. and stuff. I do feel like once you get an LLC, that’s when you probably start have to pay be paying taxes on it. And that obviously happens when like, again, I think this is gonna change from country to country, state to state. But over a certain amount of dollars. Like if you make over a certain amount of dollars, that’s when you like have to file for taxes. And, and I think I would just, you know, Google, what is it for your state or your country and just say, you know, how much do I have to make to pay taxes, and then that’s when you would file for an LLC. But I think, honestly, you, it doesn’t hurt to file for an LLC beforehand, just because when you have an LLC, that protects you personally, like if you were to ever get sued for anything that you did before you had an LLC, they could come for all of your personal assets, because you don’t have any distinguish distinguished line was I wouldn’t say, distinguishable line between your personal life and your business. And so that’s like, kind of what the LLC does is it protects your business, your life from your business, if you were to get sued, because you can see that they’re separate. Do you know what I mean? Like, people can sue things in your business, but they can’t sue you for like your house and your car and like your other personal assets that you have. It’s just gives you a little bit more protection in that way. So I would again, talk to a lawyer talk to your local agents there. That is pretty generalized advice that I would say is usually pretty solid. Usually from say same. Again, I’m not a lawyer though.

Okay, next question. Carli, how do I manage my finances when my income is so unstable from month to month? Oh, mg you guys like you’ve been reading my mind. Because in scale, our beta program that we’re doing inside of 10k Digi, we have been focusing so much on finances, like this n legals stuff to like this whole first month we’ve had a lawyer, the Chandler come in from an accountant come in next week. And literally just yesterday, I gave a fat, two hour presentation on business finances. And we talked all about this. So buckle up, and let’s talk about it. Obviously, I’m going to be able to get the whole two hour presentation right now. But let’s let’s talk about like managing finances from month to month when it’s so crazy, crazy, crazy. So a lot of the times as entrepreneurs, obviously we like are writing high highs, and then we’re writing low lows from month to month. And we’re just like, oh my gosh, what am I ever gonna get to stable income. And I think that honestly, at some point in your business, it is going to get a little bit more stable. But like, I think you can still be a very healthy business by having high months and having low low months, like even like multibillion dollar companies will have high months and have low months, like it’s never going to be just totally steady. There’s Christmas, there’s other season sales seasons that just like drive profits up and then dry profits down. And that’s just how business goes, you have season to productivity and sales, and you have just slower seasons that are a little bit more in the back. But that’s why I think and that’s why I think it’s so important. When we’re looking at our finances, not to be looking so hard at the month to month stuff. Now there are certain things in your finances that we need to be looking at month to month to make sure you’re on top of it. Like I like to look at my profit and loss just to make sure.

Okay, cool. We’re at least profitable this month. And that’s cool. And I like to look at my cash flow to make sure we have cash coming into the business. We don’t have any crazy bills that are due that I haven’t paid. We’re not overspending, things like that. Those are the two main things that I look at almost every single month, and our finances, but Profit and Loss specifically, like we are really looking at that on a rolling six to 12 month basis. Because I feel like that is going to give us a better idea of like, what is the average of our business creating and looking like from January to December or now from May to May. So you take in Christmas season, you take in slow seasons, and you take in all of that to get an average monthly income or revenue. And then that average over six to 12 months, not just one month is what you’re going to base your financial decisions off of like average wise, we make 20k a month or average wise we make 10k a month now that could mean maybe we make 100k One month and 5k the next month, but that’s gonna help you make business decisions where once you have that 100k month, or that huge, crazy high month, you’re not just like spending like, oh my gosh, we have all this extra cash. It’s like no, actually, that 100k is gonna feel you fuel your business for the next 12 months. And so we’ve got to be really frugal with it still do I mean or when we have super low lows. We’re not like crying in our bed freaking out at every single crazy thing happening. Because it’s a low month when it’s like Kipper. Two months ago, we had a really high month. And it’s going to be drastic from month to month. And that’s why we look at it from a six to 12 month basis. So that would be my suggestion. If you guys have any more questions about that, like again, I give it to two hour presentation on business finances yesterday to 10k GG and scale. And it was a little intense, but it was fun. And I learned a lot doing it too. So we can talk more about that if you guys want or we could talk less about that if you don’t want to whichever. And if you want to go if you guys have so many questions like this join 10k GG and get into scale because we’re gonna be talking so much more about this Bish cam next question.

Okay, this one was actually in a different little area, but I wanted to include it because I’m getting a million and half questions about it is how is a little bit more on the idea of brand strategy. But how important our brand was how important are brand archetypes and following them? Now I love brand archetypes. This is a fabulous question. By the way. I think brand archetypes are really really fun but like anything in your business it’s going to be more nuanced than just following it to a tee which if you don’t know by the way, what brand archetypes are go read the book here on the Outlaw. If you do brand strategy you need to know brand archetypes. It’s such a powerful tool. Take my time. Next book, in my business that I use every single time I do brand strategy brand archetypes was like, these pre programmed personalities basically, that people have created to kind of be like, okay, look, you can be the lover and you can be the jokester or whatever. And then that book that’ll give you like, here’s some do’s and don’ts. And here’s some things that do work with it, don’t whatever, and how tos and be aware of and those types of things. And I think it’s so, so helpful to be able to look at brands from a personality perspective, but I also think that like, just like, Okay, if we were to look at a person and be like, he’s the jokester, right. He’s joking. He’s so he’s so funny. He never said anything serious. I think by now we know that that’s like totally untrue, that the jokesters in our life actually have something deep burning, poetry slam thing going on in their head? I don’t know. Do you know what I mean? It’s always so much more nuanced, and sometimes even the exact opposite on the inside than what we believe. And I feel like especially in today’s world, we are looking for more authentic and more nuanced brands, and just like, oh, yeah, they are scary, or they are the lover or their, whatever.

It’s like, we want something that has depth and humanity to it. And I feel like you’re going to get more depth and humanity in your branding, when you combine the archetypes and you do things that are unexpected, with the permanent personality types, like combining something that’s super sexy with like the jokester and putting those two together and seeing like, what would that type of brand look like? Or maybe something that’s funny and dark? Do you know what I mean? Like, I love to see brands like that, that take two polar opposite ideas that wouldn’t normally go together and putting them together to see what it looks like. So I love the archetypes I do. Do not think that they’re like textbook, you need to follow them just by how they are. I think that actually, you’re going to do it so many more favors. When you nuanced them, you add flavors, you add depth, and you craft a little bit more of a persona around it rather than labeling people as like the jokester or whatever. Okay, we had one last question. And I didn’t write it down. So I’m not going to be able to read it exactly. But it was something about the idea of like, Help, I’m booked out for the next month or two. And I’m booked out for the next month or two and I don’t want to raise my prices, and I’m too scared to hire.

Babes, babes, babes, babes. Babes coming close, sit down, let’s have a quick Chitty chat, are raising prices, and what to do when you’re feeling scared to hire because I get it. I’ve been there. I’m still there all the time. And it’s, it’s scary. I get it. I know, it feels like, oh my gosh, if I make this change in my business where all of a sudden I start to feel and think bigger than how it is right now. It’s all of a sudden gonna start crumbling down. It’s all of a sudden going to feel like I don’t deserve this. Or oh my gosh, you started thinking too big. How dare you. And all of it is just going to stop working suddenly. That is not what is going to happen. Let me tell you, you are booked out for a month or two, you’re booked. I think you might even be booked out longer than that. You have got Time Baby, this is best problem to have. You have got time to play around with your prices. And you have got time to look around and potentially hire someone like this is your time to play. When you are booked out. You get that opportunity to just experiment with what if I did raise my prices like this because you’ve got maybe like a if you’re booked out three months. And that’s when you need to find another clients in three months. You have got three months to find one, one client who is going to take two spots, because they’re going to pay double your prices of what they are right now. Like, you can do that. You’ve got time you can do that. To think of it and just like minut little levels of like, oh my gosh, I need to hire I need to raise my prices. It’s like no, no, no, no, no. You’re booked out three months. What do you need to do month four, you need to find one client you have three months to find one client and you can totally do that. You are more than capable and you can figure it out because your boss babe. So try looking out a little bit smaller.

Also I have to plug myself join 10 kgg we will 100% I’ll be with us are talking about raising your prices and then scale we’re talking about hiring even more about how to earn more money with doing less like just just join us. Like this is what 10 kg and scales literally Lee made for. So I’d love for you to join us. So I had to put that little shameless plug in there because I know it’s going to help you. Also, I’m getting to the end of this while I’m realizing we’re almost at 40 minutes so I’m just gonna cut it off right there. Also, I can’t remember what the last question is because I didn’t write any of these down but I also wrote I didn’t give you guys a personal update. How horrible of me.

Okay, personal update. We are listing the house tomorrow. Listing the house tomorrow I have been you guys I’m so tired. I Can you tell I’m so tired. We’ve been staying up till like midnight every single night. Trying to get the house ready to sell just like cleaning washing walls, all the things. So physically, I’m tired also, just mentally trying to sell a house. Like I posted this on my store. I’m like I am. This is like gonna be my villain origin story is trying to sell and buy a house. And I remember like posting and saying similar things about this when we bought this house that we have now that we’re trying to sell. Because, holy crap, I just am never, never I just I cannot believe I am continuously in 2023 still being surprised at people’s audacity and still being surprised that people’s lack of just doing their job. Like it is astounding to me how many people out there in the world just simply don’t do their job. Like, okay, this week alone, this week alone, we had an inspector come in, because it’s a corporate re homing not rehoming sounds like a dog or re moving. What is the relocation a corporate relocation we had to have an investor come in before we sell it or an investor. Well, guys, I cannot talk and inspector come in before we sell it holy crap. And he had to just make sure that like the house was good enough because this corporation account is going to be buying our house from us once we have an offer. And then they’re going to be selling it to the people who want to buy the house so that they pay for the closing fees and stuff, right? But they want to make sure before they buy it from us that it’s like not full of termites or whatever. So we had to get this inspector, this inspector is such a freaking idiot. I’m not even kidding. You guys, literally like the things that he put on this on the report. I was just astounded. I’m like, did you not read anything? Do do not do smart thing on here. Like, he’d be like, like, he would post a picture of a window and be like, this window needs the front window on the main level needs to be replaced. And then it’s like a window that’s showing the backyard and I’m like, which window are you talking about?

And like and he did that to literally every single window on our house. There was one window he was like this window needs to reboot replace the window guy when he came in to look at our windows. He was like these windows like he was testing everything is like these windows are fine. They just needed to be washed. Like the guy like could not tell apart a dirty window from a window that was broken. It was so bad you guys. And I have been calling so many different people like it’s like the inspector was like, Oh, your heater is really old. So you need to go get it checked out. So the guys that they inspected are called to come look at our heater, which our heater has been working fine. It is old. It is old, but it has been working fine for us. They quoted us 13 breaking $1,000 to get it fixed when it’s not even frickin broken in the first place. What excuse me ma’am? No freakin way I’m not paying for a new heater when ours works perfectly fine. So we brought on another heater company to come out and look at it and the guy was like, I don’t like it. It’s old. Yeah, but like I don’t see anything wrong with it. I don’t see any reason to replace it now. He’s like, I mean, if you were living here long term, then maybe you replace it but you’re not and it’s working now. So like Why pay $13,000? Like, do you know just like things like that all freaking week. Okay, and I’m on top of with this one. My son’s therapy, which I don’t know I’ve been feeling lately too. Maybe I need to do an episode on just a child children with autism and what it’s like maybe not what it’s like but just like a little podcast rally support group podcast for if anyone else has. I don’t know just I don’t even know how to word this because I just kids with autism, I don’t know. I don’t know how to word it. Or how does it like I just have I guess I’ve gotten a few DMS lately too.

There’s been like, how did you know like that your child had autism, like what kind of support have you done like, it is such a confusing world to feel like and know that your child has autism, it was such a relief when we got that diagnosis, honestly, but like, it’s been a whirlwind since then. And I don’t know, maybe talking about it with you guys would be helpful. But anyways, so my child does therapy, and he has been going to the entrance into the center, where he works with a therapist, one to one for like four to five hours every day. It’s like 25 to 30 hours a week where he goes in center. And recently, they suggested to us that we work in home and bring a therapist in the home 25 hours a week. Instead, because he’s having he’s doing really, really well in the center. But he’s still having a lot of maladaptive behaviors in the home. So like, let’s go, you know, transfer him in home. And this freakin therapy center, they don’t like combine in home and in center, they like, it’s almost like two different sides of their business. Like if you move to in home, you have to get a whole new therapist, a whole new support team, just everything is basically new, there’s a waitlist for in the center for a different ways list for in home, you know, I mean, it’s just different. And so we got transferred to in home. And I’m not kidding you guys, I talked to the therapist we had in the center, I talked to the therapist that we were going to have at home and I said here’s my only concern with moving in home is one, we are moving in two months.

And so I’m a little nervous with who he’s going to get paired with. And I want to make sure that someone who has these qualities are these, you know, someone who likes to play because that’s really how LJ communicates, and, or who likes this and can really, you know, work on that with him. Because we’re not going to have a lot of time because you want your child to pair. You want your child to pair with your therapist really, really well it takes some time to do the pairing, sometimes, I was just like, we’re not going to have time to go through the pairing process. So I just want to make sure someone who’s like, just naturally fit well with him. And then two, I have all these errands that I’m running because we are selling our house like our life is really, really busy right now. And so like, we have this going on on Tuesdays, it’s going on Fridays, and like, it’s just crazy to like what is going to happen if we have to go run an errand. And I have to leave the house and they’re like, oh, it’s totally fine. Like, you can just take the therapist with you and it’s gonna be fine. Like, just take the therapist with you. So this week was our whole Gosh, sorry. So this week was our first week within home therapy. And because I just have to like vent for a little bit because I’m just today I was just so pissed off. Like I was shaking, I was so mad. It’s just after a week to have having just our inspector just not do his job and just be so lazy about this report that is making our life a living hell. And then every like the heater contractor being so down with us and like quoting us $13,000 for a heater that doesn’t even need to be replaced just like, oh, the cleaners that we brought into, like deep cleaner home didn’t do like they only brought in one cleaner instead of the two cleaners. Like they said, like you don’t I mean, just like so many things where it’s just like, hey, we’ve talked about this, and then it didn’t get done type of thing. And I’m sorry.

And it just didn’t get done. And so we’ve been doing in home therapy and every time like I’ve just been running errands this whole week, and like going out and doing the things that we have to do to get our house ready. And every time like hey, this is what our plan is today. Bla bla bla bla bla. So the therapist, I could always tell them like, oh, okay, like caught them off surprise. And I was like, okay, whatever. And then today we have our photographer who is coming and taking pictures of our house so that we can list it tomorrow until the kids have to be out of the house because there’s just like a few minutes last minute things that I have to do that I need to do that I have to do without the kids at home to get the house like looking good for the photographer, you only mean so today was the day that I was like the kids have to be out of house. And our nanny was gonna go take him to like McDonald’s or whatever. And the therapist was like, oh, yeah, we can’t do that today. Like we have to get that approved by you know the head or whatever. Or by interest or even Oh, by WHO and I was like, wait, what like no one no one ever told me that any outings that we are going to have you’re going to do had to be approved like that was never something that was ever communicated to me and I asked him multiple times about what outings look like within home therapy. And he was like yeah, that’s gotta be approved which by the way, the therapist to that they matched in with it’s not the therapist. It’s like the therapist assistant. It just is so unhelpful. So freakin unhelpful. Like we’ll have like, LJ will be hitting ALC. And he’ll literally just, like, sit there. Like, they just watch TV together for hours. I’m like, why are you here? If you’re not going to step in, or you’re not going to help, or you’re not gonna, like, give me coping things, I’m like, Okay, now we’re gonna do this or when I were gonna do this, whatever, is just like, What is going on? And so I was like, Okay, well, today, I was like, the kids have to get out of the house.

Like, I don’t know what to tell you. I was like, if you can’t go with them, and do therapy with LJ like, at wherever it is, he needs to be I was like, then you honestly might as well just head home because the kids have to be out of the house today. And so he headed home, and I texted his boss, and I was just like, hey, no one told me about this. I’m upset. And I’m like, Is this really true that we have to get all of our outings approved? Nolan communicated that to me? And she was like, yeah, basically, like, you have to get all of your outings prove to you she did apologize for not communicating that to me clearly enough. And basically, then I was like, I was like, Okay, well, I guess like we withdraw from therapy, then because it’s just not going to work. Having all of our outings have to be approved by insurance and therapy. I mean, through the therapy, like LJ is in therapy from 830 to 1230 every single day. And so to not be able to leave the house from 830 to 1230 with three kids under the age of four, like hell, no, I would rather like not have the therapist there. I would rather take the, you know, be able to take the kids places to be able to, like, easily take care of them and have fun with them and especially when it’s just like crazy where we’re moving. I’m like, what if like, okay, the therapist is I’m like, Oh my gosh, for him for showing like we’ve got to go nope, sorry. Like it’s not approved. Do you know what I mean? So I just was like, it’s frustrating because I can’t move back to the center because the center has a huge long waitlist and so it’s just like once you’re out of the center therapy like you’re out where you have to wait on a big long waitlist like it took us like four months just to get in and I’m just frustrated like known communicated that to me and I wouldn’t have left the inset this center if anyone had communicated that with me and so now I’m like cool. So today we withdrew LJ from therapy. Which honestly I do feel I feel really good about anyways, like it’s just there’s gonna be a lot of change going on in the next two months and it’s getting warmer outside and so like, I think it’ll just be best for elderly to stay home and play outside more honestly, and I’m excited for this new change. He’s is going to be going back to therapy once we get up to Idaho.

But I’m really excited about this new therapy place they do 80% and center and 20% in the home they combine the two because LJ wasn’t doing really well with just center and he’s not doing well with just home I feel like a combination is going to be really really good for him because he does learn so well from peers.

So anyways, that is my little life update for you guys at the end. Also just another plug. A little plug we are going to be we are doing a bmm sale this week where you get $200 off BMM. Have a good week, we’ll see you next week!

April 27, 2023

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