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EP 8 + Business Icks

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Getting a lil vulnerable with this episode as we talk about postpartum depression, things not working out in our business and when it all comes together. I’ve learned that the past 8 years of things that I thought weren’t working out in my favor were actually all leading to one amazing thing. So when you feel like things aren’t coming for you, listen to this episode.


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Hi, my name is CarliAnna and you’re listening to C-E-Over It. Welcome to today’s podcast episode guys. I am really excited for this one because last week I was crying my eyes out it was really emotional. Well, I love getting down on that feely-feely level with you guys. I’m also really excited to lighten it up a bit and talk about something a little bit more fun. And I think we’ve already done an episode on this topic before but it’s just such a fun one. I’m excited to bring it back. We’re going to be talking about your business ethics today the things that are not so comfy and not so awesome that aren’t necessarily like red flags. We’re just like, why why are we doing that? Can we stop? Absolutely not like let’s steer the other direction type of way. And so that’s how we’re gonna be getting into for today but before we get into that episode, we are going to be getting into our segment where we talk about snacks and Tracks guys.

I have been on a high reading kick I feel like I’m like reading a book a week so I feel like I’m just gonna share like a bunch with you. Okay, I just got a very odd text but it doesn’t really matter. Nevermind. Okay, books The first book I have to tell you a bad oh my gosh, I can’t believe I haven’t shared this on my Instagram yet. I will. I will. But it is called a warrior’s fate. And it is by Who is it? Melissa, Karen, I believe it is here’s the flaw to this book. First. It is not on Audible. It is not on freaking audible. So it has taken me 7 million years to finish this book. But it is on Kindle Unlimited so you don’t pay for it if you have Kindle Unlimited. Or you can get a three-month subscription or trial period for Kindle Unlimited so you can test out this book. There’s actually quite a bit on Kindle Unlimited. I highly suggest it but this book is there. And when I tell you guys that this book matches the avatar vibe is so freakin well. It’s on match. Like I think I referred to you guys like oh this one like it kind of reminds me of Avatar books. It kind of doesn’t it kind of does. This one has been the book that has given me the most acheter vibes and feelings more than any other book that I have read since that book. I’m not even kidding. It has consumed to me It is that good. And I’m so shocked that other people aren’t talking about it. The thing that got me was I was scrolling on Tik Tok and I’m bookshop there was like this whatever video it was just like you are like I just kind of was like a POV so excuse my like weird voice but it was like you imagine like there are faded mates but like one may is for out there from rival kingdoms. One is the king and one is like the king’s daughter or something. I can’t remember the actual verbiage or whatever. But the thing is they’re faded mates, but their rival kingdoms. And so if they touch their bond snaps into place, which they don’t want their bond to snap into place. And so they are doing everything they can, in this book to not touch and it’s harder than it seems. Because they go through this ceremony, shall we call it kind of like a Hunger Games type of proving myself as a warrior type of thing together? And obviously, the made data and made-it mates are distracting them from this Hunger Games-esque type of feel, which is just at the beginning. That’s like the first maybe 100 200 pages I don’t even know if it’s 200 pages it’s like the first 100 pages like you just jump right into it. It is an extremely fast paced book. You do the Hunger Games thing and like the first 100 pages and then all of a sudden it jumps into this mystery thing. And then at the book starts feeling more like Crescent City where you’re like trying to solve the murder of a particular character. I’m not going to name and oh my gosh, then you get introduced to these people who feel like an inner circle. Like It seriously is like someone took the inner circle from Avatar put it into the plot of Crescent City. But resigned is still the main love interest. And Ailyn are just some other bad a I don’t love Farah Okay, she’s mother. She’s not mommy. This character, the main character, Isla, she is Mommy. She has bad a she is hardcore. And she is the main character. Okay? It is so freakin good guys. Just go read it. It’s so so good, you will be swamped. I just I want someone else to read it and just tell me what you think about it because nobody else is really reading it. And I’m surprised it’s not more popular. Like, I’ve been reading so many other books where they’re like, oh, yeah, this is like a guitar. If you love Jack Guitar, read these books, those books are all like, okay, no, this is the best one that I feel like I’ve, I’ve actually read. So I’m curious to hear if others think of that. Or maybe it’s just because it’s not on Audible. And I’m reading it through my eyes that it’s better.

So I don’t know, the next book that I want to recommend I still I’m only gonna recommend two, currently, is this book that I haven’t finished yet, but I love it enough that I know I’m gonna recommend it’s called building a second brain. If you are on my close friends, or you are subscribed to the CarliAnna Instagram channel, you already know I’m implementing this but building a second brain is like literally exactly for what I need right now. This is perfect for people who are like feeling as if you’re not fulfilling your creative potential. Because you have so many projects going on your brain is in a million places you feel like you can’t concentrate you feel like you’re forgetting a million things like for me like I just feel like I have mom brain constantly where I’m like, What is the name of this or I’m like, I know I read something about X y&z that would like help with this argument, or this Instagram posts so much better. And we just consume so much content, we don’t really actually put it into place. And this book, The whole premise of it is a proven method to organize your digital life and unlock your creative potential. It’s like how do you recognize like all that amazing expertise that you have already inside of you, and start creating more with what you already have? Versus like going to other places? To find that inspiration and to just get amazing results? Do you know what I mean? So I have really, really loved that I’ve already started taking action on it, I highly, highly recommend building a second brain and the audible book is really it’s a it’s a really easy listen to. I feel like I can listen to it on like one and a half I’m listening to like 1.7 speed and it’s like maybe four hours long when you’re listening to it on that speed. And I feel like it’s pretty easy to listen to it on that speed as well. So I’m because I’m like QA like my finance works. I’m like I need to slow this down. I needed the physical copy in front of me. But that one’s it’s a good, easy simple read. So I highly recommend it.

Okay, now for snacks. I feel like I have been seriously lacking in this next category. As of late, I’ve gotten super bored.
Trying to think honestly, guys, I don’t know if I have a new snacks thing that I feel like suggesting. Because my snacks have been super super boring because when I’m going to cut to train it maps meeting your protein goals when you’re in a cut is really hard. So I feel like all I’m doing is eating protein shakes and chicken, which it sounds really boring and gross. But it’s actually like I love I have so much more energy, the more protein I eat, like I noticed if I don’t eat my protein goals, then like I am so lacking on energy the next day, like I just feel so much better when I’m counting my macros. And I don’t know, doing that kind of stuff. And plus the food is actually freaking is Bob if the subscription that I have to create a simple eats is 100% worth its money because it has so many good recipes where I don’t feel like I’m having to like to eat healthily. Like I just feel like I’m eating genuinely good food. Like I look forward to my breakfast every morning. I look forward to my lunch. I look forward to my snacks like you guys know I love a good snack I love a good treat. And I genuinely look forward to everything that I eat right now. Um, so I guess that would be my suggestion even though I know I’ve already talked about clean simple eats like I’ve been a fan of guys for two-plus years ever. It was like right when the pandemic started is when I got clean and simple leads and I have not stopped ever since.

Okay, now let’s go to the next event or update you guys on my life on the business like the more current happenings of what’s going on right now. Okay, we launched scale. The launch of scale is officially over. We are now in the midst of producing a brand new program we haven’t done this in a really long time like two or three years three years. It’s like three-plus years actually. Which is crazy time is just fell lion by but it’s fun to again be in the midst of creating new content. I didn’t realize how long it truly has been since I have Chris Do actual new education and new content and it’s just really, really fun to do it now with a team. So we’re in the midst of doing that we are moving, we sold the land guys like, okay, we’re selling the house, selling the land, we already sold the land. And now we’re trying to buy the house and like trying to do all three of those things and in different states is so complex, but we sold the land. And luckily, that was super, super easy, because actually the old buyer, the non-buyer, the old builder that was going to build our dream house in Utah, loved the land. I mean, guys, it was a beautiful piece of land, like we had like five people just personally who reached out to us and we’re like, Hey, are you selling that land, like we’re really interested and there’s not honestly a lot for sell up in that valley and up in that area. So the builder that we’re gonna go with is gonna build his personal home on that land, and he bought it in cash. And just like, we like closed in like five days. So that was super nice and super convenient that one we knew the person and two we bought in cash, and we just got to do it super easily. So that was awesome. Now we are trying to get our house ready to sell. And I’m hoping we’ll put it up on the market next week.

And please, someone like punch me in the head if I ever want to move again. This is hopefully going to be the last house we ever moved to because this is so much freakin work like, oh my gosh, there’s you don’t realize like how many things in your house need to be updated. Or you’re just like sitting on until you have to move and you’re like, I can’t like sell this to someone you know what I mean? Like I have to fix these countertops that have always been wiggling, or I have to fix this gutter that fell off two years ago, I’ve got to repaint the door, because it looks absolutely horrendous. I’ve got to watch these pee stained carpets, like so much that goes into it. And so I’m hoping next week, we can actually list it. And then once we get it listed, I think that’s when all the craziness is going to be over. Because luckily, I think I’ve said this before widens company that is moving us they’re gonna pay to like relocate. So they’re paying for movers to come in, pack everything up, load it all up, and then unload it to our new house. And then even if there is like some in between where it’s like, oh, we sold the house, but we can’t move for another 14 days or whatever they’re gonna pay to have us like stay in a temporary housing for after 30 days. So I’m not like super worried, like, once we actually sell the house, we just have to get the house for a consult. So that’s what we’re working on. I guess another update with House is we’ve, I think that found a house, it is absolutely gorgeous. We’re just waiting on the builder to get back to us for final numbers because he’s currently building a spec home, it’s gonna be done. From when we first looked at it, like two weeks ago, one week ago, two weeks ago. He was like, Oh, I have about like 30 days left, which I don’t know, I’m probably like 30 to 60. And he was like, Yeah, let’s work together to like, figure it out. Like, I want to make sure we get you guys in here. And so he was just gonna get to us. He’s like, I haven’t even like looked at what the final prices and he’s gonna get to us a number. And all the details about like getting the home to be ours. And so we haven’t gotten the email yet. But like we’ve had some text exchanged back and forth. And it is seriously a BU to Full House like I would actually die like first I get to have an office because I’ve never had an office before. I’m so excited. It’s just been an area where we’re right on the river, which if you guys I don’t know if anyone really here has followed me since like the OG days. But like I used to, instead of having CarliAnna I had a my company was like more based on like outdoor stuff and fishing. And that was like my whole brand. And after I had kids I was like not super sustainable. So I just rebranded it to be more rebellious, but like we still love the outdoors. And so this house is like on a river access like the Henry’s Fork River which is like the King of King fishing. We also have like two private ponds in the community where the kids can go like swimming out. There’s like a river walkway type of thing where you can go run and walk on like, but it’s also like everyone has like an acre plus of land. But it’s also like in a little community with people who are not people but like who have kids our age and so our kids can like actually have friends and kind of like run around the neighborhood. So I’m super excited for that.

Yeah, I love it. Also, if you were on my close friends list, you guys kind of already saw pictures, but that’s kind of what’s been happening business-wise. I’m just feeling like overwhelmed, not overwhelmed, or just like holy crap. There’s so much going on. Personally, I feel like trying to give thought to all the things going on business-wise, is just crazy. Like I’m like, trying to like to go in between these like two pieces of myself when like my personal life is crazy. It’s just really hard but like I’m also really glad we have our team because they’re killing it. They’re doing awesome and I feel like I was able to like last week take a whole week off When Evalettamhad hand Foot Mouth, and we were trying to get the house ready, so I was just like, I’m not gonna be able to even step on my computer, but I was still able to do the things that I was able to really, really easily. So even though things are chaotic, like, they’re good, do you know what I mean? So it’s kind of like organized chaos temporarily. So that is our life today.

And now let’s get into today’s episode. Let’s get into it. Let’s just dive right into it. You had said some, some of your ex are like oddly specific, and some of them are we got multiple jobs. And we’re gonna start with one that we got, like multiple submissions from you guys. One was other designers sliding into your DMS only to ask questions about your process or free information, which I’m gonna play, I guess, actually, with a lot of these as I was writing them down. I feel like I’m gonna be playing devil’s advocate quite a bit during this episode. So know that like one, this is a whole lighthearted episode. This is just all fun and games and nothing is too serious. If someone’s egg is something that you do. Don’t. It doesn’t matter. Like literally, who cares, you run your business, and nobody else does. And if I make fun of you, I won’t I don’t think but if I play devil’s advocate with your thing, that’s okay. Okay. This is all for the sake of the park. Okay, other designers sliding into your DMS to ask questions. And to not even said like newer business owners picking your brain in the DMS instead of just genuinely connecting with you and the case, I’m playing devil’s advocate, I actually don’t mind when this happens. If this had been like two years ago, I would have been pissed because I felt like oh my gosh, like I did so much to learn all of these things that I have learned and like, I don’t feel like you’re taking value of my expertise. And like, you need to go through the same hard things that I went through to get here. And like, I understand and I get that that like, we shouldn’t just be freeloading off of the people who have worked hard our entire lives. But I’m also, I don’t know, maybe I’m crazy. I feel like I want to make things easier for the person starting later for me later than me than it was for me. Like, if I can make the person’s life so much easier, and it’s gonna be an easy yes. For me to just respond to the quick voice message. I will like, I doesn’t cost me that much. Do you know what I mean? Like, and the good karma that I’m getting in return, I’m like, You know what, it’s gonna come back around some day, and I’m happy to help where I can. Now I will say like, there are some people who will like message me and they don’t even follow me. They’ve never messaged me before. Like, I have literally no idea who they are. And I can tell they’re literally just here for information, and then they’re gonna, like, get the heck out of here. Absolutely not. I’m not gonna DM you back. But there are some people where I’m like, Oh, my gosh, we’ve dammed before. And I’ve seen like, I recognize their username. And they’re like asking a genuine question. And they’re asking it really nicely. I will, of course, if I can help you, I don’t always have time to read my DMs. But I always try to do you know what I mean? Like, I don’t know. I just think that as an industry, we are so sometimes really good gatekeepers. And we love to be the gatekeepers, and also like, complain about the gate being closed, we’re like, why are everybody’s prices so low? Why do people go to these dumb websites like Fiverr to get clients? And it’s like, well, maybe it’s because they don’t know what they don’t know. And if I can just help them know a little bit more, then they’re gonna bring the entire industry up. So I don’t know, I’m just like a firm believer that like when you bring others up in your industry, the entire industry goes up. So instead of like, maybe, I don’t know, I felt again, I’m not like picking on anybody or the people who submitted those because I know everybody has good genuine vibes.

I just think sometimes, like a little perspective change can help feel better about these things where it’s like, what are they really asking here? Are they really just trying to like freeload off of me or are they just genuinely curious? And like, can I help them? You know what I mean? Feel like we could all have a little bit more, you know, go give someone some free advice today. Okay, what’s the worst that could happen?

Here are another one people using 10k months or vanity numbers as credibility so that they can teach you something. This one 110% agree with 110% agree with what I just as someone whose program is named 10kgirl gang. I 100% agree with this. And the reason being is that when I first started doing my education side of my business, like six years ago, I don’t even know how long, whatever a long, long, long, long time ago, it’s not that long, but it feels like a long time ago because there were very many educational courses out there. There was literally one other designer coach out there at the same time as me and I had actually started before. And that was like pretty much it. And no, there were two there was like Christo and then there was another one that was like, not quite as like up there as Christo but was a little bit maybe more on the same wavelength as me if that makes sense. I don’t know. That was it. And I use that tactic all the time. When I was trying to sell my course. I was like, Look, I did 10k. So can you let me tell you that I literally had a webinar called How what was it called, like, how to make 10k How I made 10k prices, and that webinar sold Brian’s mafia method? So like, I have been very, very
dirty in this area. I’m not clear in this area, as we have grown and learned and adjusted. Okay, I’ll admit it, I was wrong. We don’t do that anymore. But here’s why I hate it, especially even more now  I think people have seen how awesome online courses and education can be as a passive income, something that’s like easy money. And which I don’t blame people for thinking that is because coaches brag about it all the time as they should. But also, people out there are teaching other people that if you know anything, you can teach it and you can make money off of it, which I 110% do not believe is true. Like just because you can do something successfully, does not mean that you have the skills to be able to teach that other person how to do that not even how to do what you did, but how to get that same result. So, man, I have so many strong feelings about this. But like, so many people will teach exactly, this is exactly how I did it and five steps. And they guarantee a specific result with how they did things themselves when that is not how people learn. And that’s not like, I don’t know, I just feel like that’s so dishonest to be like, okay, cool. You did something a certain way, and it worked for you and you got a certain result.

And while it’s good for you to be like, oh, yeah, like I did that? I don’t know, like, one you don’t know if that’s gonna work for other people. How do you know, like, you don’t know their personality, you don’t even probably know your personality. Like, just again, just because it works for you doesn’t mean it worked for other people. And then number two is we don’t know how to teach this, especially the coaching and education industry is so lacking in the education department. They don’t know how to frickin teach. And like my very first course, I will say like, I don’t think I did a good job, which I don’t even it’s not even up anymore. It’s the culture crater method, I literally was just like, here’s everything I know. And I spilled out everything that I knew into a course. And instead now like, every time we do brand mapping method, or 10, kick girl getting like we have a very specific result in mind that we’re trying to get for people. And we’re not just against filling everything we know are everything that worked for us, we’re like, how can we get this person from A to Z, who they’re starting out at a and here’s everything in a sequential order that they need to get to Z. And we don’t do anything more than that. And I feel like that’s going to help people get the most results is when you just focus on that end result.

Instead of like ego-driving everything that you know, into a course and focusing on like, Hey, how can I make this so learner-centric? That it’s like almost impossible for them to not get this result? Do you know what I mean? Like, it’s, I feel like it’s so much harder have a job as an educator and a coach to rather than just like spilling everything, you know, like I feel like the hardest job is to like pick out which pieces of information are gonna be helpful. How do I make this piece of information accessible for different personality types or people who are in different situations? How do I organize this information in a sequential order so that it makes sense, and it builds on one another? You know, like, what do people need to learn first, what do they need to learn second, like, third, fourth, fifth? AndI don’t know again, I just feel so passionate about it, because I guess I just see so many people who are like, Oh my gosh, I booked my first 10k client and now I get to write a course about it. It’s like no, absolutely not like you need to like first figure out like why that even works for you. You need to figure out how it could work for other people. Like there’s so much more that goes into it than just what you specifically did.

So I have a lot of thoughts about that. Oh, yes, I hope I didn’t rub some feathers the wrong way but that’s how I feel about it came so get over little snitches. Next one, sir, I’m only on the second one. Oh my gosh. Okay, we’re gonna have to go quick. Service providers who can bypass the algorithm and she did that in like quotation marks, B, B F. And for real. I love that little by the way, just sidestep, the BFF are full. What do I call it when You are small, make a small little like LOL, JK BFF, or whatever that is. I frickin love that one. I think it’s so funny. It’s like calling people out in the nicest, most hilarious way. And I 100% agree. It’s like, oh my gosh, like bypass the algorithm with these five steps. No business you can’t do that. Okay? No one is immune.

This one is so this next one is so oddly specific. People calling me lady. I don’t know if I’ve ever had someone call me lady. Maybe that’s just a certain area. But I will say like any demeaning nickname. Okay, like, how would you call me by my name? Say my name. Don’t call me lady. Don’t call me sweetie. Don’t call me girly pot. Okay, just kidding. I call some people girlies. But it’s only if I know you. Okay. Call me by my name. Call me by my name. All right.When they don’t turn the camera on for a Zoom call. Okay? I just have another one I have thoughts on. Okay, and I don’t want like people to like feel embarrassed. Now. If they’re ever in a call with me where their Zoom calls turn off because like, if you’re in a group call, I totally get it, I would I turn my Zoom call off a lot, or my Zoom whatever, camera off a lot. Because sometimes I’m just like, I’m tired. Or I just want to listen. And a lot of the time and I don’t want people just looking at my face while I’m working on other things. While I’m listening. You know what I mean?

And I get it. I will say though, as someone who teaches to a group a lot, it is so much easier. And I feel like you get such a better result. When there’s like actual faces to be staring at instead of just a name. I feel so much more confident when I’m looking at a face. There’s a lot of body language so they feel like I’m missing. And I feel like I just give it a results when I can see your face. So I will say that. If you are in a one-to-one call with someone turn your frickin camera on. Okay, like do the courtesy of like looking at that person in the eyeballs. Gate. Turn the camera on. What are you trying to hide behind that? Nobody cares if you look bad, okay, you scheduled the time you knew it do what you need to get yourself prepared to show yourself on camera. Alright, if you have your camera off, I’m gonna turn my camera off. And we’re gonna pretend it’s a phone call. When someone called the MCU and offers exactly what you do, like, what the hell research me? Yeah, okay, I had someone literally do that, like two days ago. I can build Shopify websites and like business, I also can do that. So I also actually teach stuff like that. So why are you reaching out to me? Someone in particular, like, that Shopify person actually sent me a message like I can build your Shopify site, blah, blah, blah. And then they sent me a follow-up DM,
just today, and they’re like, can I ask you a question? I’m like, Girl, I can see right through you. Like, no, you cannot I blocked them instead only so quickly, on my feet to block them.

Then saying you got to spend money to make money. Like no, sometimes you just need money. I agree with this. And I, it’s so hard because I believe that, like you sometimes have to spend money to make money. Like there are so many things where I’m like, yeah, that that is an investment. But also, like, if I don’t have any money to spend in the first place. Like, that’s not a good idea. And I don’t want anyone ever investing in my program where they’re like, I am like, so freakin poor, I don’t have any money. And I’m, this payment is gonna stress me out, like, Please take care of yourself and your bills first and then come join my program, I don’t want you to be stressed out in here, you’re not gonna get the most out of it. But there are so many or I’m like, Oh my gosh, if you just do this, or if you just do this, like you’d be able to make money so much better. And so that’s why like, the past few years, we really, really, really, really been trying to make education a lot more accessible and
helping people get where they need to go so that they can just grow slow, you know, just slowly but just gradually and at a healthy pace, I guess.

I know. Yeah. That one’s a hard one. I agree with you. And it’s like you, like when people are like, No, you’re never gonna make money without spending it. It’s like IKEA, we know how much profit you’re making. Thank you very much for being transparent on that.

Okay, business coaching. For anyone. This is coaches claiming you’re paying to be in their energy. This is another one where like, I can see where they’re going with this but like also maybe provide some value. I have before paid to just be in the room. And I love being in the room with people who are smarter than me and people who make more money than me and I love networking with them and asking them questions. And I do feel like there is something to be said for those types of rooms that I paid to be in or I’m not necessarily getting a whole 10 out of it. But the energy per it’s like you’re paying to be my energy and we’re just gonna like vibe the whole time.

I don’t know about that. Like, I don’t think it would pay to be in somebody else’s energy like I just be like, No, I’m probably just going to create my own energy and I’m probably going to be a lot better off creating my own energy and relying on my own energy than relying on on yours. I don’t know if I’m prepared to be wrong on that one but
I highly feel weird with that one to like, get I’m not totally against like paying to be in someone’s energy but like, I think something else needs to come with it. You know what I mean? Like some hardcore values, some hardcore templates, some hardcore course that like, I can, like feed the energy into otherwise that energy just drives into nowhere and it gets lost. You don’t I mean?

Another oddly specific one, like who hurt you guys using a Gmail address? Like I never thought of that as being an IQ ever, but I am really happy for you. But I’m also a little concerned about who hurt you with a Gmail address. Last minute counsel’s not just and just not being on time, like just say you don’t care. Okay, this one thank you for personally attacking me. Just kidding. I try my best to be on time but with three little kids, it happens. In fact, like my therapist knows I’m like, I will be here at 820 and now to the very earliest, I can make it we’re supposed to be there at eight but like, Okay, we live 30 minutes away from therapy. My kids wake up at seven. And like, Well, no, I No way I’m not getting three kids out the door in 30 minutes. No way. Not happening. So I’m like, this is the very best absolute best I can do. I think as long as you’re doing your best, that’s okay. Like okay, again like if you scheduled a meeting and you agree to be there and you’re the one who scheduled it you should probably show up on time.That’s what I think you know, again, like you’re the one who set it up not me just please come because my time is valuable.

Okay, next one is new Oh, wait, this is already set. This one nervous filters picking your brain. Okay. I think that’s it. This was really fun though. I feel like we got a little sassy. gotten your eyes face a little bit and it was fun. I like doing episodes like this if you guys ever have any requests or things we’re like, I’d love to do an episode like this or I think this would be fun to talk about. Let me know because I love that stuff.

Okay, cool. I will see you guys next week. Have a delicious delicious week. I love you guys so much. And just know that I did everything in my power to make it to this week’s podcast episode because I love you so much. It was not easy. With my daughter being sick for an entire week, therefore, had no childcare. This is my first time working in a whole week guys. And that is how much I love you guys. This is my first priority of the day well, I answered 10kgg messages and like figured that stuff out. And then it was like the podcast. We’re getting the podcast episode recorded today. It’s going out on time. We love that. Oh, that reminds me also a special shout-out to my podcast team. Guys last week. I gave them the recording on Wednesday, on Wednesday, like not even early in the morning and they got it out like hours later. So last week’s podcast Capo Humpty Dumpty on last week’s podcast episode that you guys saw on Wednesday was delivered to you on time. Maybe a few hours late. That was on me. They got it to you that same day because they love you so much and they’re not freaking good. So shout out to wild home podcasting. I love you guys. Thank you for caring so much about getting my podcasts on time. I was really not expecting last week’s episode to go out on time so shout out to them. Thank you so much. And I’ll see you cuties next week bye



April 27, 2023

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